After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Pa Sorie
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Bai Shekpendeh N'lem
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Lol. Few weeks ago Port Loko has gone to the rainbow coalition not to talk of Bo, Makeni, Koinadugu and Freetown. But what happened after is still talk of Salone. Now it is Tonkolili...I can't help laughing. In the context of myopic vuvuzela social media politics, an attendance crowd indicates the choice of that area...indicates acceptability...indicates popularity....indicates possible occupancy of the State House for five or ten years. Lol. Give me a long, long break! I don't know if these KKY vuvuzelas expect no one to attend KKY meetings when kankadikohism is the latest political norm. KKY is a Salonean who should be listened to as well as other politicians, so what? Anytime there is a meeting, KKY bootlickers and bartoliners go into overdrive....go gaga...shout from rooftops: 'WHAT A RAPTUROUS AND TUMULTUOUS CROWD! THAT AREA HAS BEEN SWEPT BY THE NGC!' Keep dreaming. It is not that easy!  .........Where next? Tough luck.

NGC trumpeters are oblivious of the fact that they have to contend with the Kamaras, the Temnes, the northerners, northwesterners, westerners, the southeasterners, the Krios, the Limbas, the Fulas, the Lokos, the SLPP, the ADP and sophisticated winning tactics before beating the APC in 2018. Can they pull it off? If KKY polls seven percent of the national votes then he should be considered the winner.

One secret I would like to reveal here is the APC, the SLPP, the ADP, the northwest, the west, the north and the southeast have unanimously resolved not to ever allow a foreign-linked minority to rule Salone again.We tried Kabba and we saw what happened when he was overthrown. If TJK was a true Salonean he could not have fled to Guinea only to direct operations for his reinstatement. The Madingo man gave a damn if the population was reduced to one person by the ECOMOG as long as he was reinstated. Will KKY, a Susu man be any different? We have to beware of these Guinean-linked politicians!

KKY bartoliners stop deceiving yourselves and others of your ilk. KKY is skating on thin ice with his conceit and I am afraid he will end up in a cardiologist's room after the elections. And you guys are not helping matters at all.
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Get rid of the rear view mirror, bro, before calamity strikes. Seems like something is gaining on you and you can't help but bring it out in the open. Hehehe!
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You don't need to come from the East, West North or South to know that there is extreme suffering and poverty in this country. The basic social and economic indicators in the eyes of an objective observer point to the fact that this government has not done well. Apart from few roads here and there what else has succeeded? I am not saying the SLPP has the solution to the problems in this country. They were there for ten year with very little to show. Neither am i convinced NGC has the magic bullet to turn this country around. But for goodness sake let's not be blinded my colour and ethnicity and fail to call shenanigans the failure of our politicians. After the 2018 elections it could be one person or the other in statehouse but if the person/party fail to perform we should have the gumption to say so and if they fail to deliver, vote them out; regardless of whether "na insai da party are born or  na under the party dae are dae survive''. Until we begin to think this way politicians will continue to take us for a ride and we will ever remain pawns in their chess boards. May God help us elect a party and president that will get us out of the big mess (no apologies) we are in at the moment. It could be Samura Kamara and the APC or what have you but if the turn around is to begin, we need to hold our politicians accountable.

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