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Win Now
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Maada Bio To Name Running Mate This Week


The second- highest decision making organ of the SLPP, the NEC (National Executive Council) has “Unanimously resolved to devolve its powers of consultation to the Flag Bearer and Presidential Candidate to appoint his Running Mate for the March 7, 2018 election”, according to a NEC Resolution of Tuesday 2ndJanuary, 2018.

Dr. Chernor Juldeh Jalloh With Maada Bio

The National Electoral Commission has asked political party leaders to submit the list of all endorsed Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates for the Presidential election by the deadline date of 10th January, 2018. SLPP is the only major political party that has still not named its Running Mate ahead of the 7thMarch, 2018 election.

The SLPP Presidential candidate, Brig. (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio is set to name his Running Mate at any time this week, party sources confirmed.

The man widely expected to be named as SLPP Running Mate, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh arrived in Freetown yesterday. He is seen as the favorite for the job. He has an impressive resume, unmatched by any other contender for the job.


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Alpha Timbo is Bio's best bet if he is to win this year's election. Alpha Timbo does not need introduction. He is a house hold name within and outside Sierra Leone. The same is true of his name tag within and outside the SLPP.

The SLPP has left it late to bring in someone who is an unknown entity. Unlike this new guy, Alpha Timbo has many things to point for that the SLPP can count on as their achievements when they were last in power. In the Teaching profession he was adored by many as their Union Secretary General. He has a large constituency to help the SLPP wins in key critical arears. This Dr. Jalloh, what has he done for the SLPP and Sierra Leone? Working for the UN is not a national achievement. If it was,  Zainab Bangura, James Jonah and Kandeh Yumkella  three Sierra Leoneans that have held the most senior positions in the UN should be voted President.

I hope Candidate Bio will not shoot himself in both legs with an A-47 before the race starts proper.
Nor to Do or Die Affair
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My SLPP brother, the running mate is not a do or die affair. Whilst AOT is a great choice, Juldeh also brings along fresh and youthful  energy that will be invaluable in the race. His UN credentials are just the tip of the iceberg and has been those quiet sponsors of the grand ol party since early 2000s. May the destined man/woman get it. And may we al work together to support the ticket regardless of our personal interests.

Here is a brief bio, of the young man:

Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh was born in the Kono district to parents from Port Loko District. His mother hails from Kalangba, in the Lokomasama Chiefdom and his father from Tentefore, in the Kafu Bullom Chiefdom.

Dr. Jalloh, a devout Muslim started school in Kono, where he attended the Islamic Primary School and later graduated to the Koidu Secondary School. He later passed his Advanced Level qualifications at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School in Freetown. Dr. Jalloh graduated with a BA from the Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone before moving to Nigeria, where he obtained an MSc in Political Sciences from the University of Ibadan. Following his solid academic track records, Dr. Jalloh was admitted to a PhD programme and obtained his Doctorates degree from the Institute of Political Sciences, University of Bordeaux in France. 
Dr. Jalloh started his professional career in the United Nations in March 2000 working as a Program Officer at the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).  Until recently, he worked as a Senior Advisor at the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA). His extensive experience allowed him to provide strategic advice in overseeing the effective functioning of the offices and pillar of the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General who also served as the Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator.

