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I have no expectations that Bio will prosecute the BIG kahuna. As a matter of fact he doesn't even have the balls to do so. Like one forumite told me a few minutes ago, the security apparatus are not even present to prevent his supporters to go after Bio if he attempt anything like that. Besides, what are the chances that Bio himself can be dragged to court to answer for his past thieving? Salone is phucked up I don't care what anyone says. The fellow was even provided with police to protect him. Hahahah, hehehe! Salone na phucked up contry ya. So so tiffman dem na power.

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Low IQ Loggy
Reply with quote  #2 

Stop putting the cart before the horse.  Before prosecuting Ernest Koroma, he must first appear before the Commission of Inquiry, which has not yet started its deliberations.  The Commission of inquiry is going to be headed by Nigerian judge, Biobele Georgewill.  The salary of the Judge will be paid by Britain.  If Koroma is found wanting by the Commission, the Anti-Corruption Commission of Sierra Leone can order his immediate arrest and prosecution.

So bra cool down.  You can call president Maada Bio all kinds of names but he is going to fight for Sierra Leone in a very constitutional way.  Let EBK walk around with a million men carrying bows and arrows. When that time comes, he will be hurled in front of justice the same way a bag of rice can be hurled from the Queen Elizabeth Quay to the shop where it is going to be sold.  This fight against corruption in Sierra Leone has serious international dimensions. 

As far as your silly implication of president Bio for wrong doing, you have again demonstrated your lack of understanding of mundane issues due to your low IQ.  Bio was head of the NPRC government 22 years ago.  The SLPP government that succeeded him and the APC government of Ernest Koroma had all the time in the world to prosecute Bio if they had any evidence that he had embezzled money.  None of them did.  Koroma had even convened a Commission of Inquiry in 2008 that found no one guilty of anything.  Besides, if you only had time to read memos and press releases from State House, you would not have demonstrated your blatant dumbness on the issue under discussion.  

Sierra Leone's Commission of Inquiry is going to investigate the actions of only the president, vice-presidents, ministers, deputy ministers, heads of parastatals and MDAs between the date in November 2007 that the APC government came to power and April 4, 2018 when APC left power.

Bra, start arguing like an educated man and not like the rarray boys that frequent Salone parties in the DMV.  I have often heard that dumb argument that Bio will also be made to appear before the Commission of Inquiry. Stupidity.
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If referring to me as having a low IQ helps you feel better about yourself, feel good about it. But I am not going to shy away from the truth. Bio, just as EBK, is a thief! Until it EBK is prosecuted, I am not going to hold my breath. Dumb a$$es like you are what is responsible for Salone to be as phucked up as it is now.
Low IQ Loggy
Reply with quote  #4 

You have a low IQ.  Anybody that interacts with you would know that.  Be rest assured that I am not going to descend to your level to trade profanities.  I am an educated man.  You are a rarray boy.  Big difference.  

If you do not understand how a constitutional democracy works, I am here to school you on that.  Functioning illiterates and desperate Tolongbos of your ilk are of the opinion that president Bio should have a confrontation with Ernest Koroma.  That is not going to happen.  Sierra Leone will not descend into chaos and anarchy, which is what celebrated fools and ingrates of the first order of your ilk are praying for.

If you  really believe that president Bio is a thief, where were you when there was an open invitation for citizens to file a petition against Bio's election victory in April?  Why didn't you exercise that salient right of citizenship?  You couldn't because that exercise was too big and sophisticated for you.  Yet you will hide like the coward that you have always been behind the keyboards of your computer and type rubbish. Awful!!!
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Loggy belongs to that segment of poorly educated Sierra Leoneans who have no time to read.  He comes up with analytical issues that he is ill equipped to debate.  And when he is challenged he resorts to tribalism and vulgarities.

What I cannot understand is that Loggy has been a frequent participamt of Sierra Leonean forums for over twenty years yet not only are his writing skills very poor but his level of analysis is considerably low, sometimes as low as an elementary school kid.  What a waste of space, this guy.
Alaki Ernest
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Saful Saful kaich monkey is the adage. Sending troops to capture the mafia boss right after stepping his foot on Sierra Leonean soil would have caused the type of chaos Tolomgbonians are trying tro provoke in this scenario. 

I believe his bieng roped into the anticorruption court is a matter of time, and will be done within the realms of trhe law.  
Reply with quote  #7 
Kiss my a$$ with how constitution works I am telling you that no one has the balls to prosecute EBK because of known consequences.  EBK is untouchable not only because Bio himself and the courts are corrupt, but his supporters will not allow that to happen. Call me all the names you want but I stand by my opinion.  And now, all of a sudden, you don't want to descend to my level of trade profanities, right? How about "low IQ?  xxxxxxxxxx nor start fet way u nor able done.
Low IQ Loggy
Reply with quote  #8 
Hahahaha.  I enjoy getting under your thin skin. 

