After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Was the SLPP administration responsible for shutting down the forum for the last week because they were trying to hide issues and policies that do not conform with the daily activities of the state? Are they muzzling the media as a way to intimidate or keep them quiet?
Professor Yehuda
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Yusif #08,

Why do like to behave like a thug?  I expect you to be above that notwithstanding your being a supreme Tolongbo. 

Bintumani has been around for far more years than you have been able to come to grips with the fact that the democratic process in your country is only honored and respected with the SLPP in power.  So why would the SLPP want to muzzle free speech or trample on the democratic process in Sierra Leone?
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Cornelius Hamelberg
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Deliberately malicious false and fake news aimed at discrediting or even subverting good work that the Government is doing is the kind of freedom that ought not prevail.
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Well said. Knuckleheads like Yusif pray for the government to fail. Shame on guys like Yusif.
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When no one is watching, that is when people do some of the most nefarious activities  in the world. And when someone is not afraid to ask the most uncomfortable questions, you are labeled as rude, confrontational and aggressive. These questions are meant to get answers that otherwise might be uncomfortable to the expected respondent, but they are the types of questions that need to be asked so that the questions are answered with, may be, truthfulness.
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Douglas and PY Chill my men. We are just shooting the breeze. I actually want Bio to be successful in governing SL. What I don't want from him is to be playing games with my people. They have suffered too much, and for far too long. We all want SL to succeed. From what I am sensing or seeing, his policies are a touch and go...
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Yusif #08,

In all seriousness, you should consider joining the Bio administration.  Your ideas are invaluable to the progress of Sierra Leone.
Head Boy
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Political hacks know that 'politics is an unforgiven game where "vultures" are always lurching to feast on the misfortune of others'....Halo, Sa Lone Witch Hunters!.

The understatement to suggest that Maada Bio can just shut down Bintumani ??? an eye opener to demonstrate... how the once inessential ignoramus has suddenly become relevant and important as President and Supreme Commander of those sorry oppugners whose political past has become as non existent as their political future by dint of this "new direction"
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Addressing me with all sorts of adjectives does not qualify for a response.


Thanks for the vote of confidence. You have the ability to intellectually observe and make recommendations to that which is right or true. I have done my part toward the development of SL by augmenting NASSIT. The records are there on Africa Online to show my contribution both intellectually as well as financially. And you are right, I have the ability to make significant contributions toward the development of the country in many areas including: accounting, finance, education, leadership, information technology, administration and supervision and policy formation. I recall one time when a fellow Sleonean sent me an e-mail from nowhere urging me to go home to help with IT and other issues, and my response to him was, I am not yet ready. In other words, I was still preparing myself for what was to be my God led destiny. I think I am ready for take-off.... And I expect to make a soft landing, by the grace of God.

However, inasmuch as I would like to join the Bio administration, for the sake of country and people, I prefer to watch from afar. Bio needs someone to keep him on his toes so that he can do right by our people. 
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SHHHIIIIOOOORRRRRR!!! a million times.

Empty barrels make the loudest noise in the community.

How can this boy compare himself to HE Bio? Is that not the understatement of the year?
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Get the record straight, I never compared myself to Bio. What I have been expressing is that I have the desire, willing and the wherewithal to challenge Bio in the coming election cycle. So my friend just because Bio is the president of SL today does not mean he is better than me or anyone for that matter. Remember, the posited designated him is meant to serve the people of SL. 
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...should read: the position designated him
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No, the forum is independent of any government or party in Sierra Leone. It shuts down sometimes due to technical difficulties that have to do with the server, and sometimes because it costs money to keep up and running for people like you, Yusif #8, who use it for free and who to undermine it at every opportunity. But we still let you spew your nonsense here because #thisiswhatdemocracylookslike.

Forum admins are busy people. They do the best they can.
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Sage writes: "No, the forum is independent of any government or party in Sierra Leone."


You can't even say that with a straight face, knowing the positions you have taken over the years in favor of the SLPP, and Bio for that matter. For some of us, our faculties are still active to remember what you have written over the years. So don't come here and start talking about neutrality. You are bias and will boot people off the forum who view things differently from you. Let sleeping dogs sleep.
Momodu Banklaneh
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Yusif #08,

Again, your response has shown that you lack the ability to comprehend very simple things.  Sage stated that the forum is independent of any government or party in Sierra Leone.  What has that got to do with Sage's personal opinions?

It appears that no matter how Tolongbos brag about their education, there are just some fundamental issues in life that they lack the ability to comprehend.
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Deduce from this simple logic: administrator + Ownership of forum + Bias opinion + booting off people that do not agree with admin = ???

Ponder on this Mr. MB.
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He is a total moron who can't even write in proper English. It's "biased," fool. Everyone has opinions. But not everyone suppresses those of others to make theirs the only ones heard. Like you corrupt APC fools do. Cocorag is not exactly known for its diversity of opinion. And that's why Bintumani rocks. So don't come here and give us your stupid replies. You are talking out of your arse, as usual.
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...I must have hit a nerve. The poor old lady came out to play with her potty mouth. I will not engage you, the gentleman that I am. So calm down so that we can engage in meaningful discussions. Shoe fly, stop bugging me. 
Spectator 007
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Piece of advise.

It is not prudent to lock horns with administrators of a forum. After all, there is other fish to fry.
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No, it's just that I have little patience for stupid people like you these days. 08 is your IQ, right? Your party that you have pimped and lied for for years has lost. They are done for. LOOOOOOSERS! As the kids say. Just like you.

Get over it. Don't come here to start trouble. Or you will be banned.
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I rest my case...
Krio Boy
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Indeed, Yusif #08 should get over the loss of his party and contribute to nation building in Sierra Leone. Praying for the government of Sierra Leone to fail is very unpatriotic.
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We must not forget that this facility is a labor of love by patriots who love Sierra Leone; and they underwrite it out of pocket and do not ask for subscriptions or other external financial support.. Bintumani has a stellar track record of tolerance for opinions from all political persuasions. If anyone has any doubts about the integrity its Administrators, all they have to do is visit Cocorioko and compare.
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