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Cornelius Hamelberg
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“When I give food to the poor they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.” -Dom Helder Camara.

The Question the NGC is Yet to Answer! ( that and some other questions posed by Chernoh Alpha M. Bah)

It’s time for some sober reflection on this excerpt  from SLPP Today :

“In early December 2017, the Sierra Leonean political scientist Zubairu Wai, in an incisive social media comment titled “the dilemma of a ghost,” characterized Kandeh Yumkellah as “a parachute politician who believes he is doing the country a favor by running for president.” Wai notes that Yumkellah’s militant desire for the presidency of Sierra Leone appears to be anchored solely on his belief that being a former UN employee “makes him the only person qualified to be president beyond scrutiny.”  Like many of us, Wai believes that Yumkellah is not the answer to the Sierra Leonean problem. “His connection to the global power elites and his subscription to the neoliberal ideologies of governance means that he is a far more dangerous to Sierra Leone than Maada Bio or Samura Kamara,” Wai stated emphatically.”

“ New beginnings” indeed.  Over-ambition, vanity, egotism , the lust and inordinate greed  - for power, with all the supporting paraphernalia. There are those who would sell their grandmother to the highest bidder  in order to be president of the world government on the pretext of putting the world first. ( The First world, not the” turd world”).  But what do I know about accounting and auditing ? I wouldn’t mind the Messiah being in charge. What we don’t want is another President Ali Baba miracleman presiding over  his new 40 man cabinet , also a den of thieves. Read this and smell the coffee: $21 trillion in unauthorized government spending

Please permit me the freedom to be a sceptic. Isn’t the adage, “Better the devil that you know, than the devil that you don’t know”? The devil of course, never says, “ I am the devil, follow me!”  - instead , he presents himself as the saviour, the redeemer , the angel of light  - just like that serpent in the garden of Eden. Even the antiChrist is prophesied to be one who has a harmonious tongue. But one who fulfills his religious obligations to the Almighty, for example, one who prays five times a day, should be OK, at least better than one who neglects his obligations to to God in the pursuit of dunya and power, even if he should be  talking non-stop  about putting  “Sierra Leone first”

In much more difficult circumstances, there was Alhaji Kabbah before him and right next door in Liberia, we have the example of one much more distinguished than your savvy miracleman Yumkella and his promises in the person of  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who graduated from “Harvard University Kennedy School of Government where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Administration in 1971... In 1992 she joined the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as Assistant Administrator and Director of its Regional Bureau of Africa with the rank of Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations.”

“In 1992, Sirleaf was appointed as the Director of the United Nations Development Programme's Regional Bureau for Africa at the rank of Assistant Administrator and Assistant Secretary General (ASG). She resigned from this role in 1997 in order to run for the presidency of Liberia”

You know the rest of the story and Boss Man George Weah is now sitting in the driver's chair….

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"militant desire for the presidency of Sierra Leone"? Wai in my opinion is absolutely irresponsible in this piece. How can he articulate what is in Kandeh Yumkellah's mind and what his motivations are. As a political scientist Zubairu Wai certainly knows the frustrations and shame of especially educated Sierra Leoneans regarding our appalling situation. Some including myself have adopted a watch and see stance; others apparently including Zubairu Wai, have opted to script boto bata about it. The rare brave ones like Kandeh Yumkellah have stepped into the ring in hope of doing something about it; and in Saloneman fashion we trash them for it. 

I am quite curious. Just when did meritorious service in the UN and at executive level to boot, become a handicap? I can understand the desires of rivals with thinner resumes to present KY's accomplishment as irrelevant to the Sierra Leonean situation. But I expect much better from a patriotic and supposedly better informed political scientist. I just cannot believe that anyone with genuine concerns about Sierra Leone's plight can casually dismiss KY's candidacy as mere ego trip. Let me reiterate. I don't know KY; I have never met the man. But from what I have learned of his profile, it is my opinion that of all the declared candidates, only KY has the potential to win the confidence of the international donor community; recruit able Sierra Leoneans especially from the diaspora for his team; and thereby be fortified to formulate and execute a credible agenda that can turn Sierra Leone around. All three factors will be crucial for the next government. It is our right to not support or vote for him. But we have no right whatsoever to distort his purpose and propagate frivolous hearsay about his intentions.
Spectator 007
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@Knice, I believe ZW supports the Brigadier and if indeed he does, you shouldn’t be suprised.

KKY appears to have enough thick skin to absorb the blows. Besides, he has many defenders on social media willing to do battle on his behalf.
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SPEC, in that case ZW should tell us what the Brigadier is for, and not waste his time to read the minds of rival candidates.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Will only be fully back 1000/ 1000 bits per sec by Friday - so this is only some of the old me)

Re – “only KY has the potential to win the confidence of the international donor community;”

A very spurious statement indeed! Unfounded!  In other words, you are saying that when Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara took the podium at the last UN General Assembly, delivered his speech and received a rapturous round of applause, those who did the applauding were not being sincere? If (God forbid) Yumkella were to be out of the race or up in space or far down below tomorrow, Sierra Leone would become a pariah state? C’mon! What kind of idol worship is this?

