After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Kekeh Guana
Reply with quote  #31 
Sengbe aka Dull Gbose Gbose Boy can you explain this?

THERE HAS BEEN ONLY ONE TRUE BLUE MENDE PRESIDENT WHO HAPPENS TO BE DR.SIAKA STEVENS. Shaki's father Kortu Joseph Stevens, a true blue mende was a clerk in the civil service in those days and his mom Miatta Magona who belonged to a ruling house in Moyamba was also a true blue mende.

While the Temnes are on the verge of making it twice in a row you guys are timidly content with the Sherbro-Madingo usurpation.  Wake up mende moi!
Magnus Claudius
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Musa Kenema AKA Kekeh Guana,

It is unfortunate that your skull is so thick that knowledge cannot be forced into it.  Your inability to inculcate the lesson in history that was given to you is disappointing.

No true blood Temne has ever been president or vice president of Sierra Leone.  Ibrahim Sorie Koroma AKA Agbasatani was Mandingo.  And Ernest Koroma is Limba-Loko.  That he can speak Temne does not make him Temne.  He was born in Makeni and attended the Magburaka Boys Secondary School, a school that trained Temne boys to become APC thugs.

Also, that Ernest Koroma allowed Limbas and Lokos to occupy positions of privilege in his nearly ten years in power while using Temnes as APC thugs tells you where the man's head has always been.

Temnes can choose to rise by joining Mendes in the SLPP and voting for Maada Bio or they can stay in their life of misery in the APC.  It is entirely left to Temnes to make this very important decision.

Your labeling the SLPP as a Sherbro-Mandingo entity vindicates Mendes who have always been maligned as using the SLPP to promote Mende self-interest.  So now, we know that although there is Limba Man party, there is no Mende Man party in Sierra Leone.  I thank you very much for that.
Kekeh Guana
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So Sengbe you have now accepted that the Mendes are nation-wreckers responsible for Salone's current state. By electing Shaki, it is clear that the Mendes were instrumental in creating the infrastructure for the backwardness of our country in stark contrast with the Temnes in EBK.

The Temnes are the least culpable when it comes to destroying Salone one reason they will continue to rule your green butts till eternity. Forging an alliance with the Mendes in the interest of the SLPP is unthinkable as far as the Temnes are concerned because the former are not to be trusted owing to their inferiority complex about the Sherbros and Madingoes. The Temnes are in a better social and political position than the Mendes and so do not need their alliance. With the Lokkos, Limbas, Fulas and Krios at their beck and call, the Temnes will be the permanent inhabitants at State House.
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