After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Cornelius Hamelberg
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2013; The 1st  and 2nd presidential debates in Kenya

They haven’t put out their manifestos yet, or have they ?The presidential candidates debates should tell us a thing or two about the candidates.They will each, make their pitch. But it is not only the intelligentsia and the social media that decide the fate of any country. Hopefully, the debate will be conveyed in both English and all the Sierra Leone languages.

The Good news is that Ernest Bai has just been to see His Holiness the Pope to assure him that all is well in the diocese of Makeni and among other things, most probably to help him pray that Sierra Leone will continue  to be governed by the APC, InshaAllah...

APC’s crown prince Kamara will tell us that he wants to take development a little further, that he wants to finish the job that O’Bai started. At the same time he should not want to reduce his chances by presenting himself as a referendum on a third term for Ernest Bai Koroma, or put too much emphasis on continuity in the same way that Solo B was talking about  “continuity” when Kabbah handed the baton to him, after what John Ernest Leigh described as the “Con-bention” in Makeni.

Brer Bio, certainly  the most seasoned of the three - he’s been around  for some time now, is busy preparing answers to the most likely questions  - the self- introduction and why he believes that he and the SLPP are better equipped to lead the country to prosperity for everybody.

In the few minutes that he will have available to him in such a debate, Alhaji Yumkella of course is going to shoot down the current state of affairs, he’s going to cry, “Are you satisfied, with the life you are living?” after which he is going to proclaim his vision of transformation and practically, a little more concretely,how this vision is to be  fulfilled.

The propaganda machinery, organised and at work throughout the country is very important, this time, especially in the formerly APC West, in the North and in the East. I don’t think that Bio has to worry too much about  his ethnic base, his comfort zone in the South South ( especially with Charles Margai ( maybe not a spent force? ) in his retinue, but he will have to work a little harder in Kailahun.

What we already know: Both the APC and the SLPP have their die-hard supporters who will remain loyal to their respective parties , no matter what. Good thing that no one in Dr.Koroma’s Administration figures in the Paradise Papers, but any major financial scandal a few weeks before election day in March next year would be amplified and could be a major game-changer for the undecided voters, could sweep the masses on a wave of popular discontent  - into the arms of Yumkella to give him a chance, as the alternative to both the APC and the SLPP….

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