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Cry Salone
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The few remaining Forest in Sierra Leone have been at the receiving end of an aggressive crop of people in Governance since 2007.

In the 80s, Sierra Leone had the Forest Industry Corporation (FIC) in Kenema and SELETI in the south. While the FIC used to export the finish products of Timber, SELETI used to export the timbers unprocessed. However, the FIC and SELETI had an obligation to replant trees in the same manner as they were harvesting. 

In the immediate aftermath of the war that ended in 2002, the FIC and SELETI never came back because of fear of insecurity and finance.

In 2007,  the first major Timber company to enter our forest was the TEAKOR company owned partially by the former vice President SamSumanna.  The Investors were from the USA that Samsumana and some of his colleague in the APC had taken money from before the 2007 election on the promise that when they win the elections in 2007, they would give them sole license to export our timbers. In 2008, the Chinese came in and the APC had to reengage on their promised to their American backers. There were so many newspaper publications carrying the complaints of the American investors against Samsuman and his boss about how they latter two had duped them. As usual, those complaints and newspaper publications were down played by the APC and its pen pushers. President Koroma, in a bid to put Samsuman in a hot spot put a moratorium on timber export. This led to the Aljazeera expose in 2010.

As the nation was coming to terms with the exploitation by TEAKOR, one SUMA and the Chief of Staff were busy aggressively exporting timber to China and other places. The president at some point had to sack his Chief of Staff- Dr. Richard Konteh because of some dealings that he was not satisfied with. The Moratorium the president put in 2010 is still in place but the export of Timber have increase three fold. Recently a Fula woman married to a Chinese investor was given permission to export about 50 containers. As if that is not enough, now this:

"It could be recalled that about two months ago license was given to the Chief Executive Officer of the Chinese Friendship (SL) Mr Patrick Koroma as the sole exporter of 5,000 (five thousand) containers of timbers within a specified period."

And ironically, none of these exploiters are under any obligation to replant the trees they are harvesting. When are we going to stop? Do we want to make Sierra Leone look like a barren land before we realized what the present politicians are doing to us?
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