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‘We Have Survived Ebola’ Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commissioner Says After FIFA Threats


 Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commissioner Francis Ben Kaifala has reiterated that the country’s laws must be upheld “though the heavens may fall.”

Ben’s comments come in the wake of Fifa threats to sanction Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) with a ban following Tuesday’s raid on their premises by the anti-graft body.

“We have survived war, beat Ebola, united against storm and rains. Our hearts are etched with valor by great forbearers – like Bai Bureh, Sengbeh Pieh, Kai Londo, Ella Gulama.

We were named “Lion Mountain”, not Sheep Yard! Let our Laws be followed though the heavens may fall,” Ben tweeted.

On Tuesday, the ACC raided SLFA offices in Freetown upon expiry of a seven-day deadline given to the association’s president Isha Johansen and General Secretary Chris Camara.

The duo are facing charges of alleged abuse of office and public funds and according to the laws of the land they are required to vacate office till cleared.

In a strongly worded letter to the SLFA Wednesday, Fifa, the world’s football body, demanded detailed report on the Tuesday’s happenings latest Monday next week.

Fifa does not take lightly third party interference in the management of the game.


“To our understanding, the recent developments, if confirmed, would most likely constitute undue interference in the affairs of the SLFA and would therefore have to be brought to the attention of the Bureau of the Fifa Council for consideration of sanctions, including the immediate suspension of the SLFA,” the Zurich-based body through General Secretary Fatma Samoura said in the letter.

Isha was elected the first female SLFA boss in 2013 but has found the going rough thanks to never ending wrangles in Sierra Leone football.

The country has never had a running football league under her watch.

Isha is also a CAF Executive Committee member and a member of FIFA Member Associations Committee.

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Sierra Leone should not blink in the face of this FIFA threat.  National laws take precedence over FIFA laws.  Besides, a FIFA ban will actually be good for the development of football in Sierra Leone. 

In the absence of Isha Johansen, the football apparatus will be reorganized thereby allowing the local league to resume.  When the local league resumes, foreign football scouts will start arriving in the country again to scout local talent.  Scouted and recruited local talent will add to the pool of players from which the national team would be drawn.
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