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Spectator 007
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Can someone please post a link to the story of former SLPP chairman declaring for APC?


Bra Enviable
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Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

About three years ago, it became very clear that Samano Kapen was on Ernest Koroma's illegal payroll. I have always urged my compatriots to avoid shallow analyses. Ernest Koroma has been undermining our young democracy since he came to power. Relying on widespread poverty and the absence of ethical considerations in Sierra Leonean politics, Ernest Koroma successfully destroyed democracy and the rule of law, by "softening" our national institutions with bribes and other forms of hush money.  Here is Samano Kapen, a high-ranking member of the opposition, clapping and dancing for the ruling APC.  In democratic politics, politicians could switch loyalties, usually on ideological grounds. This, however, is BRIBERY at work. Samano Kapen has always been on EBK's payroll.

During the civil war in Sierra Leone, I was vilified for saying that the political class was solely responsible for creating the circumstances which sustained our physical, national destruction, via war. I still STRONGLY believe that the criminal APC should have been held responsible for laying the foundation on which the civil war, thrived.  Overwhelmed by the sheer sadism we saw during the conflict, less analytical compatriots exonerated the criminal APC by simplistically blaming the dispossessed and illiterate children and young adults, who physically prosecuted the war. Sierra Leone's real destruction, however, began with the systematic subversion of the rule of law, as seen through the mercenary politicians who destroyed all the institutions a nation needs to hold itself together.  Please look at Samano Kapen, EBK's Trojan horse, emerging out of a traitor's den.
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@Bra Enviable, you went beating around the bush instead of providing the real reason why Somano defected. The reason for his defection has to do with tribalism within the SLPP. Yes, he was awarded a very senior position within the party but how much power does he command? Do you not recall what happened to him in the southeast last year? Somano is not the only person who has defected from the SLPP that has not cited tribalism as one of their main reasons for defection. Do you want me to name more? Do the following high profile names ring a bell?

- Osman Boi Kamara
- Kandeh Yunkella
- Andrew Keilie
- Julius Spencer
- etc. etc. etc.

Why only the SLPP that has always been accused of tribalism by high profile members? There must be some truth to these accusations and until the party comes up with a formula to be more inclusive of other tribes there is no way they will ever win another election in Sierra Leone. Remind me but I don't think this is common in the APC. Have you ever asked Why?
Spectator 007
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Thanks Bra E.

Nar hanga (hungry) belleh morna Somano tae E go dobalay enh hole Bra ihn fut.

I do recall him with some other opposition folks once visiting Bra once wae dem gi dem kole wata. It was carried in the papers and he didn’t deny it.
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Guys, sorry to say, but that pic was photoshopped big time. Look at how incongruent the hands on the left look?  
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Bra E

The Themne Laimpay called Somano Kapen should not be blamed.  The blame should fall right on the shoulders of the SLPP.  Why give this idiot a job that he would not get in the APC?  The APC is run by Limbas and Lokkos and they do everything in their power to push other ethnicities away including Themnes.  Why the hell did the SLPP give this Themne kakarass a job?  He has always been APC .  So he is just showing his true colors now.
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Tif Some-man-dem-kam-pwell is a cheap old fool. He has vindicated the SLPP for all decent Sierra Leoneans to see. Not the typical Ekutay rats like  "@Gbaynyama".

It is on record that in the last 3 years SLPP had a Chairman & Leader of Northern extraction. Can anyone tell us when APC ever had a non-northern leader? Was VP Sumana not unconstitutionally removed because he was a Kono man? Has anyone heard from Victor Foh lately ever since he fooled himself in trying for the APC flag? Have we not seen a lowly Ekutay boy catapulted to the Deputy IG role of or Police Force? EBK's cabinet is 95 percent Northern. And the list goes on.

Somano has just confirmed how lowly his intellect, moral standing in society is.  No wonder his subjects tied him up and drove him from Mambolo to Freetown and told never to come to the throne during his short  tenure as a Paramount Chief. But the liquids always find their level. Nor to so? 

SLPP has been vindicated! Somano is a crook and he has gone back home to roost!
Spectator 007
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Apart from Cocorioko, what other papers carried the story?
Rascal Reverend
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The fat rascal Revo Devo is at it again ... nor to so? How this guy claims to be a pastor still baffles me to this. What a blasphemy!
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Do y'alls see him donning a red garb a la APC? This means that he succumbed to a hefty bribe to defect, which he did half-heartedly - psychologically-speaking of-course.

