After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Eddie Grant
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Good day fellow bintumanians, it's been a very long time since I last participated on the forum. But it's good to know that you guys are keeping the political flames burning.
It gives me real hope to know that some of compatriots, who once appeared unrepentant over their diehard support for the 2 evil parties have gradually reclaimed their true sense of patriotism.
I've returned from the hinterland after completing what I would call a once in a lifetime national crusade persuading poor and uneducated people to see reason to denounce their loyalty to the 2 most backward parties in the country.
I'm currently resting in Makeni whilst also consolidating our Bombali gains.
We come across as the underdogs in this race without a single region to call our stronghold. And this could well be the real shock as we consistently gaining taking support from all regions of the country.

Get lost
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Get lost.  Nobody is interested in your biased reports.
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I am not sure what is biased about Eddy’ s report. The man did not hide his allegiance. Infact he was honest about NGC not having a single stronghold. Check out Yusuf Bangura’s article in Patriotic Vanguard and you will see that he postulates the same path to victory for the NGC that Eddy is hoping for .
Bra Mayima
Reply with quote  #4 

Get lost is correct.  The word bias means partial.  That Eddie Grant and Yusuf Bangura show a partiality to the NGC in their reports means that they are biased.  Showing your allegiance to a cause does not preclude you from being biased.
Spectator 007
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@Bra Mayima, we have forumites who support all three parties here. They regularly offer their views on the current political situation from their perspective. We do not have to agree with them and are free to counter claims they make.

Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #6 
Gahinteh and Bra Specky,
Thank you for coming to my rescue.
I'm not really surprised that these guys become so uneasy whenever I appear on the forum. I'm not a stranger to their attacks therefore it doesn't bother me a bit.
I am here in Makeni waiting to cast my vote for the NGC.
We're hoping for a second position. Despite APC being the favourite to win, they cannot do it the first round and that's where the magic will play.
Shut up
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Shut up. Stay in Makeni and cast your vote. You perpetual tribalist. You are hoping that APC comes first despite proclaiming yourself NGC. Some screws in your head may need to be properly screwed up.
Cornelius Hamelberg
Reply with quote  #8 

Bra Mayima ,

One way or the other, everybody is biased: they , you , me, he, and subjectively or objectively speaking, the ugly duckling an the she-devil incarnate are probably the most biased.

Spectator 007
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“We're hoping for a second position. Despite APC being the favourite to win, they cannot do it the first round and that's where the magic will play. ” - Eddie Grant

If NGC can make the runoff in second place against insurmountable odds, they will have done exceptionally well.

Please continue to keep us posted.
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Is APC the favorite to win? Where? In Makeni? This guy is not giving us the correct information.
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #11 
Take this from me that, in the event of a run off, NGC will not merge with either APC or SLPP. Though so many people thought otherwise.
But even if it happens the fact that majority of NGC supporters are drawn from the 2 oldest parties who feels the need for change. They could either return to their traditional parties of refrain completely from voting.

I've been here since 3rd of March 2018 watching the behaviour of so many people. I'm also at the centre of politics therefore I have substantial knowledge on how many people intend to vote. So regardless of, what anyone living outside the country think about me I can still disseminate information I believe to be useful to others.
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All NGC needs now is to beat SLPP and come second irrespective of the percentage. When finally, the second-round  comes,  NGC will emerge as the winner.

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 "I have substantial knowledge on how many people intend to vote. "  Eddie Grant

Look at the fool making a mess of himself.  In a country that lacks any credible scientific polling system, how would you have "substantial knowledge on how many people intend to vote"?  Are you a wizard? 

All the posting that he is doing from Makeni is intended to portray his anti-SLPP bias.  He is more interested in an SLPP loss than an NGC victory.  Laimpay kakarass Bombali fool.
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #14 
"In a country that lacks any credible scientific polling system, how would you have "substantial knowledge on how many people intend to vote" Bradford

Bradford, I've been on the ground for quiet sometime and not only that, I'm also deeply involved with the people. I've been to almost every corner of this small country campaigning and persuading those that can be persuaded to vote for credible change. So I don't need any flimsy scientific work to know how people intends to vote.
You're right about my disgust over the SLPP. It is because of its backward ideology.
Dull Gbose Gbose Boy
Reply with quote  #15 
Eddie Grant,

Only a functioning illiterate of your ilk could know how people intend to vote solely on a rubbish campaigning scheme that you claim to have accomplished in all corners of the country.  You can only make a fool of yourself and not the highly educated folks of this forum.  You are nothing but an idler and a water carrier for the NGC who will be stepped upon in the event that that sorry-ass party ever sniffs power in Sierra Leone. ASTAFULAI!!!

   Keep campaigning for your NGC and APC but there are more credible sources of information in Sierra Leone than your rubbish and tribalistic source in Makeni.
Spectator 007
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Until elections are over, can we please suspend personal attacks? This will allow us all to share information and discuss breaking election related news without being sidetracked by unnecessary personal attacks.

Ah ole una foot.

Dis na tem for leh we focus

More power to all

Officer Gbin Kan Kuru.
Reply with quote  #17 
Bra, if u nor able fet, lef di forum.  Nor cam pwell di fun.  Election me foot.
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #18 
“Bra, if u nor able fet, lef di forum.” - Officer Gbin Kan Kuru.

Officer u make ah boss big big laf. People dem wae sidom close me tink say ar don craise kpata kpata.

