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Free primary and secondary school education has come to Sierra Leone.  The president, Julius Maada Bio and representatives from Sierra Leone's development partners who include the United Kingdom, The World Bank, Irish Aid, World Food Program, UNICEF, Mercury International, Ltd., and others announced the arrival of free education to Sierra Leone at the Miatta Conference Hall of Youyi Building this morning.  The hall was jampacked with parents and students shedding tears of joy amidst renditions of the national anthem.

Starting September 2018, students attending government-owned and government-assisted schools from primary to secondary school will not pay tuition.  This is a great help to poor parents in poverty-stricken Sierra Leone.

During the pledging of funds toward the initiative (free education), the president, the vice president, several cabinet ministers, the speaker of the House of Parliament, parliamentarians and the mayor of Freetown all pledged funds to the initiative. 

Notably absent from the celebratory event at Miatta Conference Hall were APC grandees, Ernest Koroma, Victor Foh, Samura Kamara, Osman Yansaneh and Joseph Kamara.  Despite looting millions of dollars from the public coffers, these kleptocrats neither showed up at Youyi building nor pledged a penny toward the free education initiative.  It must be remembered that it was Joseph Kamara who donated tables to street traders and their children earlier this year.  The subtle message was that those children were better off remaining trade traders than going to school.
Dama Yanni
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Kamabai - Besides the APC grandees, were other opposition politicians (NGC, C4D etc) present at the launch?  My guess they did not attend because it does not serve their interest. Another case in point - not a word of the launch by some online papers.   
Momodu Banklaneh
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Dama Yanni,

You are right.  But this is precisely why Africa is so underdeveloped.  People are more loyal to their political parties, their tribes or their clans than they are to their countries.

I hear that Kandeh Yumkella was in the United States at the time of the launching.  I guess in order to have an excuse for not attending, he may have planned his trip to coincide with the launching.  Apart from the numerous foreign dignitaries, the mayoress of Freetown was the only non-SLPP prominent person present at the launching.  This automatically wins her a second term.

A national issue of such monumental proportion should have been embraced by all irrespective of political party identity.  Never in the history of Salone has so much been accomplished by a government in so such a time.  News is that other development partners like the European Union are planning to get on board.  I see this initiative being extended to the universities soon.

When Governor Andrew Cuomo of the State of New York launched the free public college initiative a couple of years ago, Republicans joined Democrats to celebrate.  But celebrated Tolongbo Kakarasses of the first order like Allie Formeh Kamara, Kabs Kanu, King Loggy, Musa Kenema and Yusif #08 were all swearing and cussing yesterday at the launching of free education in Salone.  They hate to see Salone develop.
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