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Cornelius Hamelberg
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Dear Sierra Leone Die-hard enthusiasts,

Take note:

1. Jesus has come and gone.

2. Don't believe everything you see in print

3. There's always a next time

4 You won't have long to wait, tomorrow is always on its way

5. Blind Faith ( Stevie Winwood on vocals, Clapton on guitar )

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KL I hear you. Though I haven't formally joined NGC I've made no secret of the fact that I believe KKY is the best man for the job. I've made financial contributions to the KKY Movement and when the request came for policy submissions I submitted papers in the areas of Health and Education. One or two of the ideas I raised I am humbled to say even made it into the final manifesto though no doubt others may have submitted similar points. No one will be cheering louder than me if NGC go all the way.
Auntie Maria
Reply with quote  #33 
I only hope that you would always remember that you were raised an SLPP pikin.
Reply with quote  #34 
It is not about personalities. The person Jesus is gone, but his message which is far more important, is timeless and still endures! Also ignore what is in print and THINK for yourself. Sure there is always a next time, but why squander the time at hand?  I think 'Blind Faith' is a nonsequitur. I prefer 'Devotion', with Johnny Hartman as vocalist and John Coltrane on tenor.
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You can preach from Algeria to Zimbabwe but your candidate, KKY , is not going to win. He has never voted for anybody in Salone. And he expects people to vote for him? I will not vote for a loser. I am voting for Maada Bio tomorrow in Freetown.
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Eddie Grant, I commend your foresight but in truth, the need for change is a pervasive wish in Sierra Leone and has been so for a long time. Where I think we differ is that I read you as believing that a mere change to a new party is sufficient to turn the country around and I don't. I believe that Sierra Leone is in need of new attitudes that are hospitable to progress, development, and peaceful civil relationships. I suspect that you may agree with me on this. Such fait accompli however will not be achieved by a mere change of party colors or via public relations campaigns. What is needed for more fruitful attitudes to take hold is a restoration of public faith in government and its capacity to efficiently provide services that are its constitutional duty to provide. The people of Sierra Leone are hungry to be proud of their country again. But in light of the country's recent history and current state and condition, this task demands a government and administration that is open and willing to review and revamp as drastically as necessary, even the fundamental structures of governance.  

My own bet is that among those now vying to be the next president, only KKY has the wherewithal to even recognize this critical need, and the ability to put together a team that is up to the task. But I now also see an ominous and immediate challenge to KKY should he prevail, and Ishallah I hope he does. That challenge is inherent in the stampede of well meaning Sierra Leoneans from disparate quarters into his camp. How is he going to get them all singing the same score? That is something to ponder, but first things, first. I WISH HIM A RESOUNDING VICTORY! Sierra Leone can use a break.
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Good for you, Mr. Jenkins. Exercise of your democratic right is far more important than a vote for any single individual. I assume of course that you are also willing to peacefully live with the consequences of your vote. My very best wishes to you, my friend!
Forum Recorder
Reply with quote  #38 

I hope you are not sending a mixed and confusing message. Earlier, you stated that you are supporting KKY but you remain SLPP. Now you are sounding more like a member of the NGC. Please clear the air once and for all. We prefer things to be in the correct perspective for the sake of posterity. Thanks.
Cornelius Hamelberg
Reply with quote  #39 

Sir Knice,

Lek play lek play , nah tumara don cam so! And I still haven't talked to my brother in Holland...

In the past how many hundred years there have been so many false prophets and false messiahs that it's no blind faith for me, on the contrary, on very rational grounds one is forced to be a skeptic and to look on with dismay at the general disarray in Sierra Leone.

The general diaspora hysteria about Yumkella as the messiah is frightening, for others it's exciting. The thing about Messiahs or messianic claims made on behalf of various messianic candidates is that they are usually roundly rejected a little while later (wit shioor ehn suck tit) sometimes posthumously, for having failed to accomplish the work the Messiah is supposed to accomplish; not that I would be specially impressed if Senor Samura produced some vibhuti out of thin air, or if it were to be reported or claimed in the gospel according to the Sierra Leone Telegraph that Alhaji Yumkellla had just fed 5, 000 of the hungry Sierra Leone masses with five loaves of bread and two fishes, healed the sick and exorcised some demons from the heads of the corrupt ones, got them to take possession of a herd of pigs that drowned or burned themselves out of existence at Bomeh.

