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First question that comes to mind is what can we learn from little Gambia. According to Wikipedia, "The number of visitors increased from 300 tourists in 1965 to 25,000 visitors in 1976."

In Sierra Leone, many complain about poor infrastructure, expensive hotels and airline tickets, not enough or lack of tourist attraction, institutional corruption and what have you.

What really will it take to improve tourism in Salone?
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Interest question KL. According to official statistics that I've seen in the past but can't now locate, tourism numbers to Sierra Leone are actually not that bad. My suspicion though is that most of these are Sierra Leoneans travelling back home on European, American and other passports, rather than genuine tourists.

Tourism create jobs. It's as simple as that and we need to do everything we can to boost our number of visitors.

I'm sure there are travel experts here who can tell us how to accomplish this. All I can tell you is what I see when I travel. The big package holiday firms are the ones that dictate where most ordinary families will spend their precious vacation time. We need to attract these firms to come and open hotels and resorts. They are all over the Caribbean and other places. The like of Thomas Cook in the UK even have their own airplanes so lack of direct commercial flights is not an issue. We need to go out there and woo these firms. They make these sort of investment plans over the long term so if we want them over in the next 3 to 5 years we need to be talking to them now.

For those who prefer to organise our own holidays then it's a question of regular direct flights and world class but affordable hotels. If it costs more to holiday in Freetown than it does in Dubai guess where my UK neighbour will choose to go?
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Well bossman you hit it! Tourism in Sierra Leone, from my experience is comprised mostly of Sierra Leoneans living abroad. Indeed tourism create jobs and the question now remains how Salone can get other nationalities to visit Salone? 

Salone issues with tourism are multifaceted and your ideas are part of the mix. I travel a lot especially to East Africa and I can tell you for free that Salone has the potential but lacks the managerial or human capacity to do what it takes. 

The other night I was watching a Facebook talk show being hosted by a lady called Zainab Tight Corner.  Many of the restrains to tourism from many callers range from institutional corruption to expensive hotel fees, lack of marketing/advertising and the lack also of infrastructure. 

Finally, what importance to tourism do you think the historic Bunce Island will play towards tourism especially to, but not limited, African Americans?
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