After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Specky has just stimulated my interest in initiating a thread that reflects the absence of voting rights for us folks living in the diaspora for a long periods of time through no direct fault of ours, but due to the provision of educational, and professional objectives, that are absent on the ground at home in the motherland.

I mean, when calamities occur on the ground in na we Saro, we are expected to provide funds to help to eliminate the calamity. We take these responsibilities quite seriously by remitting borcu korppor to help remedy the situation.

When elections are in the rear view mirror of the nation, we are asked by the various partisan entities to provide funds to ease the electioneering process. We are very generous in this direction with no quid pro quo expected for us. In other words, we always give something for nothing in return for our collective generosity. How long are we going to tolerate this anomaly?

I believe we should start asking for something relative this collective one-way generosity. In the nation I reside, no one gives you something for nothing. It is considered to be a very negative factor of life. Thus we must demand that our motherland repays our collective generosity by allow us some form of voting rights, as the Nigerians are doing with their sons and daughters living in the diaspora.

Imagine the economy of Saro would be if diasporans did not remit monies back home on a regular basis; it would be in shambles more so than at the present time.

Let us seek our VOTING RIGHTS as diasporans. In fact let us DEMAND it, or the the statu quo will no longer prevail.

What do you think?
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Please forgive the errors. I was in a hurry, and I did not review before posting. I guess you know what I mean. Thanks for understanding.
Spectator 007
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Thanks for starting this very important thread. I can't contribute meaningfully right now but will certainly do so later in the day.
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It's all good, Bra.

We shall await your return to the thread. No rush!
Spectator 007
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This weekend at the latest Prof. Me brain don fry
Spectator 007
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@Prof Sengbe: I think the coordinated approach used by diasporans groups in engaging the government, opposition, and key civil society stake holders in lobbying for dual citizenship should be followed and built upon.

I recall Solo Bee addressing diasporans who wanted dual citizenship. Solo Bee said he too desired it as it would benefit his children but advised that they organize and reach out to key stake holders...and that is precisely what they did.

So in a nutshell, diasporan organizations should collaborate, get on the same page, and lead the effort.

Now the question becomes "how to we get from here to there?" to quote the late eminent scholar, Prof Lemuel Johnson.

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"...So in a nutshell, diasporan organizations should collaborate, get on the same page, and lead the effort..." Spectator 007

True dat!! I agree.

Now get your brother, Kumale, to contact and organize these "diasporans groups" to serve the objectives in the purpose.

I know he can do it.

Ee sabi the right pipul dem.
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Reverend Kabbie Kabs Kanu [KKK]! are you there?

I wonder what you think about the thrust of this thread?

Furthermore, Reverend, why did the APC-led GoSL entertain the thought of borrowing $400 million from China, to build another international airport in the same Port-Loko district where the Lungi International Airport is already located. Does this make any sense?

Forumites in Bintuland would like to hear your views on these 2 topics for now, since you had intimated to us that you would faithfully participate on this forum a few months ago to share your "vast" experiences with us.

Please oblige us the priviledge! I'd see to it that no one disrespects you on the Bintu. We just want to hear from you as a spokesperson for this APC-led GoSL.

Thanks in advance for your kind participation.
Spectator 007
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Copy that Prof
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Thanks 007.

He is the master organizer in the DMV area and beyond.

Na for take dis topic ya seriously, oh!
Spectator 007
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Prof, but let's not forget the adage "many hands make light work". This has to be the joint effort of numerous groups not only in the diaspora but with those on the ground. I hope we can count on you to play a meaningful role when we start making plans. You are very sharp and I can easily see you fitting right in.

By the way, do you belong to an organization?
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