After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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We need to see the Balance Sheets for these respective entities. If we are talking about accountability, the present day [Bio] government needs to reveal all of its activities to the people of SL, to see and know how their money is being spent. Matter of fact, all of these transactions should/must be made available online for all citizens to consume and make their own decisions on the running of the affairs of the state.
Dama Yanni
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@Yusif- what a wonderful suggestion. I wished you had come out with same few months ago during the  national privatization drive. 
Alimamy Samoure Toure
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Yusif, Where were you with these "brilliant" ideas when Kothor Tiff Man EBK was destroying our country. Pleeeze, Mr. Hypocrite.
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My friends, I am not apologizing for EBK. If you cannot do the time, don't do the crime, as my old man used to tell me.
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Yusif, these are normal practices in most places where they strive for  accountability and prevent fraud. I am accord with you on this. It is not about party; it is about accountability in Sierra Leone and safeguarding the nation's assets. Continue with the progressive ideas.
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Yusif #08 ,
Where in the world have the balance sheets of all government ministries ever been published for public consumption? Do you understand the enormous resources that would be expended to make that happen? Also, do you understand the confidentiality issues that would be at stake for any government to make that happen?
Look man, this SLPP government will never bend to the whims and caprices of your useless APC. And Yusif #08 is an unnecessary distraction to the development strides that Sierra Leone is currently taking. Come with something serious.
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These are the problems we encounter when no one wants to give an account of how  resources are spent, nor want to be held accountable for using the country/people's resources at will. My friend, the saving alone from the adoption of such mechanisms might be more than enough to offset the initial cash layout, yet the system will be available and in place to serve the country/people for a long time.

Kamabai Writes: Also, do you understand the confidentiality issues that would be at stake for any government to make that happen?

Brother/Sister, I am not talking about the publication of classified documents/information, if we have any, rather I am talking about the way the country's  financial resources are spent. Is that classified information? Is it too much to ask of these entities to be transparent in terms of their procurement practices, and to reconciling expenditure against these resources, for tangible outcomes?

Kamabai, one has to start from somewhere, by starting debates in relation to how such policies and procedures can be established and made laws that will indiscriminately benefit all. It will be a great start. Lets put politics aside and focus on country/people first. 
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Yusif #08,

You are an intellectual.  But I believe that you are a very lazy intellectual.  You like to relax while expecting the government or other folks to do your work for you.  In another thread, you asked about information on the president's free education program.  There is a State House website to access for that information. 

Moreover, it was recently announced that president Bio will be talking about his flagship program on August 20.  Man, are you hiding under a rock?  For your information donations have been pouring in from Sierra Leone's development partners.  Britain donated $20 million toward Adult education.  Correspondingly, the minister of primary and secondary school education, Alpha Timbo, recently announced that come September, all school children in Sierra Leone will be given a pair of uniforms, a pair of shoes and there will also be free meals at every school in the country.

And before I forget, be informed that construction on the University of Science and Technology will soon commence in Koidu, Kono.  Funding for that project has been received and so has funding for a state of the art hospital for cardiology and oncology in Freetown.

Further, and relative to your latest suggestion about the publication of the balance sheets of all government ministries,  you may want to know that the Auditor - General's office does a periodic auditing of all government offices and publishes its findings.  Go to the website of the Auditor-General's office and glean the information that you want, my friend.  You cannot belabor the government of Sierra Leone with unnecessary work, especially when such a request/suggestion is borne out of malicious and malcontent intent.

Yusif, you were alive when the APC was in power.  You set the bar very low for the APC because you knew the low down characters that populated the upper echelon of that dastardly political party.  Yet you expect the SLPP to walk on water in less than six months in office.  Why the double standard?

If you were even a slightly grateful guy you would have been saying thanks to president Bio and the SLPP for the strides that they are making in governance.