Is this morderphucker still a Paramount Chief in his northern chiefdom?

Talking about tribalism; who is more tribally oriented than northerners in the APC? Only Limbas and Lokkos are qualified for the top-rank posts in the APC while the Themnes are the foot soldiers.

Ar bi ar lie?
APC Woman
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Chief Kapane never an SLPP member.

In 2007 he was one of the first to fall victim to the APC machination when he was removed from his position as paramount chief of Mambolo. He was replaced by Petiko Koroma's cousin. The APC and Petico had alleged that the chief did not win the paramount chief election and that the then NPRC imposed him because of retired Colonel Mari Conteh.

To insult the APC, the chief registered with the SLPP. He pinched tent with the Bio Camp. When the Chairmanship context prop up in Bo and the majority decided only Northerner's should vie for the position the Chief asked Bio to support him. I remember at that convention in Bo when Ambassador Alie Bangura brought the issue up that Chief Kapane was not a dedicated SLPP member and that even if he claimed to be he was new to the party. He argued that the party had long time and dedicated people from the north who should allowed to context and not every just cam. The Brigadier did not listen. Alie Bangura lost the election and was hounded out of the party by Chief Kapaneh.

Four years along the line, Chief Kapane has vindicated Ambassador Alie Bangura. He has returned to his root probably on the promised that his Chieftains would be restored.
Kamalo man
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Dr. Yumkella---Susu/Fula
Dr. Samura Kamara---Themne/Themne
Maada Bio---Sherbro/Mende
Mohamed Mansaray---Themne/Malinke
Sam Sumana---Kono/Madinka

Kamarlo Man
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"The Themne Laimpay called Somano Kapen should not be blamed"

The SLPP party will not win the presidency anytime soon until the Mende folks stop their hatred for the themne people. You cannot hate the largest ethnic group in a country and expect them to vote for you.
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Kamalo man what about the Loko Limba part Of Samura ? You omitted that. You are a true Kamalo man , hiding the Limba part of his heritage because e commit na you ton.After Kamalo is Kamakwie . Lots of intermarriages between those Neighbour.
kamalo man
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Samura Kamara was named after Pa Samura Bangura of Kamalo (a friend of Pa Alimamy Gibrilla Kamara). His first name doesn't depict his tribe. Kamalo is in the Sanda Loko chiefdom but over 80% of its inhabitants are themne speakers. Samura has zero loko and Limba blood. Besides, Samura is a Malinke surname.
Kamalo Man
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"Lots of intermarriages between those Neighbour." Gahinteh

There are a lot of intermarriages in that part of the indeed and virtually everyone from Makeni to Kamakwe is of mixed parentage. However, Samura Kamara's is an exception because his father is originally from Maforki chiefdom in the Port loko district. 
I'm not a supporter of Samura but just want to set the record straight.
Spectator 007
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Kamalo Man, seems like you know Dr. SMWK personally. No?

U party dae do well mar dis forum nar ihn make u don lef for campaign vigorously for u man nar ya.
Spectator 007
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Kamalo Man, are you sure Bio is part Sherbro? I thought both his parents were Mende. For sure his father was Mende.
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Good question. Let Kamalo tell us where Maada Bio got his sherbroness from. Maada is the son of the late chief Charlie Bio of Tihun, Sogbini chiefdom. He is also the nephew of coach Stephen Bio of Leone Stars fame. All the Bios are one hundred Mende. There is a large number of them in Bo born and raised there. So where is the Sherbroness from?
Kamalo Man
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How can a Mende be allowed to be crown as a paramount chief in an originally sherboro (Bullom) chiefdom? The Mende language is now the dominace language in Tihun but the Paramount Chieftaincy is only for the Bullom ruling houses. In the Sanda Loko Chiefdom in which Kamalo is the headquarter, only Lokos can become paramount chiefs despite of the temne dominance. The same also applies in all chiefdoms in the country.

Maada Bio is Sherboro by tribe but culturally Mende.
Spectator 007
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Kamalo, the majority of people in Bonthe have been Mende for ages. Many ruling houses are Mende.

Sherbro were once the majority but that was a very long time ago my friend.
Spectator 007
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KM, are bin lek u former handle. U bin timap tranga wan nar ya.
Nor skiad. Use am back.
Kamalo Man
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"Kamalo, the majority of people in Bonthe have been Mende for ages. Many ruling houses are Mende.

