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Temnes Commend President Bio

By Alhaji Saidu Kamara.

Members of the Thaimne (Temne) Community Development Council Sierra Leone (TCDC-SL) across the country converged at State House yesterday to congratulate the President (Rtd) Brig. Julius Maada Bio for supporting the election of Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu as Speaker of Parliament. They also commended him for introducing the Free Quality Education initiative across the country.

The former APC Minister of Finance, Hon. Hassan Gbassay Kanu said that they are were at State House to register their support for the government of President Bio, noting that they, as Thaimnes are one of the largest tribes in Sierra Leone and were impressed with the astute leadership qualities already shown and even demonstrated by President Bio, adding that the New Direction was on the right path particularly in the area of education and expressed optimism for improvement in other sectors.

Hon. Hassan G. Kanu said besides the election of Dr. Abass Bundu there are other prominent Thaimnes in the Northern Region like Alpha O. Timbo, Ambassador Umaru Bond Wurie and others that are also part of the Bio led administration.

He said the election of Dr. Abass Bundu as Speaker of Parliament was in place as he has the drive, the capacity and leadership qualities to lead Parliament.

On behalf of the Taimines, Hon. Kanu pleaded with the President to assist them in the area of Agriculture.

Responding, President Julius Maada Bio thanked the Thaimnes for their support noting that he would in turn congratulate them for having Dr. Abass Bundu as an imminent personality within the Sub-region.

He therefore implored them to be united and help the government to succeed in its developmental agenda.

President Bio said his government was committed to upholding democratic values and assured them that the government will invest and improve on agricultural activities in the country.

The President of the Thaimne Community Development Council, Alhaji Abass Thollie while presenting Honorary Executive Card to President Bio assured him that they will support him to the fullest to ensure that he succeeds in running the country under his New Direction agenda.

Madam Saffie Koroma, a prominent member of the group moved the vote of thanks.


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Its about time Themnes realized that the APC is a useless party that has brought nothing but untold brutality and suffering to Themnes.  Themnes are better off pitching tent with Maada Bio and the SLPP.
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