After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Another Basta Kow (sic): Oosai u cormot with you yone stupid remarks?

Silly Negro, you do not know me! so how can you be so judgmental about me, and what I should do?

If you are on the ground in Saro (which I doubt), please tell us about the "opportunities" you have created oberyanda?

If you have not succeeded in creating any opportunities in your homeland, please shut the phuck up, and vamoose this thread.

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I could not have said it better.  This guy, Sengbe, is a cocky, arrogant, selfish laimpay of order one.  Here's why:

I resettled in America in 2000 as a 20 year old refugee.  I was a contributor to various Salone forums and always admired Sengbe especially with his determination to return to Salone and fight for the leadership of the SLPP.

Fast forward to 2017 and this guy is still bragging about his wealth and education and dismissing anybody who gives an opinion about about Sierra Leone because he believes that he is the smartest Sierra Leonean that ever lived.

He brags about offering the technological training that Sierra Leoneans need yet Jimmi Bagbo Secondary School in his village is falling apart and the guy cannot even contribute a dime to the school's rehabilitation.  As I hear, he has not been to Sierra Leone in forty years.  In fact it is easy to sense that from the rubbish that he posts on this forum. 

I met a Nigerian professor at Ohio State a few years ago who taught me international relations in graduate school.  He told me that he came to the United States in the early 1960s and had never gone back on even a visit to Nigeria.  The guy was really brilliant.  Today, he is an 82 year old resident of a nursing home - the tragedy of the educated African fool.  I hope the nurses are not spitting in his face.

Progressive Sierra Leoneans should not take this senile old man, Sengbe, seriously.  He is so full of himself.  That I can address him in this manner shows how much respect I have for him.  Boggedor, laimpay. 

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Another SILLY NEGRO has come on-line to show off his IGNORANCE and gross STUPIDITY.

Who the phuck are you to tell me how to run my life? 

It must be an APC Temene, by the way he cursed at me, using the "laimpay" word.

In that case:
Laimpay kass ka mu!
U Ma ee bompi toro teray burkineh.

Bye! Bye!
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Kakarass, tribalistic, bragging, showboating, hallucinating, myopic and bloviating Sengbe has been chased away by the gallant and far-sighted ABK and Metellus. He is running with his balls firmly in his butt.
Jimmy S. Bagbo
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No gutter language, Sengbe, just suck it up and move on. If King Loggy, Specky, Musa Kenema and Fen Plaba can handle the occasional rass kicking, you should.  It comes with the territory, old man.
Macron de la France
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Goodness me, you guys have taken this thread to to the River Thames sewer.

Sengbe has stirred up, rightly so, a relevant and salient debate about Sierra leone as a political entity. I chipped in with a one-liner contribution not because I am against Sengbe's stall but because i think he is putting the cart before the horse. I can't see all those lofty ideas he is airing or espousing coming to being when our two oldest parties are not done away with, at least for a while, from the landscape.

The French has given it a go. Their determination to change the status quo by sending two candidates, who are outside the traditional duo, to the second round of their presidential elections is some thing we could only dream of.
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ABK, here you go again! Why point fingers at Sengbe when the environment in the country is not conducive to taking risks? Creating opportunities requires investing time and capital, which can or cannot pay off.  A risk taker must have a fair chance of returns, otherwise no sane person will dare. Sengbe is not the only one who has stayed out of the Sierra Leonean morass. Many others including you and myself have remained aloof. It is up to the government to create an environment that is favorable to investments. This is one of the goals of the structural changes we are discussing here.
Larula Sonike
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"ABK, here you go again! Why point fingers at Sengbe when the environment in the country is not conducive to taking risks?"  Knice


I respectfully beg to disagree with you on the above.  There is nothing about the APC that I like.  In fact I hate the APC.  But to argue that Sierra Leoneans are staying away from Sierra Leone because the country is not conducive to taking risks is a stretch.  As bad as Ernest Koroma has been, there are still plenty of investment and other opportunities in Sierra Leone. 

Why would there be opportunities for Nigerians and Guineans to create wealth in Sierra Leone but not for Sierra Leoneans?  Ninety percent of the commercial banks operating in Sierra Leone today are owned by Nigerians.  James Sanpha Koroma is the only Sierra Leonean entrepreneur that owns a bank in his country.

Moreover, apart from the government owned ferry system that plies the Kissy-Lungi sea route, all other sea transportation systems along that route are owned by Nigerians.   And with the collapse of the country's educational system, Guineans are now investing in private schools in Freetown and Bo.

Further, the latest university to open its doors in Freetown this year, Limkokwing university,  is owned and run by Malaysians.  I can go on and on... 

