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Freetown — Impeccable sources within the opposition Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) headquarters in Freetown have revealed that senior party officials were contemplating on not contesting the 2012 presidential and parliamentary elections under the guardianship of the current Chief Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Christina Thorpe.

SLPP party officials including their chairman, John Oponjo Benjamin, have been questioning the "credibility, neutrality and integrity" of the chief electoral commissioner in the conduct of the 2007 elections.

According to Benjamin, there is imminent electoral fraud in favour of the ruling All People's Congress "should Dr. Thorpe continue to hold such an important position, as the 2007 election which brought President Koroma to power was apparently manipulated".

Few days ago the SLPP petitioned the APC candidate for the chairmanship of the Kono district council. Diana Konomayni's candidature has been questioned by the SLPP, with secretary general Jacob Jusu Saffa saying the APC iron lady was not qualified to contest for the said position since her candidature contravenes the Local Government Act of 2004.

According to Saffa, Konomayni did not register in the ward she was about to contest for as required by law but that their petition was turned down by NEC, which he said was a very serious concern to the SLPP as the 2012 election approaches.

"Despite the fact that NEC officials knew the said APC candidate was not eligible for the position, they have decided not to listen to us as an opposition party; that was the reason they hurriedly re-appointed Christiana Thorpe to do the same as she did in the 2007 election," Saffa said, adding, "this is why we are calling on Sierra Leoneans and the international community to properly examine the neutrality of NEC in conducting public elections".

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This is bull crap and the worst mistake ever to be made by the SLPP seconded only by those made at the Makeni Kus-Kas convention.


It seems John Benjamin, in his bid to usurp power is being manipulative by copying the same Zimbabwe style election boycott that gave Morgan Tsvangirai the second highest position in the country.


Let us not forget this same John Benjamin guy is founder of what used to be the NPRC's NUP party and the same guy who was aiming at running for the the presidency before his recruitment to the SLPP by Kabbah.


The SLPP has a lion's chance of winning the 2012 elections. In no way is the chairman of the National Electoral Commission capable of suppressing the will of the people.


The SLPP should spend their efforts concentrating on the goal and giving the ball to someone who can score the goal of victory. Apart from John Leigh, who not only is capable of debating the grey matter out of Ernest Koroma, beat the APC at their games, like he did when he slammed their AFRC puppet regime at the wall back in 1997, no one else has a chance.   


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And the paper this story allegedly came from? Why do people post things without at least accrediting which tabloid or online media published the story? Anyone can write anything here or on a forum and claim that it is true. Even if the media source is bought over the counter on a regular basis, let us at least have the name so we can assess it.

The story smells like nonsense though, wherever it came from.

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