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Dear Freetonians,

I would like to once again thank God and thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as the Mayor of Freetown. I am passionate about our city and committed to working with the central government and with all Freetonians to transform Freetown.

Unfortunately I was verbally and physically assaulted yesterday by a few people who perhaps do not understand that I am the Mayor of *all* *Freetonians* and not some Freetonians. I strongly condemn all acts of violence and appeal to Freetonians to keep the peace at all times. Yesterday's attack is being investigated by the Sierra Leone Police. Let me use this opportunity to thank the leadership of the Sierra Leone Police and the Minister of Internal Affairs for their support and interventions yesterday. I am confident that they will ensure that justice is done and seen to be done. I am also certain that the necessary steps will be taken to ensure my personal safety and that of all Freetonians.

We have so much to do as we forge the path to a transformed Freetown. I remain excited and committed to that vision. Let us continue the work with peace in our hearts and in our actions.

Fɔ Wi Kɔmyuniti
Fɔ Wi Progrɛs
Fɔ Wi Fritɔng

©Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr     

Fire! fire!
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culled from Facebook

*SLPP is playing with fire *[1f525]🔥[1f525]🔥[1f525]🔥

By Wotay Brima

Very anxious supporters of the All People’s Congress (APC) party yesterday evening urged the leadership of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s (SLPP) party to reign in on their overzealous and riotous supporters to stop “playing with fire” on hate speech and unprovoked violence.

They were reacting to the attack on the Mayor of Freetown municipality, Yvonne Aki-Sawyer yesterday May 23rd by irate and rowdy supporters of the ruling SLPP.

In a brief discussion with Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyer last night, she described her ordeal as traumatic but however maintained that God remains in control. She assured that she will be Mayor for all Freetonians despite the verbal and physical attacks against her.

“In a democracy, everyone must acknowledge the scope and limitations of their rights and responsibilities. We therefore encourage the SLPP leadership to reconsider their plans to destabilize this country and focus on governance,” the Spokesman of the main opposition party, Cornelius Deveaux said on Wednesday evening.

He also stated that the APC was deeply concerned about unnecessary tensions and hate speech which have the propensity to undermine the hard won peace and stability the country has enjoyed since 2002.

It would be recalled that scores of APC supporters and sympathizers were attacked and in some cases chased out of their homes in the South/East of the country following the announcement of the March run-off polls which regrettably declared Julius Maada Bio of the main opposition as winner.

Although the run-off election was widely hailed by international observers as relatively peaceful, the wave of political violence which came less than twenty-four hours following the official announcement of the presidential run-off election results was uncalled for.

In Freetown and Kenema specifically, supporters of Julius Maada Bio, took the law into their own hands when they attacked and destroyed hundreds of makeshift market stalls used by street traders. The destruction of the street traders’ market stalls was roundly condemned by many except for the Standing together for Democracy Consortium which was so vociferous before and during the polls.

In Kono district, also in the eastern region of the country, APC party supporters were chased out of their houses.

According to eyewitness accounts, residents, mostly Northerners, were chased out of their settlement in diamond rich Kono district. They fled 40 kilometers North to Masimgbi in Tonkolili district.

BBC stringer Umaru Fofanah reported that the Local Paramount chief Bai Kuru Kanagbaro Sanka described the scene as reminiscent of the rebel war years. “Seeing people entering the town en masse reminds me of the past war when RUF rebels attacked Kono. It's the same. Some have been tortured, abused, and some have lost valuables."

Head of local catholic relief agency Caritas Makeni, Benjamin Sesay, confirmed that over 3,000 victims crossed over to Tonkolili.

Alpha Kamara, a journalist, reported that, “A woman was injured with a machete on her breast. Another says she was undressed in public and abused. Others have different painful stories. All of them said they are opposition APC party supporters and were targeted by rowdy youths of the ruling SLPP.”

“There have been sustained attacks on opposition party supporters since incumbent President Julius Maada Bio was declared president elect,” Kamara reported. Bio, who assumed office on 4th April, has condemned the violence although rather belatedly.

“If there is anything to take away from the (March 2018) elections, it is heart wrenching that our politicians have allowed TRIBALISM to rear its ugly head in our midst,” said Abdulai Mansaray in his article “Tribalism: The Idolatry Of 20th Century” published on 17th March, 2018 in Sierra Express Media online.

