Two men have been convicted in connection with a fatal arson.

They were both found guilty at the Old Bailey on July 2 for their role in the death of 46-year-old Memunatu Warne.

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William (Billy) Smith, 26 of no fixed address was found guilty of murder and arson.

Elliott Robinson, 22 of no fixed address was found guilty of murder and arson and they will be sentenced at the same court on July 19.

The court heard how Mrs Warne, who lived in Sierra Leone, was visiting her cousins at their home in Woolwich.

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She was due to travel home on September 6, 2018, but never made that journey.

In the early hours of the morning on that same day, a fire erupted at her cousins’ home in Centurion Square on Berber Parade.

That fire was deliberately started with petrol, from outside, by the front door of their home.

Mrs Warne was sleeping downstairs and alerted the family to the fire.

Both her cousins, a man in his 60s and a woman in her 50s, had to jump from an upstairs window and received serious injuries as a result.


The fire spread quickly from the front and upwards, and thick black smoke soon filled the house but despite emergency services attending the scene they were unable to save Mrs Warne.

The fire was started by someone who had arrived and left Centurion Square, as the pillion passenger on a motorbike.

Witnesses saw him get back onto the motorbike, and saw the bike speed off out of the square.

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As a result of extensive enquires they discovered that the fire was probably organised by Smith.

The motive for the attack appears to have been a drugs dispute with a family member of Mrs Warne’s cousins.

However all those who were caught up in the fire were completely innocent of any criminality.

Smith was arrested on October 30 last year in Dartford after running onto the railway track to try to avoid arrest.

The person who set the fire was believed to be Elliott Robinson.

Robinson was arrested on November 2 in a chicken shop on Kimmeridge Road in Mottingham.

Detective Chief Inspector John Massey, said: “Smith and Robinson planned and carried out deliberate arson that took the life of a wholly innocent woman.

“The motive was probably a drugs dispute, but their wanton viciousness, lead to Mrs Warne’s tragic death.

“I am glad that these two reckless criminals have been brought to account and will have to face the consequences of their actions.”