Low IQ with reference to Loggy is not a profanity.  That is who you are.  You are an uneducated reprobate that is not fit in any sophisticated community.  This is why you are quick to resort to your natural instinct - tribalism and profanities.

Keep praying that your godfather Ernest Koroma doesn't appear before a Commission of Inquiry in Salone.  Remember when you once said that Maada Bio will never become president of Salone?  And when Bio won you went on to remark that the Salone military was controlled by the APC?  This is exactly how impoverished and undernourished minds operate.  Now, you arguing that Ernest Koroma's supporters will not allow him to be dragged before a internationally supported Commission of Inquiry in Salone?

Does EBK have the support that Chief Hinga Norman had in Salone?  Wasn't Hinga Norman arrested by the Special Court of Salone?  You see I am wasting my time arguing with an ingrate and imbecile that has no historical perspective relative to Salone.  Goodbye fulumunku.
Reply with quote  #9 
Why am I wasting my time with you? Hinga Norman was prosecuted under the auspices of an SLPP government. Try that with EBK and see what happens. Once again, the SLPP does not have what it takes to prosecute Koroma. Keep preaching about the constitution in order to have an excuse, blohun kakarass.
Low IQ Loggy
Reply with quote  #10 
The problem I have with you is that it is just too difficult to descend to your level of stupidity.  

Look at this statement:   "Hinga Norman was prosecuted under the auspices of an SLPP government."    

Hahahaha.  Stupidity is a disease.  Did the Special Court operate under the auspices of the SLPP government?  Ow dis guy fool so?

When the Commission of Inquiry is ready for EBK, he will not know how his red Tolongbo backsye will land in Freetown.  Trust me.

And get this into your thick skull that Sierra Leone will recover what she belongs to her.  Keep praying that your Tolongbo relatives and friends will keep their loot so that you will benefit from it.  It will not happen as long as this SLPP government is in power.  You guys are out of business.  A new Sheriff is in town and paopa Salone go betteh
Reply with quote  #11 
"Tolongbo backsye" uh? You are doing a fine job, "greengo in the gutter,"  Am I going to be blamed for transforming you into a Big Wharf dorty greengo or you were already one? Hehehe. Once again, do not start a fight you cannot complete otherwise your stinking greengo backside will pay.

Once again. I am really, really wasting time with your dumb a$$. You pretend to know things you absolutely have no knowledge of. THE SPECIAL COURT WAS ESTABLISHED BY AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE UN AND THE GOVERNMENT OF SIERRA LEONE.  And the court was situated in Sierra Leone. Dumbos are always the first to call names. U backsye don exposed, foolulu greengo boy.
Reply with quote  #12 
KL you are better off spending time with your Mende wife than wasting time with this moron. It was never a secret that the SLPP government of Tejan Kabba orchestrated the prosecution of Hinga Norman. Even the former Special court judge, Justice Charles A. Taku, once said that to reporters. I will search for that report and post it.

Reply with quote  #13 
"According to him, (Justice Taku), the decision to indict Chief Norman was taken by the then government of late President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah.

Go spend time with your wife, man, you cannot instill common sense into a coconut head.

Kamara Kakarasses
Reply with quote  #14 
Let me jump into this fray on the side of Low IQ Loggy.

Oh these two imbecilic Ahmadiyya boys!!!  One says that the Special Court operated under the auspices of the SLPP government.  The ass hole of order one doesn't understand the meaning of the word "auspices".  When you use the term auspices, it means that the SLPP government controlled the special court. 

Haha, was that case?  Were the officials of the special court hired and supervised by the SLPP government?  Were they paid by the SLPP government? 

Oh this illiterate Themne fool.  It only takes some reading to understand some basic issues.

The other Ahmadiyya laimpay who calls himself Olu and posts from Sweden and whose only claim to intellectualism are two useless third rate colleges in Bangladesh, is using a third rate Salone tabloid as an authoritative source to boost his kindergarten arguments.   What are we going to do with these two PortLoko laimpay sore losers? Hehehehehe.  Ar go cake.
Alaki greengories
Reply with quote  #15 
Stop playing with your balls, old man, and smell the coffee. Hinga Norman was thrown into the lion's den by the SLPP and you question who was calling he shots? Why are you greeners so stupid?
Amadu APC
Reply with quote  #16 
Lol!!! LOW IQ LOGGY. I couldn't stop laughing since I saw this moniker.
Lol!!! This guy really has no respect for Loggy. Oh how sweet this bintu.

Olu, do not change the trust of the debate. The debate is about under whose auspices was the special court.