 I read this piece about sexual harassment at the UN, a few days ago and thought,  God save our souls and May the Good Lord have mercy on some of  the unfortunate wretches , as it occurred to me, that failing to nail Yumkella for not  following due protocol/ procedure  when re-applying to regain his Sierra Leonean citizenship, the APC ( and maybe the SLPP too wouldn’t mind) if some Monica Lewinsky type female or females  that have been working under Yumkella should rear their ugly heads  by bringing up really sensational ( last minute)  sexual harassment allegations against Kandeh Yumkella. At which point, Yumkella would become world famous or infamous) and the APC and SLPP too of course would dance merrily in celebration under the mango trees/ under the starry heavens…

About Chernoh Bah’s  special siddhi for reading other people’s minds  there is this latest example  of him being certain that here are some photographs of Yumkella nodding off to sleep in the middle of what was said to be  an important meeting!  Further evidence that Alhaji Yumkella is only human, since according to the Holy Quran as both Bah and Yumkella very well know, it is only of the Almighty that mortals can say, "Allah! There is no god but He - the Living, the Self-subsisting, Eternal. No slumber can seize Him Nor Sleep”. As a human being, not even an angel, it's natural that Alhaji KKY can fall asleep and so can you....

 Re- “Just when did meritorious service in the UN and at executive level to boot, become a handicap?”

 Well, we have the example of Kofi Annan who fortunately or unfortunately did not think it fit that after being Secretary-General of the United Nations ( a much higher administrative position than  Kabbah’s Yumkella’s or Johnson Sirleaf’s, did not ( or maybe he did?) think that should entitle him to become the next president of Ghana. By analogy, it should have entitled Ban Ki-moon to fly in to become leader of his party and take over the reins of government in South Korea. Ditto Boutros Boutros-Ghali, (Egypt), U Thant (Myanmar), Javier Perez de Cuellar (Peru) and the disgraced former Nazi, Kurt Waldheim (Austria)…

 Just in case  he too is dragged to the Saro Supreme Court to face some justice, so far what we have  witnessed  from Chernoh Alpha M Bah is an endless stream of antagonism , mostly vituperation  directed against Yumkella and his grand coalition and  the spitting of much venom against the APC  - which leads us to  safely conclude that  either Chernoh  Alpha M Bah is at least secretly (incestuously?)  in bed with the Brigadier and the SLPP or he is reserving some of his venom , to be directed at the Brigadier at a later date, by which time things could be considerably hotter…

 Down memory lane (Zaddic Isaac - that was me and more importantly Theodora Godwin’s response which is still relevant eleven years later):

23 days to go …

 Pat Metheny Christian McBride Antonio Sanchez - James [2004] Live


Cornelius Hamelberg
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Correction:  should read: “Yumkella for not following due protocol/ procedure by re-applying to regain his Sierra Leonean citizenship as required by him “

Are we to understand that  the Sierra Leone situation is such that 56 years after independence under the SLPP, the military, then the APC , more military under Captain Valentine Strasser, then Brigadier Bio  who  to his credit, God bless him, handed over to a civilian government , more SLPP, ten more years under ex -UN servant  Alhaji Kabbah of the SLPP ) and more APC,  the long-suffering people of Sierra Leone are now reduced to dust and ashes as a beggar-nation, a bread basket case that Knice optimistically  envisions being led by ex-UN Alhaji Yumkella on begging missions, since according to Knice and maybe according to Yumkella too,  “only KY(umkella)  has the potential to win the confidence of the international donor community;”

We should not lose sight of the fact that it was the Military junta in which he served that rewarded him with a nomination for a job at the United Nations, for which jobs candidates have to be recommended by their home governments – and that’s why it’s unfathomable that Yumkella acquired US citizenship (not doubt as a matter of convenience) a convenience that he only renounced in November last year, long after he had been fighting Bio and others for the leadership of the SLPP. Wow!




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Constitutional Crisis?
As I understand it, HE President EB Koroma will remain Chairman and leader of APC for the foreseeable future. Our Supreme Court ruled in the Sam Sumana case that party membership has to be continuous for the Vice President and presumably the President(?) to remain in office. What will happen therefore if a future President Dr Samura were to have a falling out with his party leader and be removed from the party? I’m sure it won’t happen but an interesting legal question nonetheless.

Voter Jeremy
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"SPEC, in that case ZW should tell us what the Brigadier is for, and not waste his time to read the minds of rival candidates."  Knice


Is that not what politics is all about, reading the minds of rival candidates and creating doubts in the minds of the electorate relative to the suitability of rival candidates?  In today's politics, there are no silver bullets in the campaigning wars for elective offices.   

Thus, to ZW, the benefits of articulating what is in the mind of Kandeh Yumkella and what motivations Yumkella has far outweighs the costs of  articulating what the Brigadier is for.   In short, in today's winner takes all politics of Sierra Leone, smashing the opponent with a sledgehammer pays lots of dividends at the polls.
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