Juldeh also supported the Algerian led mediation process of the Malian crisis. Whilst at the United Nations Office for West Africa (UNOWA) and the Sahel in Senegal, he served as the Sahel Advisor to the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations for West Africa and the Sahel. In that capacity, he co-lead the elaboration of the United Nations Strategy on the Sahel, and worked closely with the Peace and Security architecture of ECOWAS, the African Union led Nouakchott process and later the G5 Sahel and several international NGO’s active in security and governance issues. During his work as West African Analyst for the International Crisis Group, the young man covered Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau. Among others, he was responsible for writing renowned policy reports and articles on these countries and undertook numerous advocacy trips in several countries in Europe and Africa including at the ECOWAS, African union and the European Union in Brussels. During that period, he was interviewed and quoted by renowned news media such as the BBC, RFI, and Reuters. From 2004 to 2006, Dr. Jalloh in close collaboration with the Campaign for Good Governance pioneered and managed a European Union Civil Society Capacity building project in Sierra Leone. In that capacity, he worked with the Campaign for Good Governance in Sierra Leone, to support Civil Society groups and further reinforce democratic practices in Sierra Leone. He supported Campaign For Good Governance program on public policy analyses and research including leading the study on quality education in Sierra Leone with other various stakeholders in Sierra Leone. As a research and teaching fellow at the Institute of Political Sciences, University of Bordeaux in France, Dr. Jalloh has also been published in several book chapters as well as in reputed international journals. 
Dr. Jalloh brings with him over fifteen years of solid experience and a track record, including a distinguished service in the above national and international institutions, organisations and countries. His hard-work and competences has earned him an international reputation as a specialist in the fields of public policy analysis, governance, development and security issues. A reputation that has led him to hold the above key leadership, managerial and research type positions in, amongst others, the United Nations, the International Crisis Group, the University of Bordeaux and the Campaign for Good Governance in Sierra Leone.
SLPP bizness party
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A source close to the Alpha Timbo camp has intimated CMC in telephone conversation that the SLPP running mate position has been sold for $100,000 to Dr Juldeh Jalloh whom the source claimed championed the recent tour of JMB to Guinea where they met Cello Diollo and proceeded to France where an award was given to JMB .
The source claimed the party is in need of money for the campaign and that the expected areas like SLPP NA and Tegloma have not been able to raise more than $40,000.

Spectator 007
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Who knew Samsumana when EBK picked him?

Samsumana financially contributed a lot during the 2007 campaign....and it helped. So if the story about Juldeh’s money is true, I guess the Brigadier feels it’s not a bad idea since it worked for EBK.
Spectator 007
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Just read that Jeldeh is in. Can anyone confirm?
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@Specky, I've heard this as well. Waiting for confirmation. Heard be paid $100,000 for the privilege. I wish someone has told me that was what was required. I would have raided the old piggy bank [smile]
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@Specky, confirmed!
SLPP bizness party
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Specky to be honest' my reason for putting up this miniature article having with it a big significance is to elicit that double-standards response from the depraved souls of biased SLPPers. When Sam Sumana was chosen in 2007 there was a hue and cry from green bay critics. The same reason for which Sam got the ticket is the same for which Juldeh has got his baptism in the southeastern river Jordan whose air space is now filled with gliding green doves.Listen to a spin dove: "Juldeh also brings along fresh and youthful  energy that will be invaluable in the race. His UN credentials are just the tip of the iceberg and has been those quiet sponsors of the grand ol party since early 2000s". It is so ridiculous that our SLPP friends are working this hard to justify their party's unethical action.Why sideline people like Alphas Wurie and Timbo who have stayed with the party in the most trying times and have toiled to keep its voter population intact? The SLPP cannot talk about morals in politics anymore because this move transcends all standards of respectable behaviour.Now it is palpable morals do not count where interests are concerned. Anyway Juldeh's choice has only lent credence to the axiom '' money talks''.
Spectator 007
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Thank you DMK.

AOT should have matched Juldeh’s financial contribution.
Youthful Energy
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This is a great selection by the revered Maada Bio, our President in waiting. Naturally contenders and their respective supporters  are likely going to be temporarily disappointed. That is the nature of politics - one role, many viable candidates.

AOT and Dr Alpha Wurie were 2 top contenders. Both are fine gentlemen and die hard SLPP loyalists who have accepted the decision gracefully. They even called Juldeh to congratulate him yesterday and pledge their support to the ticket. The $100 grand fable is just that, a fable. Both Timbo and Wurie are worth far more than that.

The young man, Juldeh was destined for this role. I will not be surprised if he succeeds Bio in 2028.  You heard it here first.

