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It will be fifteen years for the APC when Dr. Samura wins. And if he wins a second term, it will be 20 years for the APC. By that time SLPP will have dwindled to a skeleton. Places like Moyamba will be very RED. Even BO and Kailahun will be RED. Thanks to Bio. 
I predict that the SLPP will beg Yumkella to lead the SLPP for a chance to win in 2023. For Yumkella his problem is with the slogan 'change'. I guess that he will have to redefine 'change' to accomodate the SLPP.  
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If KKY is the man of the moment, why didn't you invite him to lead the APC?  
Spectator 007
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How is the restaurant?
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The outcome of this election mirrors the vacuum that made it possible for the APC to see the light of way. However, both APC and SLPP will not have sufficient numbers to form their very own respective majority governments. They may have to rely on outside help from parties like C4C, NGC et al to top up. 

With the bad blood already existing between the APC and other parties, they have lesser chances of finding a partner to work with than was the case in 2007. Having been at the helm of power for ten years, their arrogance is at their expense, as parties like C4C and PMDC wouldn't wait to pitch tents with the SLPP in revenge. As expected, Kamaraimba may join ranks with the APC, but his support in not enough to bolster the numbers needed to form a coalition government with APC.

Kandeh Yumkella who's often in the past been referred to as "game changer" will have to choose the better of the evils: immorality and tribalism in making his choice. I would rather stop here and leave my readers to conclude than offer my opinion.


Cry Baby
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Kanikay KKY is an SLPP pikin; why should he go to the APC? 
Cry Baby
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Sidonluk it has been reliably confirmed there will be no run-off. APC is heading for a clear first round victory.While opposition votes are almost exhausted in the counting, the mighty APC still has 50+% areas still to be counted. APC will win even before all the votes are counted.By tomorrow we will get a clearer picture. Tolongbo!
Judge Bradford
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Cry Baby,

You better be ready to cry when the results are read.  SLPP is already leading APC by ten percentage points with a high percentage of votes from Kenema and Kailahun districts still not yet counted.
Spectator 007
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National Election Watch (NEW) projects a runoff. Aren’t they are credible organization?

Why is it so difficult for NEC to release all these results within 24 hours after voting closes?
NEC heard you specky
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Voter Jeremy
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"Why is it so difficult for NEC to release all these results within 24 hours after voting closes?"
Spectator 007


The results in Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria and Liberia were released 24 hours after the polls closed.  That Sierra Leone's NEC won't release the results until Monday, March 12 suggests that something is not right in the corridors of the NEC.  Is the NEC waiting for clearance from Ernest Koroma before announcing the results?  It sure looks so.
Hourly pay for vote count
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Those counting those ballots are on a hourly rate. Don't expect them to expedite the process.
Una blow!
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Give the people a break! In a climate where parties are already denouncing the results without hearing the outcome, it is prudent to count and double count, check and double check. In Africa elections mistakes are a life and death matter. Secondly, the majority of people doing the counting are young people who have never done it before and are doing it with only a few days training. No wonder mistakes have been identified. Even in the UK where I live sometimes some results have taken days to be announced. Until Sierra Leoneans stop their disdain for their country, the country will continue to disappoint them. Whatever you focus on will expand.
Spectator 007
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Thanks for your responses
Voter Jeremy
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Una blow,

You are one useless fella who doesn't know anything about modern elections processes.  The elections in Salone were funded by the UNDP and other multilateral institutions.  There was enough money to ensure that the system functioned properly.  Why is it always Salone that lags behind other African countries?
Cry Baby
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One of the reasons for the delay is overvoting which was more prevalent in SLPP-dominated areas. NEC has to eliminate any votes rejected by the computers which have been programmed to count the number of votes within the population that has been used during the programming.So it means if 1000 people registered to vote in a particular area and 2000 votes are fed into the computer for that area, it will definitely reject the surplus 1000 and that is fair enough. Up to 6 p.m. yesterday, there has been rejection upon rejection in places like Kenema, Bo, Daru,Segbwema etc. Because of this development the SLPP hurriedly called a press conference alleging counting malpractices and interference from the government. The SLPP are behind the scenes pressing for the inclusion of those surplus votes but have not succeeded so far. They tried to get former president Mahama to overrule but he made it clear he has no such mandate.
Polling Agent
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"One of the reasons for the delay is overvoting which was more prevalent in SLPP-dominated areas."  Cry Baby

