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U.S. News & World Report

Children Around the World Are Living Better

Sintia Radu
a group of people in front of a crowd posing for the camera: Sierra Leonean children attend the first day of the new school year on September 17, 2018, at the Freetown secondary shcool, after the government launched a programme of free primary and secondary education. (Photo by Saidu BAH / AFP)        (Photo credit should read SAIDU BAH/AFP/Getty Images)© (SAIDU BAH/AFP/GETTY IMAGES) Sierra Leonean children attend the first day of the new school year on September 17, 2018, at the Freetown secondary shcool, after the government launched a programme of free primary and secondary education. (Photo by Saidu BAH / AFP) (Photo credit should read SAIDU BAH/AFP/Getty Images)

The quality of children's lives are a top priority for countries worldwide, with many nations looking at ensuring a better life for the younger generations. And plenty are succeeding, according to a new report from Save the Children.

At least 280 million children, or 1 in 8, are dramatically better off today than at any time in the past two decades, according to the Global Childhood Report, the international advocacy group's assessment of how well countries are providing for children. At the same time, about 1 in 4 children are still denied the right to a safe and healthy childhood, according to the report.

The report evaluates 176 countries' moves to protect and provide for their children in terms of health and education, and other weighs in additional factors such as child marriage and teen births. The report, released on Tuesday, found significant improvement in reducing malnutrition, teen births, child homicides, and the rate of children dying before the age of 5. Among the main findings that compare the quality of children's lives today to the year 2000:

  • There are 4.4 million fewer child deaths per year, with the group reporting a 49% reduction in the death rate of children under 5 years of age.
  • 49 million fewer children are reported to have inhibited physical growth.
  • 115 million fewer children out of school, a 33% reduction.
  • 94 million fewer child laborers, a drop of 40%.
  • 11 million fewer married girls.
  • 3 million fewer annual teen births, a decline of 22%.
  • 12,000 fewer child homicides per year, a 17% reduction.

Singapore ranked first in terms of protecting and providing for children. The top 10 countries included eight Western European nations and South Korea. The United Statestied with China at No. 36 of the 176 nations evaluated, between Russia and Belarus.

The Central African Republic, Niger and Chad finished at the bottom of the list.

The group lauded Sierra Leone for making the most progress in the past two decades in improving the lives of children, followed by RwandaEthiopia and Niger. The report has implications for policymakers in the group, said one of the group's leaders.

"We examined 18 years of data – the span of a childhood – and found that sustained investment in child-focused policies has greatly increased children's chances to grow up healthy, educated and safe," Carolyn Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children, said in a prepared statement.


SLPP in power
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Wow Loggy what do you have to say now?
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Nor mix me pan foolishness ya. The report sited "two decades in improving the lives of children..." and our in-house researcher is giving a thumbs up to a recently implemented free education. This is only providing a talking point for APC supporters as "the Pa been woke". Get real!

Loggy's Brother
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What do you know about education?  Do you understand the relationship between education and human capital development?  Do you understand how education contributes to human capital accumulation and how human capital development in turn contributes to economic growth and development?

How many times have I not warned you to desist from issues that you lack an understanding of?

Do you understand how Singapore rose from a measly $470 per capita income in 1962 to $62,000 today.  It is because Singapore did not have dumbbells like Loggy in their country that were rebellious to a free and quality educational scheme.  With free and quality educatioon, Singapore was able to accumulate human capital thereby creating the basis for sustainable economic growth and development.

You have no respect for education because despite your poor performance in school in Salone, you were able to immigrate to the United States where you are living comfortably with your bad educational level.

You are such an adulterated moron and a lionized idiot that each time an intelligent person debates with you he/she encounters newer depths of stupidity and ignorance.
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You are losing it, bro, you really are losing it and I am not going to allow your momma to blame me for it. Please request help from Dr. Nahim and hopefully a prescription of Prozac may be shipped to your apartment. 

I know so much about education that I warned your incompetent SLPP that there is nothing like free education because someone will have to pay for it. They refused and now Kenema and Moyamba are in chaos. The police officers are targeting poor students for demonstrating against a campaign lie about free education. Nuns are being abused by unemployed okada drivers. And when that is not enough, you are here running your mouth preaching textbook economics. 

Finally, go tell your incompetent SLPP that free education without food on the table and no electricity to power every aspect of modern development is as stupid as your textbook nonsense on education and human development. Singapore wasn't that stupid! They knew that providing basic needs first is the  foundation to development. Your rotten SLPP couldn't figure that out. So stop making an a$$ of yourself with your textbook crap.
Loggy's Brother
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Hear the doltish and thick-headed manikin.  Sometimes when you write, I get tempted to think that the words were coming out of your red rear end.  They do not seem to make an iota of sense.  But then again what should one expect from an inferior and mediocre pseudo-intellectual?

Do you live in the real world?  Why would world leaders be praising a government that you are in the habit of denigrating?   Is it that you are just too dumb to comprehend the basic distinction between good and bad?

You sat on your red rear end when the APC was destroying the country over eleven years of misrule. Yet in your usual primitive fashion you are all too happy to come out thinking that a government that has just been in power for one year could undo all the damage that was wrecked on the country by men who had no business being in power, you swine.

What do you understand about a free education program?  Do you know how many unfortunate kids that this program has rescued from the trap of APC's bad governance, you perpetual peccary?

As far as your propaganda is concerned, I am not walking that line with you.  That is the work oblivious dunces and lunkheads.
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The prozac has been shipped hopefully it will help calm you down.  U hart warm.  However, take your greengo behind to Kenema and tell the people that world leaders are praising the new administration. The hungry and thieving okada boys will manhandle your green butt. Fool man! If things were so good why did Bio reshuffled his cabinet for poor performance?. No one expects miracles but after more than a year a glimpse of better things to come should have been seen. 

Accusing me of propaganda is another of your stupid way of thinking. Propaganda for who? Your greengo a$$ must have been burned in the sands of Jupiter because everyone here, except greengos like you, is aware that I care less about the APC.  Man wait for your medication to take effect before you start making an a$$ of yourself. 
Loggy's Brother
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It is really a shame that after being on public forums for over twenty years, you still cannot write grammatically correct English.  Look at this, dumbbell:

  "why did Bio reshuffled his cabinet for poor performance?."  KL

Were you not taught in elementary school that a verb that comes after "did" must be in the present tense? 

And you are criticizing a free education program in Sierra Leone?  Just because you did not get a quality education does not mean that others should not get one, you degenerated and downtrodden biological specimen.

Do you know anything about Kenema and its citizens?  They are enjoying new road networks that your useless APC denied them.

It is a 
privilege for an inferior human specie of your ilk to be interacting with decent people on a public forum.  You are a hustler and a rarray boy that should be pursuing a career on Sani Abacha Street. 

I have realized that I am actually taking advantage of you in this discourse because you seem to be struggling to put a couple of sentences together.  And you think you can throw yourself in the midst of a political discourse in Salone?

Lastly, it really irks me to see a dodo of your ilk bringing a once progressive forum down.
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Hehehe! You have been all over the place from my education, to Singapore, and, right back where you started.  Nothing have worked and you are now behaving like a defeated moron attempting to save whatever is left of you. Be a real man and discuss the issues without being personal. Stop exposing your ignorance, dummy!

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And by the way, just in case you have nothing sensible to talk about anymore, say it and you will get exactly what you wish for...the last laugh. other than that, you are in for a long ride, greengo, and there is no stopping here until you call me uncle.
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