Reply with quote  #17 
Bo una get small shame bo, ah baig. The other sh!thole keeps changing monikers yet going after MK as being Olu. Yes, yes the Special Court was under the auspices of the SLPP, period! For years you greengos accused Tejan Kabba as a sellout for throwing Hinga Norman to what someone dubbed the "lion's den. Now that a judge has confirmed the truth, you dumbos are running away from what you have accusing Kabba of. You can lie to others but when you lie to yourself, you need to see Dr. Nahim. Yes, yes and yes the Specual court was under the auspices of the Tejan Kabba SLPP government and your Kamajor Kakarass was thrown in jail because, as the judge stated, your rotten SLPP wanted to get rid of him. Stop the foolishness and be a real man, bro! 
Alie Kamara Laimpay
Reply with quote  #18 
How about stopping the foolishness and going back to school to learn how to write? Me man you are getting worse everyday. Stop pretending to be an intellectual. Low IQ Loggy. What a fitting name. The Laimpay boy does not even know who controlled the special court.
Reply with quote  #19 
Seems like the truth is beginning hurt.  I knew all along I am stepping on raw toes. Hursh ya, hursh oh. And before I leave, I will remind you dumbos one more time that the Special court was practically under the auspices of your SLPP. Your so-called hero, Hinga Child-soldier Kamajor, was thrown under the bus. You knew this and the Cameroonian judge said it. This is indisputable. The fact that you are running away from the truth with your tail under your balls and change course to attack me personally is evidence. Una too fool bo!
Referee Manga
Reply with quote  #20 
King Loggy,

It seems that you are the one that is really getting angry in this debate.  Your opponent is landing his punches squarely and laughing.  On the contrary, you appear to have such a long- standing grievance against Mendes and the SLPP that it is coming out naturally in your arguments.  Bra, be careful.  Life is too short. 

You may have to deal with an SLPP government the rest of your life.  So, it is unhealthy to be moving around the rest of your life with a burning hatred for Mendes and the SLPP.  If president Bio succeeds, Salone gets better which will be good for you and your family.  But praying for violence in Salone simply because your tribesman is not president can be counterproductive.  Bra, quit tribalism.  It is not good for you. 

Now to the point.  The Special Court that operated in Sierra Leone was requested by the Sierra Leone government of Ahmed Tejan Kabbah.  But the court operated under the auspices of the United Nations.  The United Nations even advertised jobs for the Special Court on its websites and employees of the special court were United Nations employees.  This is the argument that your opponent is making and it is correct.

Some have said that chief Hinga Norman was given away by Tejan Kabbah and the SLPP.  But that is simply a speculation.  There is no evidence to the effect.  If you can find any such evidence, please post it on the forum
Reply with quote  #21 
Is it inherent for people like you to scream tribalism whenever someone says something negative about the SLPP? You show me where "Mende" is mentioned and prove yourself wrong. 

Second, you don't appear to be paying attention otherwise you would have had a totally different response to me. WHAT IS THE SUBJECT LINE OF THIS DEBATE? "THE UNTOUCHABE THIEF". Why are Apc fellows not responding or calling me names? Why is it always SLPP folks that finds it necessary to be bordered whenever I criticized the political parties in Salone? Isn't it clear that I abandoned my support for the APC first Dr. Yumkella way before the election? Is it inherent to SLPP folks that being critical of the SLPP is being tribalistic against Mende? Bo una lef dis habit e nor fit una, en e nor good for Salone en e nor good for freedom of speech.

Finally, I don't have to deal with neither the APC nor the SLPP. Talking about being angry, nice try but you don't know me and you are not next to me. If anything, the only angry ones are those who thinks I am criticizing the Mendes. Is 8t not clear that they run from the debate and calling me names? Man get your priorities straight.

Finally, how can the Special court be independent from SLPP when the judge himself stated that the the Tejan Kabba administration wanted HN to be prosecuted? Why are you guys not responding to that instead of calling me names? Bo una get serious!

Referee Manga
Reply with quote  #22 

You are not winning this debate. You are only hurting yourself.  Please quit it.

The charge of tribalism didn't originate with me.  There is a saying that perception is reality.  I have been posting on this forum for only a year and half and I have observed several forumites, some that even claim to know you personally, accuse you of tribalism.  One prominent example that has been referenced over and over was your exuberance and unexplained joy upon hearing that the Ebola virus had struck Kailahun district. 

So, if tribalism is the perception that folks have of you, then who is to say that that is not the reality. 

Now, to the Special Court.  The only tie that the government of Sierra Leone had with the Special Court was that the court operated on the soil of Sierra Leone.  If the Special Court had determined that president Kabbah and other SLPP government officials were suspected war criminals, then all of them would have been arrested and hurled before the Special Court. 

The government of Sierra Leone had no control over the Special Court.  The Special Court was an autonomous institution that operated under the auspices of the United Nations Organization.  It operated in a similar manner as UNAMSIL, the United Nations military mission to Sierra Leone.  These two organizations operated on Sierra Leone soil under the auspices of the United Nations.

