After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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First, I will like to congratulate the Tokpoi party for stealing the elections. They have sure earned their ignoble reputation as Alibaba of Sierra Leone


The price for one full bag of rice is Le200,000
The price for the dollar is Le7200.
Free education for all Sierra Leoneans including secondary and college education.
No political executions

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AFK you are being unfair to the New administration. We all know that soon the price of rice has to increase by up to 30 percent and fuel prices may double thanks to your thieving APC having locked us into that IMF loan that you collected 30 percent of the money that you guys spent on trying to buy votes. Then it was time to implement the conditions, you guys refused waiting forever post election. Now the new government even with the new orders meant to stop the revenue leakages will not be able to raise enough money to stave off implementing those conditions. They still have to clean up your mess.
Time will tell
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Dishing out early excuses. The vicious APC-SLPP cycle of tribalism, corruption and economic mismanagement will continue unabated. You will be blaming the APC for the next 5 years for your economic impotence just as they were at the same blame-game during the past 10 years.

It is probably a chance for Yumkella to play a long game and bide his time. Sooner or later, people will come to their senses and conclude that there is absolutely no distinction between the two nasty parties.

We have had SLPP1,2 and now 3. We have had APC1, 2 and 3. Who will break the vicious cycle?
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Name me one individual in your NGC who was not a member of the two nasty parties? This holier than thou attitude will keep you guys far away from power.
Time will tell
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KKY is as clean as a whistle. Compare him with system man Samurai and the passport thief-cum-President Bio. It is only in that part of the world they had the chance they had, by playing to the tribal gallery.
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Ok, Mr. Clean. Continue insulting people. Watch and see your 6.9% become 2% in 2023.
time will tell
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Really? Dischanted SLPP voters will flock to KKY in 2023 and NGC will keep chipping away at the APC support base in the North west. 
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Yes. Just like how you guys were going to be in the run off in 2018, and win it all. Anyway, there is nothing wrong about dreaming.
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Time Will Tell,

Keep dreaming.  The only way that Kandeh Yumkella will ever sniff State House is in his dreams.  We kept been told that Yumkella will win the North and the Southeast yet he polled a disgraceful 6.9% in the presidential elections. 

Are you NGC guys not really ashamed to show your shameful faces in public?  Dr. John Karefa Smart led a Third Force to a good showing in 1996 and so did Charles Margai in 2007.  But 6,9% of arrogance ehn bigful?  If SLPP leaves power it will be replaced by APC.  NGC is full of stupid power hungry idiots.
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