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Valentine Strasser received rousing cheers from the crowd today at the stadium. Strasser who was seated at the VIP section was later moved to the presidential pavilion, at the insistence of Bio. As he worked to the presidential pavilion, the crowd gave him a standing ovation. The hero of Sierra Leone, Valentine Strasser has finally got the recognition he deserves from the nation.
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A very good move by Maada Bio.  Valentine Strasser occupies an iconic place in Sierra Leone's history.  He led a rebellion against a despotic and useless government in 1992.  Strasser may have made some mistakes while in office but saving his country from authoritarianism easily trumps whatever mistakes may have been associated with him.

APC Tolongbos tried to use Strasser for their selfish purposes.  But Strasser was too smart for them.  I hope Bio and the SLPP would authorize the payment of pensions to Strasser while also having him as an adviser to the government.
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More than that: my sources tell me that Bio has promised Strasser appropriate benefits. If true this is a very classy move on the part of Bio.
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