After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Referee Manga
Reply with quote  #31 

The answer to your question is embedded in your question.  First, yes, I have contributed to this forum for only one and a half years.  During that period of time, I have not seen you raise a finger against APC rule.

Second, you can answer my question on the basis of your activities on this forum in the last one and a half years - the period of time that I have been participating here.  You must also understand that just because I didn't start posting here until one and a half years ago does not mean that I have not been reading comments on this forum.

Now, tell me when and how you have been critical of the excesses of the APC in the last ten years.
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Outside of Bintumani I have always been critical  of APC excesses especially amongst people of like minds. I couldn't do it here because of the extreme, sometimes tribally charged, partisanship. Bus no sooner the Yumkella became a household name, I became very critical  of the APC here.

Referee Manga
Reply with quote  #33 

You have just said that you are a free born and are not afraid of criticizing any political party.  What this means is that you should also not allow anybody to distract you even if the environment is partisan or tribally charged.

I was Yumkella but jumped ship to the SLPP when I realized how selfish Yumkella was in refusing to endorse a candidate for the runoff.  So as a full-fledged SLPP now, I will not relent in criticizing that party if it starts doing things that are inimical to democratic practices and the rule of law.  So far, I give Maada Bio an 'A' for a job well done.  Salone is on a good path of development.
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Like I said, I am a free born and not afraid of criticizing any political party.  But what happened earlier with you when I used profanities? You asked me to stop and I did, right? Well what would you have done if I had continue to use profanities?
Referee Manga
Reply with quote  #35 
"Well what would you have done if I had continue to use profanities?"  KL

I am 6ft 5" and weigh 220 lbs.  I grew up on Andrew Street by Kroo Town Road.  So, you know  who you are dealing with. 

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Only that this is a cyber warfare and your body weight and where you grew up has little, if anything, to do with it.

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And by the way I was born in Freetown, raised both on Freetown and Brooklyn and now live in Virginia with loads of weapons. l have one with me right noe
Alimamy Samoure
Reply with quote  #38 
King Loggy is an idiot.  Like most Tolongbos, KL cannot write one or two grammatically correct sentences, let alone say something sensible. Can you imagine these idiots and their tribal allies in power? How do you even reason with a man who spends a lifetime, living as an idiot? I do not believe in wasting my time. That is why I hardly take part in debates that have been hijacked by the idiotic KL. Goodbye to the debate on this particular thread. KL's idiocy won't let me participate.  
Reply with quote  #39 
Alimamy Samoure, OMG please stop! I suggest you take a class or two on "English as a Second Language" Hehehe! 
First Observer
Reply with quote  #40 
These Kothors are really dull. Is there anything wrong with Samoure's English? No. These rarray boys and Kothors are very backward. May Bio's free education succeed. The Korthors need it. Hehehehehe
Reply with quote  #41 
The swegbes have landed. For God's sake if you losers can't contribute positively please take you destructive behaviors somewhere else.
Reply with quote  #42 
I know, right? And these are grown men with gray hair under their legs behaving like spoil brats. 
Alimamy Samoure Toure
Reply with quote  #43 
Before I get out of this, let me ask the following question: Why are you guys so disgustingly dishonest? KL, a man in his 50s, can misbehave and undress himself in public by rudely referring to Sengbe as "Okobo." You guys are fine with that, right? You guys only think of decency when other observers step in and rightly remind KL that his level of intelligence is lower than that of a moron. Is that the only time decency matters to you guys? What a bunch of crap. Goodbye.
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APC lost the elections despite their financial muscle , demographic advantage and control of the mass of communication. The humble voters of Sierra Leone knew what they did not want, another third term of a corrupt government controlled by Ernest Koroma..

KL made a good point. Will the SLPP touch the thief. If the current government does not  make the thief and his accomplices accountable; then the new direction jargon will be all talk and waste of time. African politicians need to pay for their malfeasance and wanton corruption.

It is not about party, it is about the ebola victims who died unnecessarily and the  young children of Sierra Leone condemned to abject poverty. Lets move forward and hold our  leaders' feet to the fire, ensuring they put Sierra leone first.
Old Timer
Reply with quote  #45 
Alimamy Samoure Toure, good decision, brother! If you cannot contribute positively to the topic, exit gracefully. If you decide to come back, please take a page from Referee Manga in his approach to Loggy. Turns out Loggy is not all you want us to believe about him. 
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