According to him, politicians have succeeded where the rebels failed. “Our politicians have succeeded where the mercenaries failed. The geopolitical landscape was succinctly demonstrated by the results of the recently concluded elections.”

No matter what this president can deliver stability but he cannot deliver prosperity. So he has to take a position and prioritize as quickly as possible. If he wants stability this madness must stop. We’re disgusted with this nonsense which is clearly supposed to distract us from the recent diamond which turned into stone in th custody of the current Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, but we won’t play along. We only hope that the SLPP will stop playing with fire because fire eventually consumes everything in its path.

We Sabi den
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Salone Baby
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Where are the SLPP people on this forum who are clapping for their violent comrades? Will you now condemn this shameful behaviour and be ashamed of the kind of place Sierra Leone has become since the installation of Maada Bio? Leh we dae go normor.
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What has this got to do with SLPP or Bio? Did the Mayor tell you that SLPP assaulted her? Where were you guys when the then mayor of Koidu was chased out of Kono by HIS OWN APC comrades and he was suspended indefinitely for supporting Sam Sumana? Where were hypocrites like you when more that 5 youths were gunned down in Koinadugu because they protested against the APC? Damn bloody losers. I have news for you lisers, Bio is your president, and you might as well die, but he is at state house. TOLONGBO IS DEAD.
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Press Release

The All Peoples Congress has been sufficiently briefed on the physical and verbal attack meted on Her Worship the Mayor of Freetown Madame Yvonne Aki Sawyer yesterday Wednesday, May 23, 2018, by irate and rowdy supporters and members of the Sierra Leone People's Party.

The APC condemns this act in its entirety and wishes to draw the attention of the SLPP government and party that such acts, if not contained immediately, has the propensity to undermine the peace and stability which this nation has enjoyed since 2002 and particularly in the last ten years resulting to Sierra Leone being classified as one of the most peaceful countries in the sub-region and the world.

The APC further notes with concern that following the announcement of the March 31, 2018 presidential runoff election results, scores of supporters and members of the APC including family members have been subjected to various forms of intimidation and violence in different parts of the country and more particularly in the south and eastern regions.

The APC also draws the attention of the international community and other relevant stakeholders, as brokers of peace after a decade-long senseless war, to these acts of blatant human rights violation.

The APC acknowledges the role played yesterday by the Sierra Leone Police in protecting the Her Worship the Mayor of Freetown Madame Yvonne Aki Sawyer and urge the SLP to speedily investigate the matter and to also provide additional security to Her Worship the Mayor.

The APC notes that the attack on Her Worship the Mayor of Freetown is a deliberate ploy by the SLPP to divert public discuss from the much talked about 'diamond turn stone' and is also reminding the SLPP government and party of its constitutional obligation to ensure that peace and stability prevails and that we coexist as one nation.

The party calls on its members and supporters to remain calm and steadfast and assures all that their security and safety is of utmost importance and that Her Worship the Mayor is safe and remains excited and committed to discharging her duties without fear.


Cornelius Deveaux
National Publicity Secretary
[a9]©️ National Publicity Secretariat
Thursday, May 24, 2018

Spectator 007
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The Mayor should press charges and ensure she has protection from thugs in the area.

Justifying this type of act because similar acts were done against opposition elements under the previous regime is not prudent. Law and order must be maintained.

Just read this from Vicki Remoe
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How can this attack be tied to the ruling SLPP?  Is it not the task of the mayor of Freetown to ensure that her city is safe for all?  Does this mayor not have exclusive jurisdiction over the city of Freetown?  Why are other cities in the country safe with no attacks on mayors?
Spectator 007
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@Bradford, I never jumped to the conclusion that it is tied to the SLPP. I just stated the Mayor should press charges and posted Vicki’s piece.

It is clear to me the lady was roughed up by some low life touts who hang out at the party office.

I believe Maada Bio will clean that place up very soon and hopefully find something for those guys to do.

SLPP should not make the mistake of condoning thuggery like APC did. Under the Margai brothers thugs were never encouraged.

Law and order must prevail all over the country. We are not Savages.

The Brigadier will address this matter. Ar geh for call am enh pote u if u continue.
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"SLPP should not make the mistake of condoning thuggery like APC did. Under the Margai brothers thugs were never encouraged."  Spectator


Doesn't the mayor of Sierra Leone's largest city have security?  C'mon, this is the mayor of Freetown. 

