After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Many governments around the world encounter such rejection in their mid term or their last year before another General Elections. What I see from the images below is perturbing! How can we show our leaders such contempt?

The Bio led government is just a few weeks past their first year in office and would have loved to see pomp and fanfare celebrations. The independence anniversary marked for today, has gone like no other.

How can we all allow such to happen?

Some of us do not believe that we are independent and therefore never celebrate such. To see 98% of empty stands during an entrance free event with lots of food and drinks sends an unequivocal message to Mr President and Mrs First Lady. What is the message the people, including the many SLPP supporters, have sent to our First Lady and gentleman? Answers are too many to record here.

I just want the First Lady and gentleman of the republic to take this as a great lesson/experience! Do not think you are governing the few but a whole nation. You have so many people in your government that hate so many of their fellow citizens who can help transform the wealth of the nation. These sycophants and hungry clueless officials are damaging the image of the First Lady and the president.


To save face and regain your status as an all-inclusive leader, you have to do the following:

a) Sack all advisers to the First Lady

b) An immediate cabinet reshuffle, getting rid of the divisive elements in your cabinet

c) Organise a boot camp for the sacked advisers and ministers in order to educate them about governing a nation

d) Call an all-inclusive SLPP unity meeting at home and in the diaspora branches. The diaspora divisions is filtering home and is a factor In today’s rejection

e) Go on national radio or television and explain to the people why it was not conducive to have celebrated our independent anniversary in this particular year

Mr President, this is a big blow to you and anyone in such a situation. It is not the end of the world and such could be regained if you start governing and caring for a country and not the few.

Another grave matter I had observed leading to this celebrations was the slow pace the Commission of Inquiry is going. People are begging to lack faith in the process as they believe their are sacred cows. Please endeavour to surround yourself with the people that can help our country forward. Most of your friends that helped you come to power cannot run organisations properly. Many are personalising the institutions they are leading and would rather have the nation suffer than admit their failings. In the coming months, we are going to start naming them and the adverse effects their leaderships are having on their departments. Help them by giving them the adequate professional training. It would be also wise for them to know that the nation is not their personal property and to work effectively is a bonus to the lasting legacy they will leave when they depart.

Sierra Leone needs true leadership and it seems this lacking is exposing itself.

Every leader potential is determined by the people closest to him, his inner circle; of they are weak, the leader creates no impact but if they are strong, the effect is great. I pray you consider shedding some of the baggage you have taken on because of their loyalty. You have a better way to help them and not at our expense.

I pray you reflect on the above and do what wisdom dictates. God bless you and the people of Sierra

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When the president's wife can terminate nurses at a public hospital you can immediately tell what is ahead of this country. Unlike what people like Kamara will want you to believe, as far as the length of time this administration has been in power, this is not a good sign. My message to all of you partisans it is time to be honest with yourselves otherwise this administration may end up like the previous one.
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KL, I am honest with myself , any government will be better than the former corrupt and rapacious government of Ernest Koroma. Bio's government is not  perfect, it has made mistakes just like any new government. Ayway, It is a breath of fresh, air.

Bio's team did not waste  government funds  stolen and ill gotten  on the independence celebrations portraying that things are fine  when the citizens are sufferings from the effects of the 11 years of APC mismanagement and corruption. They did not  import foreign stars and eventually get taken  to court for non payment.

This is a sober government, they should to pursue the fight against corruption and make the corrupt individuals return .That is why the foreign donors and international communities is entrusting with funds

Knowing the APC fanatics, they took the pictures at  the very end of the event when the crowds have left. KL,  tell the APC fanatics that the people kicked them out for gbose gbose and corrupt activities. They need to go to the drawing and embrace democracy. You can't let one man control your party regardless of the amount of his ill gotten wealth.
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Kudos to the administration for not wasting taxpayer money on independence day celebrations. But Or Kama foreign dignitaries showed up at the stadium to celebrate something. Is that true?The missing peace of the puzzle is that john public wasn't invited or john public was never interested. Which one is it?  Your intial statements gives me the opinion that you believe this was a mistake. If this was a mistake then the author of the article above is on point. That the president is not being served well. Incompetency like we witnessed with the Koroma administration. Or is it possible that the president himself made those decisions?  By the way is  free education still free and the promised standards still maintained if they were ever implemented?

