After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Tejan Kabba was born in Pendembu, Kailahun district to a Mende woman and a Madingo Karamokor.

He spoke flaunt Mende, Susu and Temne. He was not very fluent in his native Madingo dialect.

Tejan Kabba did not grow in the south or East as Temne Boy (who I suspect is Eddie Grant) wants us to believe. Kabba grew up in Freetown at Fula Tong. He went to Primary School  and Secondary School in Freetown. Does that make him a Freetonian?

In Sierra Leone until recently only in the south East did people attain right in may spares through their maternal lineage. However, in the entire country, we all gain our origin through our paternal heritage. My cousin Ismail Kallon was born in Port Loko to a Temne woman and a Mende man who was posted to that township in the 60s. He attended Shelenkeh. All was well until when he attempted to aspire for Political Position. He was told he is a Mende even though the guy can barely understand Mende.

Kabba, on the other hand built his only house in the province in Kambia district. He hardly went to Pendembu throughout his time in the Presidency and after his presidential days.

Can I ASK YOU A QUESTION. was C. A Kamara -Taylor a Northerner or Westerner?
Reply with quote  #32 

You guys can take a donkey or a horse to a river but you cannot force it to drink.  What I have noticed about these APC thugs posting here is that that is exactly what they are - uneducated thugs.

How are wish Kabs Kanu and AFK could return.  They are the only educated APC folks left on this forum.
Temne boy
Reply with quote  #33 
Ar tire sef!
Reply with quote  #34 
People like OldTimer are in need of prayers. Calling for AFK and Kabs Kanu? Serously? Ahen when things are going rough with SLPP illiterates like Loko Man the purist? 

Temne boy
Reply with quote  #35 
Mama seems to be more level-headed than the other fellows. C.A. Kamara-Taylor, correct me if I am wrong, was the son of Limba parents who adopted a Creole life. People like Loko Man will tell you he is Limba because of his hereditary. True that but my point in this debate is that it takes more than that to define a man like him.
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I have been on this forum since it was established in 2008.  Say what you may but AFK, Kabs-Kanu, Fen Plaba and John Leigh are the only brilliant APC folks that have ever posted on this forum. The rest are poorly educated bums.  I mean Musa Kenema, King Loggy/Temne boy, Eddie Grant, etc.

You can know who an educated man/woman is by the way he/she writes.  Honestly, these guys (Musa Kenema, King Loggy/ Temne boy and Eddie Grant will not pass an elementary school English test.  They are that bad.  Little wonder we keep losing brilliant forumites.  Who are the going to debate with?  Musa Kenema, Temne boy or Eddie Grant?    Porrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #37 
I can finally reply to this folks after a very hectic schedule.
I'll not delve into the 'razmatazz' that has taken over this debate after these reprobate have turned it into another hub for tribe bashing.
Now to the main issue:
Karim Thorlu and cohorts, you guys never seize to amaze me. The SLPP must be very grateful that you're not, in anyway representing them officially. You're a public relations disaster, how can you professed to defend a party that you regarded as a religion with so much deceit? Why do you have to relate every piece of accusations I placed on your party with the APC? Am I talking the APC. Are you saying that it is proper for your party to be intolerant, tribalistic/regionalistic because the APC possess the same attributes?
Defending an act of violence against one of your own is seen as normal practice in your party. Your fruitless attempt to justify the brutal attack on the former first lady IJK by falsely claiming she's never an SLPP member, though she was leader of the women's wing of your party is serious testament that you greengoes can never be trusted.

@Temne Boy,
I like the way you're trying to eloquently educate these folks about ethnicity in the country. Unfortunately, it's a matter of going in circles if you think the receptors in their brain can overcome the chronic brainwashing these guys have suffered in the hands of the SLPP and accept the reality.
For these people, anytime you mention the words southeast and SLPP what crop up in their minds is Mende. No one born and bred in southeast by non mende parents is accepted as a southeasterner. Unless you support the SLPP, you can never be accepted as one of them. They're the only tribe that have retained This type of thinking. This is really very serious, let me take you back to the thread of this debate, you'll find that I've summarised the whole thing before putting out. They can never accept modernisation, so don't waste your time.
Temne boy
Reply with quote  #38 
"What has social science research got to do with a country's domestic laws which are constituted by its legislative body and enforced by its judiciary?"