Is it the responsibility of Maada Bio and the SLPP to provide security for the mayor of Freetown?  Whereas I feel sorry for the mayor especially her being a woman, there is just something about this story that does not meet the eye. 

So the mayor will be walking around Freetown with no security at all but mayors in lesser known cities have security?  
Dama Yanni
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At this stage is safe to assume, or allege that some beating took place? It is also safe to assume the alleged beating took place near a party office.  Now, just because the alleged beating took place near a party office, does not mean the people involved are party members. That has to be proven in court.  .

I read the piece from the journalist from Switsalone. It is terrible.  It gives bad name to the profession.  Was not at the scene of the assault, but reports as if was there. The smart a@@ has the audacity to even instruct the police to close down a party office. Is that the job of the police? If the police follows through with that demand and puts locks on every house, following very little allegation, where will Salone end? Police state? Sad!!!. 
Spectator 007
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@Bradford, I don’t know if she had security. If not, going forward I don’t think it will be a bad idea if she does.

My position is simple. Lawlessness must not be tolerated. Law and order must prevail. We must not make excuses. Thugs regardless of party affiliation have to be prosecuted. Political parties have to encourage these young people to be law abiding and learn a trade/skill so they can be gainfully employed or run their own businesses.

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The Pa-O-Pa tactics saw off all comers in the flag bearer race and sadly it has followed us into office. Time to set the methods aside and govern for all Sierra Leoneans.
Salone Baby
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The Interior Minister was there. It has been confirmed that these are SLPPers. They essentially live at the HQ and have become a menace in the area. The police have tried to remove them but nothing has happened. The 'what aboutism' on this forum has become idiotic. If you really are an SLPP supporter you wouldn't want the party to be associated with violence given Bio's background. He will lose international support before you can say SLPP. And for those living in lala land, in the short term Salone is poor and requires an inordinate amount of international funding which Bio and his government will not get. Continued violence also stops investments as the country will be seen as a risky bet.
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"If you really are an SLPP supporter you wouldn't want the party to be associated with violence given Bio's background..."  Salone Baby

Shut up.  Where were you when APC thugs raped SLPP women at the SLPP party office in 2007?  Is it only now that you have become an opponent to violence? 

And who says that those that attacked the mayor are SLPP?  Why are you Tolongbo idiots so desperate for power????  So anything that happens must be tied to Bio??? 

You miserable folks better get a life because Bio will be in State House for ten years.  Kakarasses
Spectator 007
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The Minister of Interior was on the scene consoling the mayor. This is a good sign that the government wants to take this seriously. The follow-up must include prosecution of these thugs. The government must not listen to extremist voices within their camp who encourage them to engage in tit-for-tat behavior because APC did it to them. Bio seems to have keen political instinct and recognizes the danger of such an approach.
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The rule of law should be the order of the day, and the constitution should be our guiding principle. Until issues like these are addressed through the courts, I continue to see SL a failed state, no matter the intentions. 
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Press Release

Freetown May 24th, 2018: The attention of the National Secretariat of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has been drawn to an incident on 23rd day of May 2018 in which it is alleged that some faceless cowards attacked the Mayor of the City of Freetown while she was on her lawful duties within the Municipality of Freetown.
The SLPP unequivocally condemns the attack on our Mayor of the Municipality of Freetown and calls on the Sierra Leone Police to effectively and speedily investigate the matter and bring the perpetrators to book.

The SLPP wishes to inform the general public that violence is not part and has never been part of the conduct of members of our party. The SLPP also wishes to inform the General Public that our members do not have anything to do with the said attack. We shall never be a party to any ploy to derail the effective operations of the office of the Mayor of Freetown, or any other person of authority.

The SLPP also condemns the inflammatory statements made by some members of the All People’s Congress (APC) in respect of the said incident and calls on all Sierra Leoneans to give the Sierra Leone Police the chance to investigate the matter and bring to book those responsible for this act.

Finally, the SLPP wishes our Mayor a speedy recovery and assures her that the SLPP is fully ready to work with the Freetown Municipality as the Government strives to provide a better environment for residents of Freetown.

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"The Pa-O-Pa tactics saw off all comers in the flag bearer race and sadly it has followed us into office..."