After I heard Umaru Fofana on BBC's Focus on Africa yesterday - by a slip of the tongue refer to Alhaji Yumkella familiarly as “Kandeh” , I got to thinking that if he had been asked the very personal question , “ Umaru, who are you going to vote for?” - perhaps it's the same Kandeh that would have been on the tip of his tongue.

Two days ago I talked to one of the London Creoles (one of the Anglo-Sierra Leoneans in Merry England) I merely asked him “What's happening?” - turned out I had pushed his Yumkella button , he was gushing, started yapping : “ 90% of di pipul dem na ya dae for Yumkella !!!” - as if I was calling from outer-space...

90% ?# - I raised my voice. He retreated: OK, 50 and then he went on and on and on. The diaspora people, it would seem, especially those in the United State ( not all of them the intelligentsia) it got me thinking about what I read somewhere that the US has interfered in at least 85 elections of other countries

With all the talk about Russian interference in the last US presidential election, I hope that they don't try anything funny in Sierra Leone.

Nostalgia. Once there was an SLPP – for democracy's sake I hope that there will always be an SLPP

I guess Uncle Sam, Uncle Julius, in fact the rest of the field including everybody is nervous apart from Alhaji Yumkella.

Of course Jesus is gone maybe never to return but his message lives on just as your Alhaji Yumkella will also soon be gone after which I suppose that his disciples no doubt will propagate his message to all corners of the globe...

You made a point there with Johnny Hartman on vocal and 'Trane on tenor the message lives on.

I hope that tourism is going to be developed. I would like to work with that. There too what's needed is a little imagination (fantasy)

Sometimes I feel that I'm living in another world. This however is to someone else :

Earl Coleman with Sonny Rollins Quartet - Two Different Worlds




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Forum Recorder, rest assured that I do not intend to mix my message. I am firmly SLPP! But above all I am Sierra Leonean. If on my dying day I can look up and see that Sierra Leone is on a positive path, I will gladly rush into my grave with a smile on my face. Hence my support for KKY because given all that I know about the choices we face, which I confess is not much, it is my humble opinion that he is our best bet. 

Cornie, I think that statement also partly answers your own questions. I don't think that KKY is a Messiah and I am not sure that anyone else does. Sierra Leoneans however are hungry for meaningful change, not just a change in party colors; and many Sierra Leoneans are betting that KKY among all rivals is best equipped to agent such change. An observation: Citizens of the Diaspora are the new tribe. Why are you surprised therefore that in true Sierra Leonean fashion we support one of our own? As for your man Samura, the way he was foisted upon us reminds me of Siaka with Joe Momoh. Very underhanded and distasteful! For this reason in particular, and the record of APC disregard for fair play in general, he did not have a chance with me.

Musically we may be kindred spirits. Satchmo, Duke, Bird, Miles, Newk, Coltrane, Monk, Mingus, etc., etc., etc., are my heroes. Since the new year I have been on a Bill Evans immersion. I am lucky to have collected over many years, a nice vinyl library of my favorites artists and I have inadvertently developed a habit of periods of immersion into a single artist or group, which I have found to be a great way to enjoy my collection. By the way Bill Evans had some great dates in Sweden, many of which were recorded by Swedish Radio. The Swedish labels also do a quality job in engineering and mastering these performances in a way that is close to being there live. Very exciting. Check them out.
Mark My Words
Reply with quote  #41 
At the end of the week Samura Kamara will be president with KKY 2nd. Mr Bio will now really need to look for a proper job. Looking at recent pictures of him, it seems he has seen the writing on the wall. One thing this election has achieved is that the old timers have been forced out of SLPP and it will become a stronger better party of younger more dynamic people. More educated women (who are much needed) will join because of that. NGC won't last after the loss. And SLPP will become a proper party of the opposition.
Cornelius Hamelberg
Reply with quote  #42 

Sir Knice,

Many thanks! Bill Evans, yes.  I do almost all my listening at Mezzo TV .I wish that you were one of my next door neighbours.