Eddie, this is scary! And these fakai boys have the audacity to tell anyone about their education? This reminds me of Donald Trump's supporters who see no evil and hear no evil. And as you can see, the insults are coming in; something they do best when they have no where to run. But what can you expect? We say things they don't like and our education is being attacked. These guys are empty suits.
Temne boy
Reply with quote  #39 

"What has social science research got to do with a country's domestic laws which are constituted by its legislative body and enforced by its judiciary?"

Forgive me but I just can't get over this. Southeastern education at worst!!! They spend more than enough time on gramma and less on logic. Domestic laws my behind.
Reply with quote  #40 
Eddie Grant and Temne boy,

In all honesty, if you guys speak the English language the same way you write it, I would not like to be invited to any event where you would be called upon to speak in English.

   A major problem of the APC has always been that the educated folks in the party are always bullied by the uneducated thugs, hence the educated folks are pushed to the back of the line.  I see a similar pattern here at Bintumani.

Eddie Grant, King Loggy, Temne boy and Musa Kenema, the thugs of the APC at Bintumani have clearly dominated AFK and Kabs-Kanu.  Thus, instead of giving the forum a chance to learn from the brilliance of AFK and Kabs-Kanu, what the forum is subjected to is the stupidity and ignorance of dunderheads and dolts who cannot construct a simple grammatically correct sentence in English.   Poor Salone.
Enjoyment Man
Reply with quote  #41 
Old Timer, TB is right whenever you SLPP guys are cornered you revert to name calling, denial and unnecessary comparisons. If education is what matters to you, your SLPP brother in the name of Loko Man received some real education from TB today. Can you please comment on that? Do you think legislation in the Southeast is carved on stone and cannot be amended when new facts are discovered? Please comment.

Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #42 
Enjoyment Man,
Debating these folks whilst expecting them to use logic is like beating a dead horse.
They'll deviate from the topic and resort to name calling, these guys can never stand a hot debate where they're being hit hard. They're just simply cowards.
They abandoned the main topic of discussion now attacking the education of others is what they believe can extricate them from the pounding they're receiving. Little did they know that that strategy have been overused, exhausted and has become monotonous . Even the very highly and well educated folks here are fed up with these cowards.
Independence Party
Reply with quote  #43 
"Do you think legislation in the Southeast is carved on stone and cannot be amended when new facts are discovered?"  Enjoyment Man

Wow!!! What kind of question is this?    Hehehehehehe

The great Bra Enviable once said that he doesn't understand how some of these guys can be role models to their children. 

How correct Bra E was.  The dolts can write anything without thinking whether it makes sense or not. 

I hope Loko Man and others can pull themselves out of this useless debate where puerile nonconformists have decided to pollute the forum with palpable stupidity. 

For a debate to be interesting, the two opposing forces must be equal in intelligence.  I don't see that here.

SLPP Logic
Reply with quote  #44 
"What has social science research got to do with a country's domestic laws which are constituted by its legislative body and enforced by its judiciary?"[rolleyes][rolleyes][rolleyes]
Reply with quote  #45 
SLPP Logic,

I see that you have a new toy, right?  

Truth is, Loko Man's brilliant statement has to be far above your level of comprehension given that you were never good enough to acquire a college education.  Hahahahaha

