After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Sheik Ibn Bio and his proxies at the ACC have done it again.

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Abu Abdulai
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In Sierra Leone, vigilante justice is often administered to thieves that are caught by the public.  The only bad thing about this ACC treatment of teachers is that it has not been extended to the Chairman for Life who relaxes in a mansion in Makeni that was constructed with stolen public funds.

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That still does not justify vigilante justice. It is archaic and has no place in modern societies. Today it is the the teachers and tomorrow it might happen to the very people that are practicing it under a new administration. We have to be careful what we wish for.
Abu Abdulai
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In Singapore you can be flogged publicly (24 strokes of cane)  for being a public nuisance or desecrating a public place.  Is Singapore not a modern society?

I personally recommend publicly shaming all APC Anyampis, beginning with the Chairman for Life.   And guess what?  I grew up in an APC household in Freetown.
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Doesn't matter which house you grew up or whether Singapore is a modern society or not, public shaming is archaic. Singapore, like other Muslim nations,  practice that ruthless behavior. Some even do public killings of their citizens. I think it is wrong for Salone to go that way because we have laws not emotional responses. Remember now the SLPP is not going to stay in power for ever. Breaking the laws of the nation to go after your opponents will come back to haunt you.  So we must be very careful. 
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KL, you almost got me until you equated the teachers caught in the act of examination malpractice with some phony political enemies. No they are not political enemies. And no political party will claim them. And mind you the public shaming has not exonerated them from the crime. They will do the time!.    
Abu Abdulai
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"Singapore, like other Muslim nations,  practice that ruthless behavior. Some even do public killings of their citizens. "  KL

Who made Singapore a Muslim nation?  You?  Look, if you are not prepared to debate, don't waste my time.

Did I tell you that the SLPP was going to be in power forever?  Why are you anti-SLPP power hungry drunks so quick to inject politics into everything?  If the ACC commissioner erred what has that got to do with the SLPP? 

So, if the Director of the FBI makes a mistake, does the Republican party have to account for that?  Is the ACC in Salone an SLPP institution?  
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Korto, indeed the teachers are not political enemies and I should have paid a little more attention to what I wrote by not allowing my emotions to get the best of me. The fact of the matter, however, is that public shaming is unconstitutional and who is there to protect the citizens from such injustices?

"And mind you the public shaming has not
exonerated them from the crime. They will
do the time!".    

There's a name for this and it is called double jeopardy.
the prosecution of a person twice for the same offense. Now, Korto, tell me who's responsibility is it to protect the citizens from such abuses? Is this the country you want Salone to become?


"Singapore, like other Muslim nations,  practice
that ruthless behavior. Some even do public
killings of their citizens. "  KL

My fault as the word, "other", should not have been used. I am aware that Singapore is a multi-cultural and multi-religion democracy. My intention was to compare their public shaming policies with those extreme religious nations in Arabia and other places.

If the ACC commissioner erred what has
that got to do with the SLPP? 

It got a lot to do with the SLPP, my friend, and like I did, don't allow your emotions to get the best of you. The SLPP Ministry of Justice should have intervene, period and you know it! You would have been the first person to cry foul if this had taken place under another political party. The people are to be protected from both external and internal violators of the law. And by the way, it appears that whenever the SLPP is criticized, you get so offended. Is the SLPP your religion?
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Dr. Julius Spencer advises Sierra Leoneans about the importance of following the Presumption of Innocence
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I think even the director of the acc would accept that they got this one wrong.
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Of course they got it wrong! And what makes it so hard to absurb is the fact that the president and the Justice Minister had nothing to say about least in public. Just when you think it cannot get any worse than that, folks on this forum are defending the administration because, according to them, the ACC is an independent agency. WTF!!!  But again, I do understand...I was at one time defending the crimes of the Koroma administration.
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KL, what I find amusing is exactly one week after the shaming of the criminals involved in the examination malpractices, another group was caught by the ever vigilant ACC. It seems the economic inventive is so great that shaming will not impact on the contrived ways these criminals. But what galls me most is the deafening silence of the multiplicity of 'human right" organizations and folks, who were quick to vent their anger and stayed woke to the treatment meted out to the criminals. Even the SLTU which had earlier threatened court action against the ACC, could not sum of courage to comment on the latest episode of criminality. Where is balance of justice? Something dramatic needs to happen to these criminal, otherwise these practices will continue, and all Sierra Leoneans will suffer the consequences, irrespective of your station in life. Mark my word!      
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"Where is balance of justice? Something dramatic
needs to happen to these criminal,..."

I look at it this way, man, there is no law that is going to stop many poor, hungry and penniless teachers, or any other citizens, from committing these crimes. The law cannot even stop politicians from committing these crimes. Not even pastors or alhajis!. So what has to be done? You first ask why are they committing the crimes and start there. Pay them living wages and on time, every time? Could be but yes something got to be done but shaming them is not the solution. Could it be a sentence to do community service for their crimes, that is possible. jail time is also possible depending on the magnitude of the specific crime.

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If corruption is the biggest threat to Sierra Leone's future, the government should go to parliament and seek permission to declare a state of emergency on corruption and any method to fight corruption.

The right of sierra leoneans to have decent clean water, decent education and decent health and welfare supersedes the rights of criminal teachers being shamed at cotton tree.

In the US, the rights of many people were trampled in  the fight of terrorism after 911.  
Donald Trump trampled on rights of many Central Americans in the fight against illegal immigration.Children in cages.

Last year , Ernest Koroma's nephew was posted all over news papers and television after he fired shots from Roosevelt island to Manhattan. Where were his human rights in a developed country.

Bio's government should govern  as he is going to be a one time president and make the necessary changes to end corruption and develop Sierra Leone. If his aim is to get a second term, he is not going to please everyone.

Voters are ungrateful, Even the people in his stronghold have said they prefer food to eat than free education.
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Or Kama koni wan taiyeh! The law of the land is greater than Bio, ok? So using "any method", as you stated, will set a bad president so be careful what you wish for. If Bio is serious about corruption let him start with the big kahuna.  Making laws to go after teachers who hardly get paid is oxymoron. 
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kothor, KL

Unfortunately, they are not touching the big Kahuna yet. No,  the laws should touch everyone, not only teachers who don't have monies for lawyers. The human rights activists in Sierra Leone are full of it . they make noise to to justify their big salaries and perks  paid for foreign donors.

If you go to banks , you will see them collecting their dollar payments and galavanting in their jeeps, staying in hotels across country attending conferences. Unless , this has changed, i witnessed this several years ago.

So i don't trust anything coming from the so called human rights activists.  I am waiting for lawyers from the Supreme court to state ACC's action were against the laws of Sierra Leone.

Enjoy your weekend.
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