Stop rushing to judgment.  This is very typical of KKY loyalists.  You have no proof that the perpetrators of this crime were PAOPA folks.  For all I know, they could even be APC thugs.

  I do not condone violence in any form.  But I equally believe that  the suit and tie gentlemanly SLPP (what you are advocating) will never beat a violent APC at the polls. 
Head Boy
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It is very good that the Mayor is enjoying the democracy which president Bio helped to usher in the country, and which is quite different from the extrajudicial killings of APC opponents and students as has been the norm under AFK's "Pa sheki"APC.
So,.. if If the mayor faced unruly opposition hecklers in the city, what is wrong with that?? .. Last night Donald Trump was heckled by unruly opposition demonstrators in New York..and it is called DEMOCRACY.

The fact is Yvonne Sawyer is not an astute politician. She was crowned by APC to appease her husband who is in charge of the billion dollar  Mape and Cape Sierra British projects.

nar Earnest en Yasseneh dem choose am as Mayor for sayka privilege en money way dem bin day enjoy from im husband im contact dem.

Just because the Mayor is the so called mother of the city, the onus fall squarely upon her to reach out to other stakeholders and not vice versa.

. but, if the Mayor cannot handle the stress of her job, she should be advised to resign and go back to England in order to enjoy political  life in a country where royalties are crowned..

If nar bin serious person, she should have made as priority the redefinition of the city charter to make clear her role and boundaries  on issues of taxes, enforcement,security,health, education etc.etc..instead of just roaming all over the city to make news as some victim of SLPP Goverment. 

Was Yvonne Sawyer not the same woman whose party had no plans to clean the city but was lobbying to piggy back on President Bio's cleaning plan???. Where is her own plan???

Unfortunately,these out of touch APC politricksters dont get it that, times have changed,..politics will never be business as usual in the country again and politicians have to earn their wings by becoming accountable for everything they do?....and without ORDERS FROM ABOVE!


Spectator 007
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Stop rushing to judgment. This is very typical of KKY loyalists. ” - Sir Douglas

DMK supported Bio after KKY bolted and is SLPP. He may not be the only SLPP member who thinks like this.

Unu nor falamakata APC pan violence. E nor fit una.
Spectator 007
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Head Boy don troway gasoline pan fire 🔥!!!

I am going start running for the hills or hide under my bed when the fireworks explode 🏃 🏃 🏃
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"Please kindly listen as I categorically assert of Gross Corruption in the UN System in Sierra Leone which is being done in connivance with senior officials of Sierra Leone public service and civil service at detriment to vulnerable women and children.

Please kindly listen as I state of how the UN Partners will be encouraged to bypass the critical Ministry responsible for social welfare, women and children (MSWGCA) and instead encouraged to utilize other MDAs like Office of Chief of Staff at State House and its appendages like the Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr headed Post-Ebola Priorities programme".

Spectator 007
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“ I do not condone violence in any form. But I equally believe that the suit and tie gentlemanly SLPP (what you are advocating) will never beat a violent APC at the polls. ” -Sir Douglas

I have thought about this for quite some time. Very interesting point of view.
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"DMK supported Bio after KKY bolted and is SLPP..." - Specky.

Thank you Spectator 007. I joined SLPP not KKYPP. We are all Pa-O-Pa now. Having said that, @Douglas is right that the KKY western style campaign stands no chance in our African politics. I enjoyed watching the Bio team go toe to toe with APC and match them in all areas. However the time has now come to govern. I have friends and family in the new government and I know they do not condone violence.
Spectator 007
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@DMK, in my opinion about a year before the presidential nomination election, Bio a plurality level of support but did not have majority support among the SLPP intelligentsia, especially those in the diaspora. However, the intelligentsia probably constitute less than 3% of SLPP membership; an overwhelming majority the remaining 97% were solidly for Bio. So after Bio clinched the nomination, most of the intelligentsia fell in line with the rest.

That’s not uncommon in politics. In 1957, the educated SLPP elite supported Sit Albert over Sir Milton for the leadership of the SLPP and Sir Albert won. He later backed down for his elder brother after being persuaded by traditional rulers an. But there was bad blood between them and Sir Albert left the SLPP with Shaki and the young Turks (intelligentsia) to form the PNP. When the PNP went head in against the SLPP in local council elections in 1960, they were trounced which clearly demonstrated that the grassroots supported the old man over his younger brother.
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