Juldeh speaks themne, kono and fullah fluently. His roots in Port Loko are going to be very useful. Particularly give the way the nasty Ekutay clan has historically marginalized the good people of Port Loko when it comes to leadership roles in the APC. Juldeh's roots in Kono is also a big plus. Unlike the devil worshiper and uman lappa Chericoco, this fine God fearing and prayerful  is a shinning young man model of the Fula community in Sierra Leone. Being a hardworking and very successful professional that is affluent should certainly not be held against him. In fact it is bigly advantageous.

Fitta boy, read Juldeh's bio again and find out more about him. Salone is lucky to have a pedigree like his as a leader.

SLPP bizness party
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Sengbe aka Youthful Energy deciding to die in the US as a lab cleaner is the best thing you have ever done. Morally deficient people like you are not only a disgrace to humanity but a danger too. So your tune has now changed because your party did it? Where lies your credibility with all the noise you have been making over Sam Sumana's choice? I know you could have approved even if Bio had chosen Hitler or Mussolini as running mate. Do know with this horrible act you have lost all the esteem people used to hold you in?
Cornelius Hamelberg
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The 7th of March 2018 is almost upon us, so late in the day and still no word about the candidates agreeing to debate, to give themselves more exposure.

Spectator 007
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Cornelius, Feb 15, sponsored by AYV.

Read about it the other day.
Fitta Boy
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How dare you compare Sam Sumana to our learned and God fearing PhD holder Juldeh. Comparing apples and oranges enti?

After the corrupt and thieving APC used Sumana, a former park attendant and lorry driver in the US, the gang dumped him solely on tribal grounds. Like EBK, Alhaji Samuel is barely literate. They are both common criminals with a liking for fleecing people and their nation. How dare you compare Sumana to Dr Jalloh? Are you mad/deranged? You must be.

Juldeh is a model Sierra Leonean with a verifiable track record in  development and managing large international /multi-million dollar programmes. The only thing Juldeh, the former international civil servant has with Sumana, is that they both attended primary school in Kono. Even fro school days, whilst Juldeh was topping his class, Sumana barely scraped to pass.

But as they say, liquids always find their level. Sumana therefore attracted our Commander-in-Thief, EBK, because Sam duped investors and shared the loot with EBK. But as they say tiff tiff, God laugh. Look at how the mutually disgraced one another: Koroma sacking his partner in crime for allegedly being a Christ-Mus and the later disgracing his former boss in the international court in ECOWAS. After the court hearing EBK has being lampooned by the ECOWAS press as a very unserious and corrupt man who s

Fitta boy, now go and clean up. The spent engine oil is making your nappy hair overly greasy.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Spectator 007,

In one of the debates I can imagine Rtd. Brigadier Bio boasting that when he sings the national anthem he means it with his heart ( " with every fiber of his being" and rhetorically asking Lord Ernest's little lion Samura Wilson Kamara, "You call yours a government - what kind of government is this? " etc etc

Samson Kamara will have to defend himself and the APC's record so far , in mileage etc.. 

And that upstart Yumkella of course will also be piling on the spillage and telling us about the great wonders he is about to perform if we just give him a chance.

The last line in this song :

Spectator 007
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Very funny Corn.

On a serious note, most in the diaspora expect Yumkella to perform much better than his opponents..and that will certainly energize his supporters. That notwithstanding, beside the independent minded enlightened segment of voters (who constitite a very small minority), performance in the debate may not have much impact on the broader electorate.

In the Liberian presidential debate, Weah’s performance was subpar but he ended winning in a landslide.

In the US presidential debate Hillary Clinton’s team was fed some questions before the debate by Donna Brazille and she cleaned The Donald’s clock but it still didn’t help her.

By the way, how do we know that none of the debaters won’t be fed questions before the debate?

Whatever the impact of the debate, I still think it’s a great idea.

Dama Yanni
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I have heard that both Bio and Juldeh are bilingual (English and French). If true, this is a plus for regional and international diplomacy. N'est pas?
Pierre de Villepin
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Oui monsieur. Ils parlent couramment le français!
They really are a fine and competent duo.
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