Sherbro were once the majority but that was a very long time ago my friend. " Spec

The demographic might change but the ruling houses never change. Ngor Maada is Sherbro.
Spectator 007
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The folks in the SE perceive him as Mende just as Themnes perceived EBK’s father as Themne. What you and I think doesn’t really matter.

How have you been doing?
Bra Enviable
Reply with quote  #25 
"Ngor Maada is Sherbro."    By Kamalo Man

Why do some people tell lies on PUBLIC fora?  In most cases, common sense tells politicians NOT to dissociate themselves from the unfounded tribal connections created by liars. In an election year, many politicians want to be falsely linked with multiple ethnic groups, so that such invented connections can be used to attract some voters on tribal grounds. That is probably the reason why Samura Kamara is in no hurry to dismiss the so-called Loko lineage whipped up by deliberate liars and, in some cases, misinformed foot soldiers. 

The truth of the matter is that Maada Bio is Mende. In Kailahun District, a man from Tihun is seen as Mende. Bio's accent is naturally Mende. Accents, of course, cannot be incontrovertibly  used to ascertain anyone's identity. I know that. However, when everything is put together, Bio is seen and accepted, at least in Kailahun District, as Mende. Tihun is not even as ethnically diverse as, say, Pendembu or Segbwema, in Kailahun District.  A Mende from Pendembu or Segbwema could have a distant Kissi grandmother or, in most cases, a Madingo grandfather. Tihun is largely Mende.  In Kailahun District, Bio is known and accepted as Mende.

Bra Enviable
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Specky and Bra E,

Debating that useless Kamalo Man is a waste of time.  He has changed his moniker from Ishmail Yilla to Kamalo Man because he is scared of his Guinean backsye been kicked into oblivion as has been in the past.  What does this supreme idiot know about Bonthe district?  

They hear the name Bonthe Sherbro and right away they conclude that the district is dominated by Sherbros.  Go to Bonthe Town and Mattru Jong, the largest towns in that district and speak Sherbro there and see if anybody will respond to you.

What has Tihun, where Maada Bio was born and raised got to do with Sherbros?  The name is a Mende name meaning a place for the production of teas and this Guinean miscreant would come here and try to distort history.

And he talks about ruling houses in Bonthe?  Let this functioning illiterate jackass name any Sherbro who has been a paramount chief anywhere in Bonthe district in the last fifty years.
Spectator 007
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@Jeffersom, do you know much about the culture and history of the Sherbro people over the past 2 to 3 hundred years? Familiar with Bonthe, Moyamba, and Western Area Sherbro people? Send me links please. I need to educate myself

A lot of Sierra Leoneans have Guinean blood. I discovered that a maternal great grandfather was a Guinean..Madingo dude. He was very educated and changed his name.

You may have Guinean blood 3-4 generations back. Check my friend. You never know.

How did you figure KM was IY? I wonder why he dropped that name.

IY is in a parry that has a lot of Mende people in political leadership positions who are working alongside people from other ethnicities. From what I hear there is no intra party ethnic tension.
Kamalo Man
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Please ignore Jefferson he is a fool. He knows very little on the ethnology of sierra Leone.

Please do a basic Wikipedia search on sherbro.

I'm sure that Jefferson does not know that Lungi in the Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom was once the headquarter of the Sherbro people prior to the the Temne and Susu invasion. Also Kychom (KKY hometown) is a bullom/sherbro word for hiding place. I am also sure that Jefferson does not know that the word 'Yumkella' is derieved from the bullom word 'Jumkella' , which means 'fine man.'

Jefferson is just a buffoon.

Again, Maada is a Sherbro by tribe but culturally Mende.

Spectator 007
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KM, man dem don make u fuk fuk grap back again. Why brother why?

Nar for take am easy me man.

I had previously checked out some of those sources. Not the one on the Bullom though. If you come across any more authoritative sources on the Sherbro please share.

Do you know anyone who considers themselves Bullom? I have never come across anyone who considers themself Bullom

By the way have you read books written by Peter Tucker and Imodale Caulker (daughter of late R.E. Kelfa-Caulker)? Tuckers and Caulkers are among the most prominent Sherbro families in Bonthe and Moyamba respectively

Do you know of any books written about Susu families like Yillas, Yumkellas...?

Bo change u name back. Nor skiad.

Spectator 007
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One piece of advice, you should think twice about exchanging insults. In my experience here, only few durable gladiators can get away with it unscathed. Just try and develop thick skin and move on after you have made your points.
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