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Spectator 007
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Hi my fellow forumites.

Does anyone have any updates on voter registration data? If so, please share with the rest of us.

Spectator 007
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Just saw this story at Awolowo on voter registration data
Spectator 007
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In 1996, the south-east counted for 44% of register voters and the north-west 56%. Now it is 40% south-east and 60% north-west.

If these numbers (shown in Awoko) hold... and given the historical ethnic pattern to our voting, the Brigadier's campaign team will have to be very street smart to pull this off.
Teacher Lambert
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Don't forget the fact that the ADP under Mohamed Kamrainba (sp) Mansaray is becoming a pain in the behind of the APC in the North.  The two parties have had several physical clashes over the past few months.  Moreover, Mansaray almost won the parliamentary seat that I.B Kargbo currently holds.  What this means is that if the ADP becomes the North's PMDC, the Brigadier might well stroll to State House, assuming no mass voter rigging takes place.
Spectator 007
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@Teacher Lambert: I do agree that if ADP becomes a spoiler (the north's 2007 PMDC or even better, a 1996 PDP), and throw their support to the brigadier, he'll certainly have a very good chance. But I don't see that happening, just as I don't see the APC nominating Foh or SLPP nominating Yumkella. It will come down to Bio and EBK's choice to represent the APC. Nonetheless I do enjoy all the speculative "what if" discussions.
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