Cry Baby,

You may be a good story teller but you definitely are not a good liar.  Bombali, Tonkolili, Koinadugu and Freetown are not SLPP-dominated areas.  These are the places where over-voting and cheating occurred.  When the votes in the affected constituencies are eventually invalidated, there may not be a need for a run off as the Brigadier would have reached or even surpassed the 55% threshold.  Right now he is at 52% and Samura Kamara at 41% with many constituencies in the East still not yet counted. 
Cry Baby
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Anyway no more discussions on overvoting until the results are out. The forum will know who has been telling the truth.

And for your information you can lie or shout for all I care but Bio has never taken a lead since the incipient stage of the counting. I know you are one of those relying on the proSLPP NEW rather than the official NEC. I am sure you were among those who were having that premature celebration at the SLPP headquarters few days back. I am afraid some of you will go back to the bush or die of heart attack after the release of the final results. I am stating it categorically clear that there will be no run-off. Again let us be patient for the official NEC results.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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007 asks as if surprised, “Why is it so difficult for NEC to release all these results within 24 hours after voting closes?

The answer is that

(a) Unlike Sweden where we get the results in less than 24 hours, Sierra Leone is far from being a highly digitalised country.

You can be confident that there are flaws and discrepancies with even the national census, not to talk of shortcomings in voter registration or reliable opinion polls based on the ethnic demographics that we are all aware of , with the overcrowded cosmopolitan Freetown and the Western Area and environs as Sierra Leone's melting pot ( Rtd Brigadier Bio for example was reported as doing very well in areas like Wilberforce and York) Otherwise, as to that demography, as someone commented earlier, it's not all the jokesters that appeared to be fawning on Alhaji Yumkella and were dancing around him that actually voted for him - Peter after all denied his “ Christ , the son of the living God” three times before the cock crowed, even if that comes as a surprise to Alhaji Yumkella enthusiasts and trumpeters at the Sierra Leone Telegraph and at this Bintumani Forum

(b) As we can see from this BBC footage , the counting process is slow but meticulous, careful counting , recounting, checking , re-checking, collating , the figures have to tally; it's something for even the impatient to be proud of that “Sierra Leone NEC puts accuracy over speed: Facts about vote

So , it looks like when the results are finally announced we can be sure of a successful last stage of what the Commonwealth Election Observer Group has declared a free, fair and transparent election has been successfully concluded . If there is going to be a run-off battle between the titans, remains to be seen...


Cry Baby
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According to results from 25 percent of the votes counted, the APC Dr.Samura Kamara is leading with 291, 933 votes to Bio's 274,315. 
Forum Man
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Cry Baby,

Most participants on this forum live either in the United States or the United Kingdom . They have access to elections information from Sierra Leone. Please tone down your APC exuberance relative to the elections results. Folks here don't need your help.
Cry Baby
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Forum Man how you hart warm so? 

Me say I throw me corn, me nor call no fowl. You sound like your balls are clamped in the jaws of a giant workshop vise! My friend KKY's sweh will haunt your party till eternity. Your tribe's treatment of KKY at the ballot box will forever be a hanging stigma over your heads. You haven't seen anything yet until Tolongbo wins sans run-off. You guys need to say good bye to the presidency because after ten years it will be a first-timer in a Fulah president so on and so forth.
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After 50%

It is

APC 566,113

SLPP 564,687

NGC  87,772

OTHERs 71,185

I would n't  be too sure about APC's victory.

The nation is tired of Ernest Koroma  and APC's corruption.

It is anybody but APC.

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