Bintumani needs more of the Loko Man type.
SLPP Logic
Reply with quote  #46 
No doubt Loko Man's statement is "brilliant" and the reason behind my obsessive behavior towards it. It magnified a Southeastern reality I never thought existed in these modern days. It is an eye opener; something Sierra Leone must work on for further improvement.[sneaky][sneaky][sneaky][sneaky]
Eddie Grant
Reply with quote  #47 
Temne Boy and SLPP Logic,
I have to appeal to you guys to forget these greengoes so that the very important topic is not lost.
I'm in a crusade to inculcate, into the electorate, a culture of scrutinizing politicians before voting them in. Especially those belonging to both APC and SLPP.
These greengoes are not interested in having a clean political system in the country. Just read their initial responses, they lack simple logic contrary to their fervent belief that they are well educated.
Temne boy
Reply with quote  #48 
Eddie, I decided to quit this topic way before your request. But mind you...talking about not losing important topics, just make sure you are not critical of anything SLPP and Mende if you ever decide to be objective. Just criticize the APC and all Northern tribes and you are going to be fine. Other than that, everything about your education, being tribalistic and all those overused negative adjectives will be thrown at you. Well, I guess I don't need to tell you this as this thread is a very good example. 
Back to my abulay until another crazy and frustrated gringo tickliss my Temne people and I will blaze them with red, red fire on their krubombor. Adios!
Bishop Sesay
Reply with quote  #49 
Oh these APC folks.  Instead of enrolling in a high school and getting an education, they spend the entire day on Bintumani writing rubbish.  God save these poor souls for the sake of mama Salone.
Reply with quote  #50 
How for do oh, brother? De SLPP bookman dem too fool na dat make dem nor go get power na Salone tay dem die. Look dem na Bintumani dae grumble all day lek Mack Truck.
Reply with quote  #51 
Wishfull thinking APC. Sierra Leoneans are tired of  the current Kleptocratic and corrupt APC. When SLPP gets their act together, the people will swarm to SLPP. APC rule has only brought hardship and crises to Sierra Leone. Intimidation and intolerance. By the way, who firebombed the ADP office in Freetown? Things like this are not supposed to occur when a tolerant government is in power. Eddie , Do you have an idea?
Reply with quote  #52 

You call them APC, I call them animals.  They fire bombed the ADP office in Freetown.  Eddie Grant and Temne boy may know them very well.  They all belong to the same violent party and they all hail from Bombali.
Temne boy
Reply with quote  #53 
"Wishfull thinking APC. Sierra Leoneans are tired of  the current Kleptocratic and corrupt APC. When SLPP gets their act together, the people will swarm to SLPP."

Or Kama is getting better! Congratulations! This is what I call constructive criticism. I hope other SLPP folks follow your lead. Eddie where are you?
"By the way, who firebombed the ADP office in Freetown? Things like this are not supposed to occur when a tolerant government is in power. Eddie , Do you have an idea?"

When this question was raised on Facebook, someone said it's either the APC, SLPP or the ADP.  You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure why anyone might blame the APC. The SLPP and ADP, however, may have have done it because they know who's door steps the blame will land. These are old negative campaign tricks popularized by the APC. Ask Any older Mende man and he will confirm to you how APC thugs staged neighborhood  murders and blamed the SLPP during the Shaki/Agba Satani era. 

Teacher Conteh
Reply with quote  #54 
The only party that would have a motive for bombing the ADP party office in Freetown is the APC.   The ADP would not bomb its own office and the SLPP definitely would not bomb the ADP office.  The violent party of these three is the APC.  Moreover, it is the APC that stands to lose with the growth of the ADP.

I am getting to like Mohamed Kamrainba.  Initially, I though he was just another unserious offshoot of the APC.  But the guy has shown consistency in his message relative to bringing the APC down.  Folks like Eddie Grant have a lot to learn from Kamrainba.  You can hail from the North and still be determined to bring an end to the APC misrule.
Dem Bai Bissen
Reply with quote  #55 
My God! why are these folks rehashing the same old topics on this forum when a natural disaster has recently resulted in the deaths of 600 of their "compatriots" and internally displaced thousands more? Where is the compassion amongst these idle belful folks living in the diaspora? They have none whatsoever. They bring no new ideas to the table so they are stuck in their rotten tribal rantings as AWOL citizens of a nation that gave birth to them. I will not specify their nomenclature - they know themselves.

Fan of Dem Bai Bissen
Reply with quote  #56 
Bo phuck off! Waitin u know?
Reply with quote  #57 
Na u mammy ee know.
Fan of Umamie
Reply with quote  #58 
Dem Bai en hart don warm.
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