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Someone here must have seen the videos and still photos of the terrible crimes committed by an Indian-looking man and one or more Sierra Leoneans. I haven't been able to put the pieces of information together to make sense. 
Meanwhile, can someone with knowledge please make some sense out of this and if possible provide official response.
Is This The Clip?
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Culled From FB
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There was chaos and commotion on the 17th March 2019 at No 20 Guard St. Freetown. Members of the community came in mass to the above address after being alerted by a caretaker of an attempted murder.

It is alleged that one Indian national called Romeo and two Sierra Leoneans attempted to kill 32 year old Bai Mamoud, a mobile phone seller.

Elias Jalloh, the caretaker of 20 Guard street, said he heard some noise and banging on the top floor and decided to check. After buzzing and no reply, he decided to use the spare key. He eventually saw 'Romeo' and asked about the noise and his response was that he was packing.

Unsatisfied, Jalloh proceeded to the living room and one of the boys escaped to the roof top and he saw Bai who was bleeding profusely.

According to the caretaker, Bai told him that he's done business with Romeo before. This time he was asked to bring 9 phones to Romeo, the Indian national's flat. It was in the flat that he was attacked and bloodied. He seemed lucky to have escaped.

The police who were first on the scene had this to say: "we met the victim bleeding everywhere. We met the Indian man and 2 other Sierra Leoneans. We saw so many other weapons like hammers, knives and other things."

Strangely, the policeman speaking to the Radio Democracy reporter added: "other people have testified that it's his habit to force people to come into his flat to dump them in his drum for ritual things. "

However, the Head of Police Media & Public Relations, Supt. Brima Kamara, when asked by the reporter about the allegation of human head and blood in a drum - said: "I did not see any human head or blood."

Kamara said they have been to the scene and saw blood splashed everywhere: " we saw blood splashed on the floor; we saw hand prints of blood, which suggests someone was trying to escape or struggling. There were blood stains in the bathroom, the walls and living room."

The police have assured the public that they are investigating the matter and will charge to court anyone found wanting.

Meanwhile, the victim, Bai Mamoud was given medical papers by the police to take treatment. We wish him a speedy recovery.

It was a tricky situation. Mob justice would have prevailed easily. We have to commend the community and the police for the way they handled the situation.

It is reported that some Indian shops did not open their shops today for fear of reprisals.

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Thank you very much! Just saw on Facebook a tense situation going on in Freetown.  Seems like indian and Lebanese residents and their stores are being targeted.
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The question now is how did we reach a point where Sierra Leoneans will connive with foreigners against their own people.

We remove content that depicts violence or celebrates the suffering or humiliation ...

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