After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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No matter how much John Sesay, Ernest Koroma , and the APC looters try to tarnish the image of the current government, they cannot obfuscate the fact that they looted and bankrupted the treasury of Sierra Leone and will face the commission of inquiry where they have to account for their devilish deeds.

They can utilize their ill gotten wealth and malign the current government to political opportunist abroad but the voters in Sierra Leone  know why they kicked out APC.
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OrKama, what the APC did is not a secret but please focus on the subject at hand. The SLPP thugs are doing what the APC thugs were accused of and the county is not getting any better politically.
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If any thug is brutalizing innocent Sierra Leoneans, he or she should be arrested and punished. I see  pictures of  people marching with their party symbols without violence.

Actually the third picture has more people wearing more red than green. On a serious note,  the government needs time to bring law and order to sierra Leone.

The people have been lawless for too long without a thought for Sierra Leone.
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"The people have been lawless for too long without a thought for Sierra Leone."

Dis OrKama fellow na trouble oh. When APC gbose gbose e call dem by name. Now when SLPP gbose gbose e say "The people".

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The people includes SLPP , APC and everybody regardless of tribe and religion. People have watched the APC officials loot the nation's wealth and flaunt   it before them. They have seen people connected to government officials break the law and get away with it.

What message does that send to the average citizen? Crime and dishonesty pays. Be dishonest.
Thus many of  our citizens have become dishonest just to survive. Just involve yourself in a business transaction with them.

Any proven political thuggery and violence should stopped and the government should and will do that. That is why voters of Sierra Leone voted for a new direction.

All the current APC propaganda is not going to obfuscate the fact that certain APC officials have to face a commission of inquiry for their financial crimes.
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Just saw the statement below from the former attorney general and minister of justice. I appeal to him to keep politics out of this and help the family. You do not need the president to call for an inquest into the death of someone killed by a law enforcement officer. You can support the family and become their lead counsel in their legal team to pursue justice on their behalf. You don’t need politics to get them help. Use your common sense and work within the law to get a full jury-led inquest for the family.



Former Attorney-General & Minister, Hon. Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara has called on President Bio to institute a Coroner's Inquest into the deaths of civilians at Masengbeh and Mathibo Villages, Mile 91, Tonkolili District, following a purported Police raid.

Speaking to the Network for Social Justice, JFK lamented that "we cannot be silent any longer hoping for reason and sanity to prevail in the management of the security and lives of our people".

On the recent spate of killings, JFK expressed worry on the increasing trend of physical violence heaped on innocent civilians, and the obtrusive violations of the constitutional rights of the people which he stated has become a serious cause for concern in the past few months.

It is time to reign in perpetrators and bring to justice those found culpable.

"A Coroner's Inquest will signal attention, willingness and ability to take on the unfolding menace" commented JFK.

@Network for Social Justice__```

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From Facebook
Santigie Oryeh
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Inquest?  This guy needs to have his head examined.  When a group of lawless folks engage the police who storm a marijuana farm, you think the police is not justified to use deadly force?

JFK should rein in his APC thugs.  The police cannot sit by and let a group of lawless folks impose their will on Salone.  

Inquest me backsye  - a gimmick to distract from the impending Commission of Inquiry.
Head Boy
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Needless to say JFK ate his lunch before breakfast..and come lunchtime plate is EMPTY!!!!.
nar now ee wan do attorney general woke ???ee don late!!!.

So, why inquest was not necessary in the cases of Army Chief SO Williams or Waterloo police Commander Pratt???????????????????????.

If JFK want Woke leh ee go make inquest pan dem two case dem day first!! 
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