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I ask the question above because, as Marcus Garvey stated, and I quote:

"...Never forget that intelligence rules the world and ignorance carries the burden. Therefore, remove yourself as far as possible from ignorance and seek as far as possible to be intelligent..." Marcus Garvey

We must ALL endeavor to learn something new everyday that we live on the face of this Earth.

We already know about Maada Bio, Samura Kamara, Kandeh Kolleh, APC, SLPP, poverty in Saro, corruption in Saro, etc., etc. Must we not now re-calibrate the stagnancy in our knowledge base? I think we should all do so, hence my contribution.

Thank you all for your attention in this regard.
Paopa diehard
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Hey, ar sabi ya! we Paopas are very smartest. Nar Mada Bio teach us.
Answer: Nar Glyphosphate.
we dae use it for kill grass and bad herbs around Unity House. 
General Dr. Mada Woni Buio say nar N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine.
Any backtork from Tolongbos or NGC?
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I NOW KNOW WHO PAOPA DIEHARD IS, but I will not divulge his usual moniker.

Hi there! Barry White. How are you doing in the Big Apple?

You are quite correct, my Bo School "smallboy".
Spectator 007
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What are those two sets of three atoms? I guess C+2H per set
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I do not quite understand the question you are asking, Specky. But suffice it to state that the white ball represents a hydrogen atom; the red ball represents an oxygen atom; the grey ball represents a carbon atom (should really be a black ball in many cases); the blue ball represents a nitrogen atom; and the pink ball represents a phosphorus atom. And when you follow this structural formula in detail you get the nomenclature: N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine, a herbicide manufactured by Monsanto.

It was originally developed as a corrosion inhibitor, but it is now mostly used as a herbicide called Roundup, commercially - as indicated by Pa-O-pa Diehard, the Chemist. It's 40-year reign is waning out gradually due to environmental concerns.
Spectator 007
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The 2-D formula shows 12 atoms

The 3-D shows 18 atoms( balls)

I am referring to the extra 6 atoms not shown in the 2-D formula.
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"...I am referring to the extra 6 atoms not shown in the 2-D formula..." Spectator 007

They are inferred in the lines similar to an arrow head in the 2-D structural formula, and clearly shown in the ball-and-stick model.

Ar bi ar lie, Pa-O-Pa Diehard?

Only the trained eye can see them clearly.
Spectator 007
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In this 2-D structure the untrained eye can see all 18 atoms.

Savice man lek am for easy.
Spectator 007
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I found its use as a corrosion inhibitor intriguing and was looking at some work done on carbon steels. Very interesting indeed.
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