Indeed we are kindred spirits and as for the most marvellous Johnny Hartman , it was only a few months ago that I escaped unscathed from the men's toilet in a down town Stockholm jazz restaurant - unscathed from a dispute about who was greater, Frank Sinatra or Johnny Hartman and it almost degenerated into something like this

I am definitely on the same page with you, except that I would also disagree - in my case very strongly - with any devil who says that “the SLPP is evil.” Our point is departure is what you say about our man Samura when you say; “As for your man Samura, the way he was foisted upon us reminds me of Siaka with Joe Momoh. Very underhanded and distasteful! For this reason in particular, and the record of APC disregard for fair play in general, he did not have a chance with me.” In my case this reminds me of how Solo B / Solomon Berewa was imposed as SLPP flag-bearer ( by Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabbah) in the name of “continuity” .Why do two-term incumbents like to impose their crown princes in the name of continuity”?

Of course Alhaji Yumkella didn't say that he is the Saro Messiah ; even Nigeria's Muhmmadu Buhari who ran on a platform of “Change” warned his devotees not to expect any miracles; it's only that some of Alhaji Kandeh Yumkella's most ardent supporters talk about him and the change that they say he is going to bring in very apocalyptic terms...

So, how is your man Yumkella doin´?

Leon Thomas - The Creator Has a Master Plan 


Reply with quote  #43 
Brother Cornelius,

Who is greater: Sinatra or Hartman? Not long ago a friend posed a similar question to me. Who is a greater: Beethoven or Mozart? I happen to be somewhat of a Beethoven freak, but enjoy Mozart as well. So such questions are both ludicrous and useless as far as I am concerned. Which of these geniuses would the world be better off without? Sinatra or Hartman? Beethoven or Mozart? Sinatra to me is the vocal counterpart of Miles Davis on trumpet. There is absolutely no vibrato in their delivery, which makes their artistry seem so easy; until you try it! No further comment is needed on Mozart or Beethoven.

Sierra Leonean politics continues to be a riddle for me. I have come to terms with the reality that the country I grew up in is no more and I cannot relate to what has replaced it. I cannot reconcile myself to important national issues debated in Krio; I cannot understand that Sierra Leone is more illiterate in 2018 than in 1961. I am confused by the relentless and ruthless pursuit of electoral victory alongside total bankruptcy of vision and utter incompetence in the management of national affairs. I am Mende, and Sierra Leone under the APC is no country for a Mende!

I know nothing about Samura. I never heard about him until he was anointed as next in line to continue APC hegemony. I still maintain that his selection was underhanded and distasteful. Should he win Sierra Leone will be the loser again. Whatever the final result no tears need be shed for KKY. He is a young man with an impressive track record. He can make it anywhere and do even much better as many of us do, outside of Sierra Leone. Some may urge him to stay and build upon what he has accomplished in this round. Others may suggest that he escape the Sierra Leonean cesspool for a more normal life in a better managed country. Whatever his choice I will continue to admire and respect him for the way he has conducted himself under distasteful circumstances. But it is his decision and I will stay out of it.

A friend just sent me "The Blue Zone of Happiness" by National Geographic journalist, Dan Buettner. It is about what policies Costa Rica, Denmark, and Singapore, have pursued to make these countries the happiest countries in the world. It is my next read and you too may want to check it out.

Cornelius Hamelberg
Reply with quote  #44 

Lord Knice,

My apologies for only catching up with you a few moments ago, I had not followed the rest of this thread until now.

Mozart (as represented in Amadeus) is of course greater than old but sublime Beethoven (as per A clockwork Orange : Beethoven's 9th ) even if both are German. Just as velvet Brother Johnny Hartman has a greater range of voice, phrasing etc, even if Frankie Boy had an infinitely greater output.