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I am far from being a lazy person. For the time being, I am engaged in some serious situation(s). And no, I do not want the government to do everything for me. In fact, I have never benefitted from SL government, however, most news coming from F/Town whether through government of Tabloids seems to be skewed or useless. So for me, I like to see numbers in relation to expected outcomes when it comes to government spending. Mind you, the(se) sponsoring partners are counting on the (Bio) administration to utilize these resources for their intended purposes. I dislike seeing money sent for one purpose spent for other(s), the way the previous administrations was conducting business. 

Kamabai, are you comfortable seeing projects that were allocated $5million from start to finish to look like only $500,000 was spent on them? There is where I see the necessity for these systems to be in place, to ensure that all monies are accounted for, now and into the future.

Oh by the way, I have said time and again that the steps that have been taken by Bio are noble and must be lauded. I am starting to sound like a broken record. However, Bio by himself cannot conduct the entire business of the country. Therefore, his entrusted partners in running the affairs of the state must do their jobs exceptionally well, with honesty, integrity, unselfish minds and not showboat with the entrusted resources, or else like the previous administration, this administration will fail woefully.
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Kamabai writes:

"Correspondingly, the minister of primary and secondary school education, Alpha Timbo, recently announced that come September, all school children in Sierra Leone will be given a pair of uniforms, a pair of shoes and there will also be free meals at every school in the country."

My friend this is a good example of what needs to be accounted for, to the last penny. Procuring these items need to be accounted for, so that they can be referenced to in the event that an audit is conducted (no missing documents). If may remind you, in SL, whenever audits are conducted and discrepancies are discovered, there is the tendency for folks that misappropriated the funds to bribe the said auditor(s) for the situation to go away. However, if the auditor knows that s/he cannot manipulate the numbers in systems (because their fingerprints would be all over the transactions) to accommodate the bribes, they may change their minds. Further, if the auditors knows that they may face reprimands of the highest order if caught, then they may stop the practice of accepting bribes. Such acts will gradually come to a halt or be eradicated. Unless of course, people in higher office(s) are the ones conducting the illegal schemes. Lets give it a try my brother. Sierra Leone First!!! 
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Yusif #08,

I am finding it difficult to pursue this debate with you.  By your latest comments, you are presupposing that the Ministry of primary and secondary school education in Sierra Leone does not have internal auditors and accountants.  How do you know that? 

If president Bio's government has come this far in improving domestic revenue mobilization and pursuing  vital projects in a timely and efficient manner, the least you can worry about is an efficient system of accountability.  This is where the SLPP has always starkly differed from the APC.  While the former operates on a robust system of probity and accountability, the latter has historically demonstrated an inept culture that is anchored on recklessness, inefficiency and overt corruption.

Man, you put an end to your perceived dubiety by simply communicating with Minister Alpha Timbo.
What A Joke
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Did I hear that Yusif is an intellectual? Intellectual, my foot.
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Alpha and I have a history dating to the seventies, when we attended St. Francis Secondary School in Makeni, which is why I helped him out the last time he was Minister in the previous SLPP administration.

Here is what I am saying, there needs to be systems in place to fight this good fight. Are you against progressive ideas? Or are you expecting to get some of the loot before Bio is booted out of office in 2013? Just checking...

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"Or are you expecting to get some of the loot before Bio is booted out of office in 2013? Just checking..."  Yusif #08


Just because you benefitted from the massive APC loot of the last ten years does not mean that I intend to copy your dastardly and nefarious behavior with the SLPP. 

First, the SLPP is a more responsible government than the APC.  Unlike the APC, the SLPP has put structures in place that would prevent any attempts at using public office for private gain.

  Second, I don't live in Sierra Leone and I am gainfully employed in my part of the world.  
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If you check my earlier posts, I mentioned that I have never benefitted from SL or the APC party. Even when meeting and interacting with EBK, the only pleasantries that we exchange are food and water (for me), but no exchange(s) of money or presents. That is why I am still poor. I do not get pleasure by stealing from someone I am supposed to help.
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