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Liberia Meh
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Spectator 007
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That’s the case according to several unofficial sources which include diaspora Liberians on the ground who support other candidates.

Who is running third? Brumskine or Cummings(aka ABC)?

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A runoff between Weah and Sleepy Joe will favor Weah.  There is a wind of change blowing across West Africa - Nigeria, Gambia, Ghana and now Liberia.  Will Salone be next?
Spectator 007
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Seems like Jewel delivered the Kpelle vote big time. They are the largest bloc.
Spectator 007
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Trusted source tells me Weah and Boakai are running neck and neck.

Photo finish likely.

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Sleepy Joe don tawa.  LOL!!!
Spectator 007
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The selection of Jewel appears to have paid off for Weah
Spectator 007
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Check and

and cus on the four most populous counties. That will determine if this is going to a runoff

From reliable sources Weah has won Montserrado and Bong counties and Sleepy Joe has won Lofa. Sleepy Joe needs Nimba or it may be curtains. If anyone has info on Nimba please share.
Spectator 007
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Soccer star leads most regions in Liberia presidential election vote

Leads in 10 out of 15
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At this rate a runoff may not be likely.
Spectator 007
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You can do a conservative extrapolation based on percentage of polling places reporting for all 15 counties (see link at end) to get an idea of whether or not there will be a runoff or not. I would have done so but I am driving and had to pull over to post this.

All reports I have read so far suggest a runoff.

One thing is clear, Weah will easily win this round. He has performed much better than he did when he first ran against Sirleaf in round 1 of the 2005 election.
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