Uncle Freddie
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"Knowing the APC fanatics, they took the pictures at  the very end of the event when the crowds have left."  Kamara


You hit the nail on the head.  I sometimes think that the APC brass has no respect for the rank and file party membership especially those in the Diaspora.   It is only a very stupid person that would believe that any country in the world, the autocracies included, would have an independence celebration that people would not want to attend.   All the videos that I received from friends and family members yesterday showed a stadium that was jam-packed.  Who are these Tolongbo brats fooling?
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Uncle Freddie, can you please post those pix of yours.
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KL, I will wait and see. Every group has its  self interest and  spin machine. People were not  forced or bribed to attend as it in the past. I will wait to see what the independent  media have to say on Monday. Of course , it is  in the interest of chez winkabs and the other APC fanatics  to say the celebrations were a disaster.

I am glad government funds were not squandered. The people want more than celebrations. They want a drastic decrease in corruption,the return of stolen government  funds,  the continued  improvement of the current free education and their welfare. This will take time to materialize.
Even Ronald Reagan suffered the first two years of his Presidency before turning  around America's economy after 4 years of Jimmy Carter.

Sierra Leoneans have to be patient. Things will improve. The international community  is gradually gaining confidence in Bio's government. They will give them funding to develop the country. 

Finally , Govt has to work with the Sierra Leonean and Lebanse businesses using a carrot and stick approach  encouraging them to move away  from the corrupt practices of the past e.g non payment of taxes. 

Uncle Freddie
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Yusif #08,

I am not inclined to do your home work for you.  If you have a parrot brain that is that susceptible to silly APC propaganda, then let it be.  I believe that the stadium was full on Saturday.  I have friends and family members who were there.  Why bring politics into this?  Was Saturday not Salone Independence Day?  But if you,like other Tolongbo fools, are so desperate to make a political point, then it is your damn business, paddy.
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But uncle Freddy, you claimed to have pictures that are contrary to the reports. Please share...we want to reconcile the facts.
Uncle Freddie
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Yusif #08,

I hope you still have your eyesight intact.  'Rapid Response' has posted the true pictures on this forum under the thread:

"Tolongbo Lies and Propaganda Exposed: National Stadium Was Full and Rocking On Independence Day"

Check the pictures out and see how foolish and immature you guys look.
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Some of you think the public is gullible. People are no longer gullible. The photos will not have been taken at the end of the parade because you can see activities that precede parades going on, e.g. the military , dressed in their ceremonial uniforms, are just about to start marching. The schoolchildren shown marching are entering the program, not retreating . The videos give a better picture of how empty the stadium was during the program. Speakers are shown making statements against the background of an empty stadium. 

SLPP  cannot succeed to spin this out of reality. 

Secondly, the article titled, " WHAT WERE THEY THINKING ?"  was not written by KL. He just reposted it. It was written by Chez Winnakabs, whom you all know, an old-time forumite and bitter enemy of the APC. He and another anti-APC and SLPP  spinner, Albert Momoh wrote articles acknowledging the empty stadium. 

SLPP are just full of deceit. 

The stadium was empty. The people of Sierra Leone sent the SLPP  a clear message that they do not want them and should start packing out , pending 2023. 
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Kamara, stop making things up to justify your beliefs.  The stadium was empty, period! The evidence is in your face. These pictures are worth one word..."trouble". Trouble for the SLPP.  The people of Sierra Leone are too desperate to wait for more than a year to see improvements in their daily living. Your party needs to get it's priorities straight. You get reelected when you diversify your portfolio yet make priority and deliver on basic needs. Anything less will make Bio a free agent come next election.  

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KL, The issue is not whether the stadium was full  or not. I have a relative who is a civil servant; he decided not to attend, that was his choice. He was not bribed or forced to attend as was done in the past.

You are right , the people want their day to day living  improved immediately. Yes ,Bio needs to diversify his priorities. He needs to stop playing around with the APC criminals who looted the nation's treasury. They need to face justice an remit the embezzled funds. If they get away scot free, Sierra Leone doomed forever.
Hajib Mattar of NGC
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This is 2019 and these guys are already talking about 2023?  Will you guys have a party come 2023 with the way the stick is already being shoved in your red kakaholes?  SLPP is winning in Kambia and PortLoko and you are talking about 2023?  Hehehehe

You could not even win the Speaker of the House position with all your parliamentary numerical strength and you are talking about winning the presidency in 2023 on the basis of cheap propaganda and lies?  The stadium was empty...BLAH!! BLAH!! BLAH!!!  The lielondo Reverend of Cocorioko speaks.