Next, the assertion that chief Hinga Norman was handed over to the Special Court by the SLPP has always been a sheer speculation.  President Kabbah himself had denied that narrative several times.  And in so far as there is no document showing that Hinga Norman was handed over by Tejan Kabbah, it is nonsensical to keep on propagating that falsehood.  The Special Court had a powerful institutional power to go after anybody that they deemed responsible for the atrocities in Sierra Leone during the war years.
Reply with quote  #23 
Referee Manga, unlike others, I was beginning to enjoy this conversation until your baseless accusations of tribalism on my part. If someone who knows me personally accused me of tribalism, you must be prepared to present that evidence.  If I said anything negative about anyone during the Ebola crisis, then present that evidence. This crap about perception is a "piss of sh!t that has never been proven. So is the case about the Makeni Catholic issue. When I finally linked my conversation on that topic, all the lying bastards ran away from it. Why? Because one a$$hole accused me of it and everyone, like you, talked about perceptions. Perception my foot! Have you ever go after greengos that post outrageous and tribalistic postings here about other tribes? 

Meanwhile, as far as the Special Court is concerned, you seems to be dodging what the Special Court judge had to say. My friend, denny it at your own peril but the evidence is here that Tejan Kabba and his SLPP threw HN under the bus.  Talking about not winning this debate? Yes I am! I am and I will like to know how I am hurting myself. 
Referee Manga
Reply with quote  #24 

I admonish you to take the profanities out of the debate.  I am not the one that accused you of tribalism.  I was simply referencing comments that I have read about you on this forum.  We can agree to disagree without insulting each other.

Regarding the Makeni Catholic Church issue, there is an incontrovertible evidence that the Themne -dominated diocese of that city refused to accept Bishop Henry Aruna as their Arch Bishop simply because he is Mende.  If that is not blatant tribalism then I wonder what is.

I do not want to belabor the argument on the Special Court.  I have already abundantly stated my views on that subject.  But if you say that there is evidence that Tejan Kabbah betrayed chief Hinga Norman, then post it for all to see.  Please don't refer me to any useless Salone tabloid.
Reply with quote  #25 
I agree to take the profanities out and hopefully those who asks for it will stay away. Now I don't want to be the one that reminds you not to reference comments others make because people fabricate stories here. The stories of the Ebola and the Makeni are just two examples of fabricated stories. The Makeni one I already exposed. Now for the SCOSL, please do me a favor and search yourself.  Here is another one and hopefully you will not come back and discredit it. Rionorman/


"According to him, the decision to indict Chief Norman was taken by the then government of late President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah."

Alaki Sengbe
Reply with quote  #26 
Orkobo Sengbe with his multiple monikers has been bloodied by the ferocious left hook of King Loggy.  Referee Manga now come to represent the greengories with a more calmer tone. Hehehe
Reply with quote  #27 
KL the link you posted above does not exist i.e Rionorman/

Secondly the Cameroonian judge who was the presiding Judge was Justice Benjamin Mutanga Itoe .

Olu posted "According to him, (Justice Taku), the decision to indict Chief Norman was taken by the then government of late President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah."

Who is  or was Justice TAKU?

I hope sincerely that many of us have the time to read authoritative text and not  opinion in some local press to help us make our case or argument on issues.

The Residual Special court has a website where you can find all the materials for each case including judgements. Read and stop speculating while at the same time exposing ourselves to ridicule.
Reply with quote  #28 
Look I have lived long enough to understand that in Africa, green is blue and yellow is white. If you want to accept the court's mission literally, fine with me. But when the government of the hosting country begins to influence the court's decision, then you begin to  be doubtful. 

It is not a secret that within the SLPP community this issue about HN was clear that Kabba was behind it. Even if Kabba wasn't behind it he had the opportunity to publicly defend him.  Did he do it? NO! And now we have a judge who made it clear that Tejan Kabba was behind the prosecution of HN.  And what you guys are doing is to discredit the newspaper. or one of them, that reported the story. I will bet my last penny you guys will buy any story against EBK from this newspaper. This is how dishonest I find you people to be. I am born free and will never be a diehard political partysupportet when that party does wrong. Astafulai seven tem!
Referee Manga
Reply with quote  #29 
"I am born free and will never be a diehard political partysupportet when that party does wrong."  KL


Pray tell me why you have been sealed-lip on the criminality of the APC in the last ten years?
Reply with quote  #30 
Are you the one that stated you've only been contributing to this forum for a year and half or so?  And now you know things about me ten years ago. God help you guys! Or may be you this is from the perception of others.

Meanwhile, your question is easy. I have been saying it for as long as I can remember that in Salone politics you chose your own evil. Before APC I was SLPP. Hope that helps.
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