After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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The SLPP is in power now and has become a ghost town and WHY? But I must confess I miss Knice, Sengbe and da Bra.
Forum Parade
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You may be right.  The APC and NGC folks are running scared.  Some (Eddie Grant and Alie Formeh Kamara) have bowed their heads in shame.  Eddie Grant once lied that the Southeastern youths had vowed to vote for Kandeh Yumkella.  We all saw how that happened.  Others (Yusif #08, Musa Kenema and Ishmael Yilla) are still traumatized at the butt kicking that Samura Kamara and Kandeh Yumkella suffered from the Brigadier - General.  We in the SLPP are always ready to debate.

 I did Think about you, KL,  when the Brigadier-General made that triumphant entry into the North (Makeni and Magburaka) a month ago.  You once said that the military was made in APC.  But what I saw was the complete opposite.  Did you see the Brigadier-General's convoy?

Some who were in Makeni remarked that the big Kahuna was hiding under his bed and probably peeing on himself.  Well, the Commission of Inquiry will start in three weeks time.  Will the big Kahuna refuse to show up when he is called upon?  You bet he will not as he and his boys will be dragged in handcuffs to Freetown.  Hehehe wonders never cease.
Bra Enviable
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The advent of social media and Facebook in particular, has seriously undermined the viability of African fora on the internet. The Ghanaian Internet community, for example, used to have highly-frequented sites.  Facebook's existence has reduced those web addresses to disfavored sites, scarcely recognized by a burgeoning Ghanaian, Internet community.  With its attractiveness to millions of people, Facebook commands more popular attention than any other online meeting place. About 30% of my Facebook associates are from Kailahun District, with friends from Kangama, Segbwema to other places in Upper Bambara.  From Bunumbu in Peje West to Tikonko in Bo, my relatives and boyhood friends are traceable via Facebook, a fact that keeps me glued to my Facebook account.

Details about money sent via Western Union, for example, can be hurriedly transmitted via Facebook, pending a telephone call when one is less busy. I am saying this to explain the fact that social media forums have become parts of many people's lives, thereby rendering African national forums, almost forgettable.

  Before WhatsApp and Facebook, Sierra Leonean Internet forums were highly in vogue. I wonder whether "Africa Online" or a former Sierra Leonean forum like "SLIS," for example, would thrive today the way they did, pre-Facebook. Good old Bintumani did not do anything wrong. Bintu is simply a victim of the time, which is phenomenally driven by giant social temptations like WhatsApp and Facebook.
Bra Enviable
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Unlike Facebook and other social media, anonymity, though has its advantages, has also been a major problem with Bintumani.
Deja Vu
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Which one is older? Facebook or Bintu? I rest my case.

Some of us from thr North gave EBK only a few months honey moon before laying bare his Government's empty rhetoric and slogans. Agenda for this, Agenda for that.!

When it comes to the social and economic indicators of the Country's progress, I am not holding any breath when it comes to the direction of travel.
Every day I keep an eye on the exchange rate, inflation rate, Unemployment rate or any foreign direct investments rather than sound bites on loans, MOUs and press releases. No Sierra Leone President has ever cared about those economic fundamentals which for me is the bottom line.

The Question is how long a honeymoon our renowned social commentators like Bra E are prepared to give SLPP3 before calling them out for non-performance. Or is it that any performance metrics to be used will be clouded by tinted glasses of a certain colour.
Deja Vu
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On another note will Forum Admin explain why you have to click four times on googled bintumani forum results before the website opens. People could think Bintu no longer exists. Send a message to Facebook how many Sierra Leoneans are there? And other groups to remind people the forum still exists and sing out its virtue of anonymity.
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