As someone intimated elsewhere, pray that you still have a party, come 2023, Laimpay Kakarasses
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Could the pictures showing an empty stadium have been take during rehearsals? I don't know as I'm not on the ground, just asking.
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DMK, are you on Facebook and or contribute to other social media outlets? If so do your very own research because the answers you will get here are most likely partisan. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of pics and videos out there from diverse groups and individuals. You do your homework and you will come with one conclusion, that the stadium was empty. There is a message being sent to the administration and the earlier they respond the better is it for them. Free education is good but bread and butter and electricity will make or break your chances for reelection.  And finally, the SLPP must not underestimate the public relations campaign by the APC. 
APC Batkanu
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The SLPP is not as idle as you are.  If the APC were that good at public relations campaigning as you put it why have their behind been kicked for over a year now even when they have more members in parliament than any other party?  Look, you should start worrying about the folks in your midst that are betraying your party, especially those that are begging for jobs.

The nonsense about an empty stadium or a full stadium is only good for gullible folks in the diaspora.  Those on the ground know the truth and that they will tell you that these are ugly days for your useless APC
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Whatever! Fact of the matter is that you know, that I know, that you know, that I know that the SLPP failed BIG.  You could have been the first to run down the street to Bintumani telling everyone how popular the SLPP is if that stadium was filled to capacity. It didn't happen and now you are back to your old tricks.  Sorry ya, sorry oh!
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KL, APC fanatics remind me of Obai Trump . My inauguration crowd size was bigger than yours. OK , the stadium was empty. What concrete proposals does APC have to the development Sierra Leone after looting the country's treasury?
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Or Kama, why are you so argumentative? How many times do I have to remind you that if the SLPP don't act fast they will end up like the APC. Why do you have to bring APC into a discussion of failed SLPP decision? Make no sense!  Finally, you don't want to misconstrue the reason behind the crowd. It is not about a popularity contest; it is about a demonstration against the government that good things are not happening to them as fast as they expected. Like I told you, Or Kama, the "basic needs". And then when things cannot get any worse any more, this happened in front of foreign representatives. Does an empty stadium during Independence Day celebrations a good message to the world? You can spin this as much as you want but reasonable SLPPers are concerned. Issues like this are the ones you discuss with honesty, behind closed doors, and with like-minded people. 
Reasonable SLPPer
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"You can spin this as much as you want but reasonable SLPPers are concerned."  KL


Who are the reasonable SLPPers that are concerned?  Concerned about APC propaganda and lies?  As somebody uttered elsewhere, these are some of the reasons why president Bio does not take the APC seriously.  The party is just a vacuous bag that puts on the appearance of an opposition.  A loud sounding nothing. 

Bio and the SLPP are not perfect.  But who in his/her right mind is going to vote back to power a bunch of nation wrecking thieves, a criminal cartel that calls itself APC?  If the 2023 presidential elections go to a second round I will give up my Salone citizenship.  Mark my words.
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You may chose to be pretentious as much as you can and can spin as much as you want. Those who are concerned are not doing so because of the APC propaganda, they are doing so because of public reaction towards the SLPP.  The message is clear and it is your choice to spin what happened in the stadium. But the fact of the matter is that the stadium was so empty not even the Kamajors showed up to render support. Rumors are that they haven't received their stipends and they are phucking angry at the party bosses. Dis nor to good sign, ya, una hurry up en provide the basic needs of de people. 
Reasonable SLPPer
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Paddy, you have started sounding like a broken record with your rubbish kaka hole propaganda of an empty stadium.  All my sources in Freetown confirm a full stadium with folks having a great time.  You can drench it in tribalism till thy kingdom come.  Fact is, that stadium was full and Maada Bio is the greatest Salone president of all time.  You don't like it go bot cotton tree or kiss the reverend of cocorioko ihn red kaka hole.  Na unu all dae pan di lie lie.  From empty stadium to kamajor.  O laimpay O kas kamu.
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You are becoming a different animal and please don't blame me for it. Be kekeh blorhun!
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