In the same mode, I should like to ask you, who is greater Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara or Julius Maada Bio, the SLPP soldier who promoted himself to the rank “Brigadier” ? Albert Akpata Margai or Ernest O' Bai Koroma? Brigadier David Lansana or Brigadier Andrew Terence Juxon-Smith ? Johnny Paul Koroma or Foday Sankoh? In your own words, “Which of these geniuses would the world be better off without?”

Yes, I know that you are a serious person; I was just kidding...

It was seven days ago since you wrote what I am now responding to, in which time Alhaji Yumkella who neither of us believes is the Messiah and despite all that diaspora hype, hysteria and diarrhea, the poor fellow garnered less than 7% of the popular vote ( and even there, some people probably voted more than once, with both arms and legs) perhaps confirming for them ( in their hearts if not in their minds) the saying that “ a prophet has no honour in his own country”.

That too could be your own fate, as self-confessed about the later trends in what you say was once your country :

Sierra Leonean politics continues to be a riddle for me. I have come to terms with the reality that the country I grew up in is no more and I cannot relate to what has replaced it. I cannot reconcile myself to important national issues debated in Krio; I cannot understand that Sierra Leone is more illiterate in 2018 than in 1961. I am confused by the relentless and ruthless pursuit of electoral victory alongside total bankruptcy of vision and utter incompetence in the management of national affairs. I am Mende, and Sierra Leone under the APC is no country for a Mende! “

You are Mende, I am Yoruba. We are getting on in years, growing older by the day. It reminds me the first line of Yeats' Sailing to Byzantium :That is no country for old men”

You say that “Sierra Leone under the APC is no country for a Mende!” ? This could be particularly more so for the Sierra Leone Yoruba too, comparatively speaking, after all Brother Victor Foh is Mende, is an APC man and is the Vice-president of Sierra Leone, so how could you be crying so loudly? Methinks thou dost protest too much !

You may think that the process whereby Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara was chosen to be APC flag bearer was

underhanded and distasteful” - perhaps not less distasteful than Alhaji Kabbah's direct appointment of Solomon Berewah as the SLPP flag bearer in 2007 , which does not disqualify Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara from being what in my opinion is a GOOD man.

As to the fate of Alhaji Yumkella, we are to suppose that it will be consonant with his avowed commitment to putting “Sierra Leone first “ and he could be useful sitting on the NGC opposition benches in Parliament , just as Ernest Bai Koroma sat on the opposition benches in parliament for ten good years before winning that presidential election of 2007...

Perhaps the riddle of his immediate fate could be more easily solved if , instead of throwing his whole weight behind either the APC or the SLPP, he were to - in advance extend a very patriotic olive branch to whoever wins the runoff, by saying that he will make himself available as an adviser or consultant in the many areas where he could be an asset to whichever government.

By the way, according to the latest survey, our neighbour Finland is the happiest country in the world . In the early seventies of the last century I used to take the boat trip to Ruissalo - the Ruisrock festival, the oldest rock festival in Europe and in the eighties was at Tempere with Joseph Tarawallie, there's also the annual Pori Jazz Festival , in the days of Tasavallan Presidentti - Piirpauke - Wigwam - Pekka Pohjola etc,

otherwise I suppose that it should be difficult for you to imagine how a country with such a climate could be the happiest people in the world - so let me tempt you with a question that you really don't have to answer : who do you think would make Sierra Leoneans happiest, Samura Kamara or Maada Bio ? It is of course a question that the Sierra Leone people will be putting to the test on 27th of March this year and let us pray that the NEC will purge itself of any of the imperfections that have no place in a neutral and corruption-free NEC....

For you :

Lars Gullin

Jan Johansson ( pianist ) : Jazz in Swedish

Esbjörn Svensson (pianist) E.S.T Esbjörn Svensson Trio : : From Gagarin's point of view

Max Schultz ( guitarist

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