After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Spectator 007
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The projected total vote is about 2,600,000
Which is 650,000 (you say is for next 25%) plus the total vote @ 75%
Do you agree?

Spectator 007
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“Your math is wrong. This tells me that you been dae play tonko belay wae di other student den bin dae class. LOL!!!. Beresford is correct. If Bio already has 43% of the counted votes, then he needs 12% of the remaining votes to reach 55%. Simple, simple, Pa Spe” - Super Math Teacher

Bio has 43% of the total votes counted SO FAR but not 43% of the EXPECTED TOTAL.

As the vote increases the denominator to calculate %vote increases

He need way more than 12% of the remaining votes.

The Brigadier needs to increase his votes dramatically so that his votes obtained at the end expressed as a percentage of the total votes is 55% or more

Beresford’s correctly projected that the total votes expected at the end will increase by 650,000. But he did not want to crunch new % numbers using this new total.

By the way, what is arithmetic refered to as in school these days?

Man dem dae play Tonko Belay still? U bin sabi play am? Dem for make national Tonkolili belay competition.
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@math teacher, base on your analysis, does it also mean that Samura Kamara needs roughly 13% to get across the 55% threshold?
Cry Baby
Reply with quote  #34 
Counting the last 25 percent of the polling stations is going on. The APC has re-taken lead with about 18,908 votes margin. Watch this space for more info.
Alpha Jalloh
Reply with quote  #35 
Cry Baby ,
The only numbers that count are the ones announced by NEC chairman. Mr. Conteh. Shut up and get back into the hole that you came from. Laimpay kakarass.

Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #36 
If there are no massive vote cancellations both top candidates will remain close and in the 40s

I see no conclusive evidence so far that there will not be a runoff.

Absent thuggery, initimidation and vote rigging, this is where political strategies will come into play.
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The problem with all the analysis of percentages here and elsewhere is that half of the people doing the analysis have a below average understanding of percentages....Think about it.
Spectator 007
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“The problem with all the analysis of percentages here and elsewhere is that half of the people doing the analysis have a below average understanding of percentages....Think about it.” Honorable DMK

Explaining that 43% of 75% is 32.25 is not easy. Can you please break it down?
Breaking News!
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APC wins first round of voting, SLPP cries foul. 

After counting 75 percent of the polling centres, the opposition SLPP overtook the APC but led by a whisker. With a boost in their confidence, the opposition started building castles in the air.There is talk about emerging winners after the counting of the remaining 25 per cent of the polling stations. Maada Bio and his cohorts were celebrating by dancing and singing after the juju man brought in from the Gambia by his wife's parents assured him of becoming the next prezo.

Now that the APC has not only even the scores but also widen the gap, the opposition issues out a lengthy press release which covers a distance of 200 kilometres much to the dismay of the observers and the NEC boss.In the release they accused the NEC boss who is also their in-law of being an APC stooge while they alleged that the election observers are only serving the APC's interest. So once again an election is credible when you win but the opposite when you lose.When will these cry babies come of age? So it is now clear that the APC will rule for another ten years and the opposition have their disunity and weakness to blame. Due to the recent voting pattern in the southeast in which naked tribalism was displayed, it is very unlikely the SLPP will make any gains in the north.The run-off scheduled for the end of March is already set to be a cake walk for the APC. Tolongbo!
Reply with quote  #40 
"Explaining that 43% of 75% is 32.25 is not easy. Can you please break it down? " - Specky.

@Speky you have already done a great job of explaining it. I don't think I could make it any clearer.

Ps. There was a deliberate mathematical pun hidden in my comment above...
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #41 
@DMK: Ar kaytch d joke.

Reply with quote  #42 
@Specky, I knew you'd get it.

My statement sounds like a putdown at first but it's not once you get the joke [smile].
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