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The BIG kahuna is roaming free and the threats of arresting and prosecuting him are all but swept under the rug. Otherwise is it possible that the Bio administration does not have the balls to go after EBK? 
West End Paddle
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Any time you post, you expose your ignorance and low IQ relative to Sierra Leonean affairs.  The president has said it repeatedly that a Commission of Inquiry will be set up to investigate the handling of the state affairs under the previous government and that those that are found wanting will be prosecuted in a court of law.

The Commission of Inquiry has not yet met.  Why?  Because the instruments of law that paves the way for the Commission to be set up was supposed to be deliberated by the House of Parliament.  The House of Parliament was given 21 days as of August 2, to move a motion for the debate to start.  Since the SLPP is not the opposition party, it was the opposition that was supposed to initiate the debate.  The opposition led by the APC took a nap and the 21 days elapsed on Thursday August 23.

The next step that should come any time now is for the Speaker of the House, Honorable Abass Bundu, to pass a ruling that legalizes the Commission of Inquiry in Sierra Leone.

We are a nation of laws, DUMMY,  and it is incumbent that you properly understand the laws of Sierra Leone and the country's parliamentary processes before coming to Bintumani and as usual to make a big fool of yourself. 

When the time comes, and I bet in the next month,  Ernest Koroma, with his RED Tolongbo Backside,  will be hurled before the Commission of Inquiry like a bag of rice.  You don't have to lose any sleep over that, Laimpay Kakarass.
East End Paddle
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West End Paddle you have shown more ignorance and pettiness by your insults, better called bad words. You are no better than the one you are insulting - but it clearly goes to show the real SLLPP DNA in you!!
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West End Paddle, the SLPP boys are allergic to KL. KL is a pain in the a$$! The only DUMMY here is the dummy that calls himself East End Paddle. His response pertaining to the legal process is right on point. But this DUMMY of an SLPPer will like to tell me he was vacationing on Mars when SLPP forumites were peddling fake news about a warrant being issued  for the BIG kahuna and members of his gang. It was  either Yusuf #8 who cautioned them that Bio is digging a grave for himself if this is the road he wanted to travel. Now, all of a sudden, this coconut head of an SLPP is making an adjunct professor of himself of the rules of law at Bintumani. Really?  
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Olangba, This is not a Gbose Gbose government. You cannot  just arrest  people based on hearsay and inference. You need concrete evidence. Based on the properties owned by Ernest Koroma, we can infer that he stole monies as the funds used to acquire  such properties did not come fom  his government salaries or his insurance  business.

Give the government time to ensure that everyone is treated fairly under law. Something that was alien under APC.
Sidom Look
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Orkama, my take is that KL is aware of the legal process that has to be completed before EBK can be prosecuted.  But like always, KL enjoys the cyber warfare between him and his Mende branlaws and this is exactly his motive. Sidom look en enjoy the kuskass. Lol.
Waka Bot
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KL has long been salivating over the prospect of a confrontation between government forces (police and/or army) and APC thugs guarding Ernest Bai Koroma in Makeni.  To him this might serve as a proxy war between the APC and the SLPP.  But KL has to ask himself if the APC will be any match for Paopa.

What KL fails to realize is that the Tolongbo thugs in Makeni do not even have any experience in street violence.  That notwithstanding, Ernest Koroma is one big ORDOYOH who is afraid of violence.  I expect him to voluntarily appear before the Commission of Inquiry when he is called upon.  He will then try to work out a plea deal with the government. 

Let's for the sake of argument assume that EBK refuses to honor an invitation to appear before the Commission.  The Anti-Corruption Commission will immediately order his arrest.  A contingent of the Sierra Leone Police will be dispatched to Makeni most likely late at night.  The police will storm EBK's $6 million mansion to forcibly remove him.  If  his thugs put up a confrontation, they will be overpowered by the police.  The police will also have access to a backup from the Makeni Military barracks.  But if the scene becomes challenging, the government forces will be in their right to use deadly force.

