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Kandeh Bureh
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He could be accused of leaving the SLPP too late to mount any serious challenge to the presidency, but a baggaged-Bio SLPP candidacy and the prospect of a Limba discredited APC candidacy might just give KKY an opportunity to do a Karefa-Smart and make it to the second rounds.

That Kandeh name might just be a selling point to the Temnes, based on the tribal nature of Salone politics. Add the fact that young MKK could also be competitive in the North makes it more interesting. Any one who thinks Kandeh won't get any votes in the South East could also be underestimating the the CKC and NUC graduate with very deep roots in the South. I bet my last British P that those dischanted with the PAOPA faction could be gravitating towards Kandeh instead of the APC.

Na so ar see ah.

Yumkella’s national cross-cutting appeal and the 2018 Elections


Jimmy D. Kandeh

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 September 2017

In a country where social cleavages seldom cross-cut, it is refreshing to have a candidate in the person of Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella whose political appeal cuts across parties, regions, ethnicity, religion and other solidarities.  The APC and SLPP, as presently constituted, will be hard pressed to settle on a presidential candidate who is above, or can rise above, the many parochial divisions that continue to prevent us from coming together and transform our country...

Spectator 007
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Without scientific polling data, one can only speculate.

When will our folks start conducting meaningful polling?

How much will it cost to do on a shoe string budget just to get a feel of where things stand?
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It will be difficult for Kandeh Yumkella to do a John Karefa-Smart in the 2018 elections.  Unlike Karefa-Smart, KKY is elitist.  He is a top to bottom politician, not exactly the type that attracts Salone's Savicemen and Area men, constituencies that vote in large numbers.

 Moreover, KKY's support comes mainly from the 'book men' in the Western area and the Diaspora.  The 'book men' in the Western area hardly show up at the polls and those in the Diaspora hardly visit Salone. 

Savice men and Area men have historically done well in elections in Salone.  Siaka Stevens was a Savice man and so was Ahmad Tejan Kabbah.  ATK even danced to Paddle on a few occasions.

I am not predicting a Maada Bio win but the man has never been elitist.  He will attract Savice men and Area men more than KKY will do.

KKY will not get more than 5% of the Presidential votes.  He should have stayed with the SLPP

Spectator 007
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@Masoila: I am convinced that if KKY has a great campaign team and strong political organization, he will clinch at least 10% of the vote, and up to 15% if the APC fragments.
Kandeh Bureh
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Kandeh was definitely a service man in his University days. I think he still is.

I believe he could easily get more than 15% of the votes. You guys are estimating the level of dissatisfaction with the establishment parties-at your own peril.
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Kandeh Bureh,

Kandeh Yumkella's university days are over thirty years ago.  I am not underestimating the guy.  But my understanding of Sierra Leonean politics is that Savice men always do better than folks that are not.   Siaka Stevens, Karefa-Smart, Tejan Kabbah, Thaimu Bangura and Ernest Koroma being the Savice men that they were, had no problem attracting voters.

KKY is a Bo Town guy yet he is not doing well there at all.
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KKY will most likely gets 25% percent of the votes. Let no one underestimate him.
Cut and Paste
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Courtesy Wikepedia, see how the SLPP has been haemorrhaging support since 2002. Kandeh's candidacy could sooner or later gain traction and momentum not only in Kakua Chiefdom but the whole wild country.

Comparing the first-round performances of the SLPP and APC presidential candidates in 2002 and 2007 makes clear the SLPP’s loss of ground in the south and east. While in 2002 the SLPP's candidate Kabbah won 92% and 95% in Eastern and Southern provinces, respectively, five years later the SLPP's candidate Berewa won just 66% and 46% there.[43]

The SLPP’s biggest losses were in the Western Area districts around Freetown. While the SLPP won more than half the seats in Western Area parliamentary elections in 2002, voters turned away from the SLPP in droves and the party lost all 21 seats in Western Area to the APC in 2007.[44]

The results were strongly marked by the regional divide between support for the APC, which won overwhelmingly in the north and also by a large margin in the west, and the SLPP, which won in the south and east, although it split its support there with the PMDC. The parties performed poorly outside of their regional support bases;[5][47] the APC won only two of its 59 parliamentary seats outside of the north and west.[5] Koroma received his best results in Bombali District (83.9%), Tonkolili District (82.2%), and Port Loko District (78.6%), while Berewa received his best results in Kailahun District (77.1%), Kenema District (63.0%), and Kono District(57.1%). Margai received a majority only in Bonthe District (61.1%).[48]

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"...and momentum not only in Kakua Chiefdom but the whole wild country."

He indeed will get momentum in the whole WILD country and not the whole WIDE country. Hehehehe 
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