You don't have to like your country's government to invest in your country.  The problem is that Sierra Leoneans lack entrepreneurial ambition and drive.  They prefer to be employees than employers and also to brag about their education while putting their countrymen down.  What good is it to spend all this time creating theoretical models of governance on Bintumani forum without ever having the desire to be on the ground to contribute to growth and change?
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Well, I could not have said it better than Larula Sonike.
Knice, if other nationalities are taking the risk to invest in Sierra Leone, what is wrong with Sengbe and I? Is it because Sengbe do not like the current administration? Or, is it possible I have investments in Sierra Leone? Fact of the matter is that I do not spend time on a public forum peddling my "baskets full of knowledge", to impress others. I am not a chemistry professor who claims to know all about investment. I care less about tribe and tribalism and party politics.  A closer look at Sengbe's contributions over the years makes him guilty of these accusations.  The man is self-centered and his unwillingness to learn from those who knows better makes him worse than he can ever imagined.  

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Correction: Last word was intended to be "imagine"
Musa Mambolo
Reply with quote  #41 
"Another Basta Kow" (Sengbe)
Really, professor curse curse? Are you that thin skinned?
You are losing it old man.
I knew you and Bra Enviable are the worst of the worse.  Bloated ego, arrogant,  ignorant and tribalistic. Way to go, professor curse curse! 
APC Policy Maker
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Sengbe was my Korthor at Bo School back in the days.  He is a good man and Salone needs him.  As we prepare for another five year mandate in March 2018 (APC wins the presidency and parliament hands down), we are appealing to all Sierra Leoneans to contribute to the development of their country.  We are especially focusing on the youth - citizens in their 20s and 30s to be ready to commit to their country.  That is the only way that we will move Salone forward.
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BRAINSTORMING:Process for generating creative ideas and solutions through intensive and freewheeling group discussion. Every participant is encouraged to think aloud and suggest as many ideas as possible, no matter seemingly how outlandish or bizarre. Analysis, discussion, or criticism of the aired ideas is allowed only when the brainstorming session is over and evaluation session begins.

This is what this thread is all about, and this is why I/we come on the BINTU to participate in civilized discourse on behalf of mother Saro. But when uncivilized Negros misconstrue the purpose in their JEALOUS rages, they must be called out. And when they perpetuate vulgarity, I, Sengbe - the Conqueror of IDIOTS - will dish out even more than they can handle. That is what I did last week.

I will not allow anyone to thread/step on my freedom of expression. This is why the USA is my adopted homeland, and by the look of things from these SILLY NEGROES (they know themselves) it might be my homeland for good. It might take another 40 years before I heed the stupid advice to return there. Return where? from "heaven"? when they themselves are basking in the glory of First-World countries.

I am NOT a businessman, even though I have many shares in Saro banks and companies. What I do, and have done for all my career years is best accommodated where I reside, that is why I became a naturalized citizen of my adopted homeland.

Most of my detractors on the Bintu do NOT know me, not even through my writings on-line, so how can they offer me the sarcastic advice to "go home". I come here to BRAINSTORM with folks from Saro mainly - the CIVILIZED ones, at least. So please go shove your fake advise up yours where the sun does not shine.

Big Mot Sengbe
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"This is why the USA is my adopted homeland, and by the look of things from these SILLY NEGROES (they know themselves) it might be my homeland for good. It might take another 40 years before I heed the stupid advice to return there. Return where? from "heaven"?" 

So are you saying that because of "SILLY NEGROES" you will never return home to help your people? The most honorable thing to do after 40 years in the diaspora? Ay bo, Segbe! I am disappointed at you. Realistically, you will not make it in another 40 years. Probably not even 20. You are too old now and in 20 years, if you make it that long, you will be spending 100% of your time in an Elizabeth City nursing home. Go now, Sengbe, go now, Jimmy Bagbo needs her prodigal son!!!
Abu Totapak
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Pa Sengbe is taking these discussions into the realm of the ridiculous.  Why would kids in their thirties be jealous of a senile 70 year old man? 

Sengbe, some of us on this forum were born long after you had left Saro for greener pastures.  I am 35 and the good thing about these United States is that even a factory worker can afford to live a very comfortable life without being jealous of a senior citizen who happens to be a college professor.  

Pa Sengbe, the mandatory retirement age in Saro for most professions is 60.  At 70, you are long past that.  And if you try to run for public office, you will lose.  All your peers in Jimmi Bagbo are dead. And you did not send them a dime when they were in need.  Nor have you contributed a penny to the Jimmi Bagbo Secondary school fund as efforts are being made to refurbish that collapsing school.  And you want us to believe your lies that own shares in companies in Saro?  Ay bo, Sengbe nar so?

Further, as a theorist and as a man that has been away from Saro for fifty years, your ideas on nation building are redundant and useless.  They have no practical applications.   Fact is, the Saro that you left in the 1960s is no more.  So, shut up and concentrate on your lab work at your school.

Lastly, it is disingenuous of you to engage in deceitful debates on Saro knowing fully well that you will only be in Saro after spending a fictitious forty years in heaven.  Good luck with your candidacy for one of the dilapidated nursing homes in North Carolina.
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