Officer, me nar man wae nor bin dae fraid bout before nar dis dunks even do (though) ar lais (lazy) for fet bad bad wan. Me yone style nar for bote posin.
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #19 
Change “dis dunks” to “dis dunia”
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #20 
Bra Specky,
Please don't waste your precious time on these fools. There are never interested in any civil discussion. They've overtaken the APC on violence, throughout the entire campaigning, we only have SLPP thugs to deal with. If you notice, it's only in SLPP stronghold that we witnessed violence and the deliberate attack on the APC flag bearer in his hometown.
These people know very well that they are not going to win, they are angry that a huge number of their supporters have embraced either the APC or NGC.
They had to rely on paid up crowds. They paid large amount to youth groups in Makeni to rally for them, unfortunately, some youths stayed away and was made even worse by the failure to attend by the paopa leader.
Reply with quote  #21 
Eddie Grant,

Are you campaigning for the NGC or the APC?  Bra, I was relying on your account of things over there but it now seems that I will have to take a step back and evaluate everything that you have said so far.  We hear from reliable sources that Maada Bio was attacked by APC thugs in Kamalo, the home of Samura Kamara.  We have also heard and seen pictures of APC thugs stabbing each other.  But you are saying something totally different.

Bra, for our party(NGC) to win, you have to shift your obsession and attention from the SLPP to the NGC.  Focussing on the SLPP does not help the NGC.  We still have a lot of grounds to cover especially in the Southeast where the SLPP is dominant.  Personally, I am scared as hell that it is the APC and the SLPP that will make it to second round.
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #22 
NGC Man,
God forbids that I'm campaigning for APC.
I do not see how saying the truth equate to campaigning. Unlike you, I was present in Kamalo before the kuss lass took place. I left shortly after, I know very well who started the trouble. Can you imagine what will happen if APC starts trouble in tehun, the home of Maada who will come out worse.
As for the Southeast, we await the results of the elections.
It is good that someone is keeping your hopes of an SLPP victory alive. My only concern is when the reality sets in.
You have to be physically present in Sierra Leone to know that SLPP has become a third force. You'll realise what I'm talk about after the 7th March.
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Eddie Grant,
Why are you associating me with SLPP even when I have intiimated that I am NGC. The problem with our party is that we continue to look at our membership as former APCers and SLPPers instead of NGC.
Obai Thaimu
Reply with quote  #24 

U wan fet?
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #25 
Obai Thaimu, wae election done, me enh u go hole (hold) on na ya.

Just sparring session because at nor geh trenk again
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #26 
A lot happening right now on the ground.

I read about the following

1. Justices Nyawo Matturi and Vivian Solomon have recused themselves from case regarding KKY status to run

2. The high court presided by Justice Adelaide Dwozark has just granted a temporary injunction order against the SLP restricting vehicular movement during polling day slated for March 7.
The application was filed by Ngor CFM et al

Please confirm the foregoing
Reply with quote  #27 
I cannot speak for the APC, but I disagree that the SLPP is evil. However in this round I am supporting KKY because I sincerely do not believe that Bio is the correct answer for Sierra Leone at this point. Right now the country needs a leader with charisma to win over especially experienced and competent technocrats for his/her team to take on the yeoman's task that immediately lies ahead. Right now the country needs a leader who can command the trust and support of the international community; and right now the country needs a leader who is not beholden to the hangers on in waiting who are eager to feed at the national trough. I know I am playing dice here. But in truth playing dice is the only game we can play at this point. I have never seen or met Bio; and I have seen but never really met Yumkella. But in light of what I know about them, my bet is on KKY.

But before anyone jumps to conclusions, I want to declare unequivocally that I remain at the core, SLPP. I still believe in the age old SLPP values of one country, one people. I still believe in the age old SLPP belief in the supremacy of law and the constitution over the hoped for benevolence of sissies posing as strong men; and I still believe in the age old SLPP value of checks and balances that can prevent uninformed hollow egos from taking us down the abyss. My prayers for the SLPP are that once the Bio experiment fizzles out, my party can make serious efforts to recruit charismatic and capable leaders who can steer us back to those age old and sane values which Sierra Leone as well needs now, more than ever.
Reply with quote  #28 
Well said Knice. Where do I click on 'Like'?
Reply with quote  #29 
I admire men with steel b@//$. Knice don't misinterpret this and take the use of the word "b@//$" personal. But when a man act on his inner beliefs, right or wrong, he deserves to be respected. But again, [smile], Knice, Da Bra, among others, are the prodigal sons of their respective parties. Who said you have to stay and change a party that is not ready to change? You teach them a lesson and hopefully they will learn and return to their core values. Knice, I don't give a hoot what your nephew and my former branlaw thinks, but U Da Man!! And by the way, DMK, quit the jeliba bizness and jump on the bandwagon before it is too late. I spoke with Sage three hours ago and she is now a diehard KKY fan. Small world!@@
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #30 
It has been proven time and again that, I see good things first before others does in terms of our politics.
It's good to know that our compatriots, who were once loyalists to the old parties are beginning to acknowledge and accept the flaws in those parties.
I stand to be corrected, I was the only one on this forum who advocated a strong change from our various traditional parties because I saw the tendency in them that stops national growth and development.
Today, I'm joined by some of the erudite individuals on the forum because they accept the need for change.
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