As I noted earlier, the foregoing is purely for the sake of argument.  EBK only cares for two things - stealing money and having romantic dalliances with pretty young women.  No way is he ever going to create a situation that might deteriorate into violence.
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What is obvious at Bintumani is that greengos have stockpiles of monikers to use and they make sure no moniker is used more than once.They use them as tools to synchronize their ever changing lies in order to avoid responsibility for their actions.
Good thing for me is that it makes life easier to categorize them as birds of the same feathers. 

Less than 100 days ago a warrant of arrest was issued for the arrest of Koroma. No sooner than news spreads out that Koroma was on his way home the story immediately changed to the legalities. As weeks passed by, it was the APC opposition that was caught napping while time expired.  Now we awaits the SLPP speaker of the house to legalize the process. Give these greengo boys another week the story will change to "THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE CANNOT PROSECUTE BECAUSE OF HIS TIES TO THE NORTH. 

Salone pipul, una nor hol una breath en believe natin way greengo man say ya? Ernest Koroma done pass am pan we en na so e go lef buff wan. FA please make sure dis post flagged na de achieve for future reference. 

Katumu Nyallay
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“una nor hol una breath en believe natin way greengo man say ya? Ernest Koroma done pass am pan we en na so e go lef buff wan. FA please make sure dis post flagged na de achieve for future reference”

KL u na de same one wae be say Maada Bio nor go ever be president of dis country, now look am de occupy de chair na state house.

Wae tomora cam and u see Ernest na court u go be de same one wae go sae norto this government but foreign governments dem na de one wae da pa push for prosecute Ernest

KL please do yourself and others a favour and stop running your insolent mouth until everything is said and done. We will not hold our breath to listen and believe anything that comes out of your negatives self!
Low IQ Loggy
Reply with quote  #10 

There are reasons why many on this forum including myself consider you a fundamentally stupid man with a very low IQ.  First, you have no right to complain about folks using different monikers.  Notwithstanding the fact that you are the greatest abuser of monikers, Bintumani has no laws against the use of different monikers. 

Second, to take every posting on Bintumani as the gospel truth as far as information on Sierra Leone is concerned exposes you as blorhun laimpay with a rotten pigeon brain. Why don't you read Sierra Leone government press releases?  Why don't you follow Sierra Leone parliamentary proceedings?  Why do you sit and wait for others in Bintumani to bring you news about Sierra Leone?

Now, I consider you one of those lumpen proletariats who spent ten years residing in Ernest Koroma's red Tolongbo Blorhun and comfortably chewing everything that was passed on to him.  In that process, you have learned to accept the rubbish Tolongbo propaganda that Ernest Koroma and the APC are being witch-hunted. 

Thus, there is not a night that KL will go to bed without praying for EBK to get away with looting nearly a billion dollars from Sierra Leone.  Yet KL will come to Bintumani and hypocritically posture himself as one that would want EBK to be brought to justice.   If there is anybody who should be rightfully categorized as a BLORHUN LAIMPAY with a low IQ, it is King Loggy.
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Boy, oh boy, this coconut head of a deranged and sh!t hole greengo is at it again! Sometimes I feel like I am the best at bringing out the worst in you, boy! What exactly inspired you to respond to someone with a low IQ? It got to be something that is of vital interest to you.
But again, just because there are no laws preventing multiple monikers at Bintumani does not require you to hide your coward and kekeh blohun self behind multiple monikers with an attempt to belittle anothers. But what else is new?  

Meanwhile, are you really capable of distinguishing between an opinion and the truth? Do you really believe I wait for someone at Bintumani to bring me the news or this is just a figment of your imagination? What a poor excuse for a Sierra Leonean you are. You lying mofos come to this forum to peddle your fabricated crap and the sooner you are called out on it after the truth you become defensive. Like I asked another SLPP loudmouth, which planet were you on when fake news about a warrant of arrest for EBK was being spread here. Seems to me like it pains you greengo black a$$ when I bring those issues after the truth. Was it not Yusif #8 or AFK that cautioned you greengos that EBK cannot be arrested until after a legal process to do so? And now, all of a sudden, KL is exposing himself.

Finally, before accusing EBK of looting billions of dollars, man up and accuse Bio of doing the same and I will consider taking you serious. Anything less is a manifestation of the real greengo that you are. Go have a coke and a smile and be for real.
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