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Amara Sesay
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The 8th Executive Order

President Bio past Monday slammed a string of ten stinging Executive Orders that are bound to rattle that all devouring, rapacious thing called corruption. The eighth order, which puts a halt to any further export of timber from the shores of Sierra Leone, will slice off the head of this grotesque beast and send it wriggling in throes of ultimate demise. That is if the new government implements them to the fullest and lays out its entrails on the altar of justice for the whole nation to see.

This is what Sierra Leoneans are watching out for; after all, President Bio campaigned on the trump card of salvaging the nation from unbridled, institutionalized corruption, and that is exactly what the people expect. 

The Democrat Newspaper ran a damning breaking story in one of its recent editions, disheveling the knotted strands tightly matted by a cabal of ‘Timbergate’ perpetrators- now jail wishers, in an estimated 75 Million Dollar deal dubbed ‘Timbergate’.

The brother of the ousted, and soon to be disgraced former president Ernest Koroma, is said to be the surrogate playing the front man in what is sure to bring down trouble on the heads of a lot of APC kingpins - most of whom are now on the run or in hiding licking their wounds, and foreign business opportunists, China among a few others.

Whereas the corruption aspect is bad enough, the impact on the environment is nauseating and repulsive to say the least. President Bio must wield his authority to the fullest, if he means business when he says he will fight corruption. 

His task now is to investigate the following without let, remorse or mercy. Who are the main players in this environmental witch hunt? What is the actual amount of tress that were felled? Where is the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report the Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency Kadijatou Jallow, so zealously pursued among mining companies?

As far as the public is concerned, there are no EIA reports in that regard.

More ominous, the APC used that as a weapon to embarrass Alhaji Sam Sumana, while he was a sidelined Vice President to Ernest Bai Koroma, describing the enterprise as criminal. But Sam Sumana slipped out of the net cast by a ring of government conspirators hell-bent on showing him the door, which they eventually did in the most unconstitutional manner.

Environmentalists who were awed by the sheer scale of the brutal raping of our forests have breathed a sigh of relief that at last someone with the mettle to reverse the imminent demise of the nation’s bio diversity is here, and is up to the task.

As for the corruption angle, it is as obvious to investigate as it is easy to prosecute the offenders who cannot hide, now that the ‘bush’ they hid themselves has dried up suddenly, exposing them to be hand picked like fishes that underestimated the ebb of the sea and became stranded on the beaches.

The law must take its course without any pretentious legal gymnastics to stifle the administration of swift justice so common in the legal system in Sierra Leone.
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