After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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There is so much to be ashamed of being a "Sierra Leonean" visiting Kenya and Tanzania. Regardless of the infrastructural dominance, compared to that of Salone, Dar Es Salaam is much cleaner. Besides,  I have been here now for a week and electricity is in constant supply. So much foreign investment it confirms Salone politicians the a$$holes  they are. Unlike Salone, there is so much food and restaurants are booming. 

Meanwhile,  just when you think of the disruptive okada drivers in Freetown, you will prefer sharing the roads with them compared to your chances of being killed by their Tanzanian counterparts. 

Finally though, I am very happy to be here. This is my vacation, a time for me to reduce stress and do some introspective analysis, something that is not possible in Salone. I don't have to deal with family members, friends, enemies, corrupt government officials and traffic. I love this place so much I might just retire here when the time comes.
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I know what you mean. I have been lucky to see a few places around the world, including Africa beyond Sierra Leone, So Loggy, why do you support the APC? The Salone you see today is largely the creation of the APC!
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Knice, this question has been asked so many times over the years and I got tired of giving the same answer. I will make the exception for you. 

Mind you before I became an "APC supporter", I was first an "SLPP supporter", so to speak. The fact of the matter is that I am really an independent minded person. The candidate matters to me more than the political party he affiliates with.  Kabba was very inclusive and I supported his SLPP. EBK I decided to give a chance because Berewa and Bio had records I disagreed with. BUT, if party affiliation is what defines me, I will say I go for the lesser of two evils. 
Futa Jallon
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"BUT, if party affiliation is what defines me, I will say I go for the lesser of two evils."  KL

The guy cannot even answer a simple question correctly.  And he marvels at how good governance works in other places.  Yet his useless APC has repeatedly denied Salone any chance at good governance.  Temne kakarass. 
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KL, thanks for the respect and honor. I too put greater weight on the candidate than on the party. With respect to parties however, I prefer the more competent and inclusive. Have a great vacation in Tanzania, truly one of the shining lights in Africa.
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Knice, unlike other SLPP supporters, it is not a secret that you, as stated, "put greater weight on the candidate than the party".   My take, however,  is that none of the major poliyical parties in Sierra Leone are competent enough to to do the job they were elected to do. The SLPP is being prvoided with more than enough tools to win not only the presidency, but also parliament.  But the good for nothing opposition,  regardless of their numbers in Parliament,  lacks what it takes to be an opposition party. 

Futa Jallon, I have no doubt you miss me. 

Futa Jallon Kakarass
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There you go again! What has KL's tribe got to do with his party affiliation? The man has made it clear that for him it is more about the candidate than the party he represents. Why don't you get that into your ant brain. Mende kakarass!
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How right you are, KL. They "lack what it takes to be an (an effective) opposition party." They have no money and they lack organization, and you know why? Because the SLPP was effectively illegal with the declaration of the APC party only state and remained so for nearly twenty five years. During that time they could not raise funds; they could not recruit new membership; and most importantly, they could not pass their values onto new generations of SLPP membership. None of the current so-called SLPP 'leaders' has any direct connection to the Sir Milton generation. In addition the supreme and unchallenged APC waged relentless propaganda against the natural SLPP base. We were alleged to be power hungry, to be guilty of virulent tribalism, and to be cannibals.; and even today the APC does not pass up any opportunities to sew dissension within SLPP ranks through selective bribery of party "leaders", which is easy to do in the destitute Sierra Leone that they have created. What the APC has done to the SLPP is akin to positioning themselves on the fifty yard line, and the SLPP on the zero yard line and then firing the gun to start a hundred yard dash competition!

This is not mere whining by an SLPP supporter. It is just one example of the chickens coming home to roost. I can dedicate a lengthy posting to so very many bad precedence that the APC set when they were the only game in town, and that now haunt us: denying funding for education; making the SLPMB a den for incompetent political patronage; dismantling the railroad; and elevating tribe as the critical qualification for appointment to leadership positions in the public sector, etc. have impoverished Sierra Leone and created misery and hopelessness. So I do not now, nor ever will I buy self-serving boto bata about the failures of the "opposition". The "opposition" is weak because that is what serves the APC purpose. If the SLPP were any more effective I have no doubt whatsoever that the APC would devise some extra constitutional measures to reign them in. KL, you are erudite when you are on. But far too often you have your head buried in the sand.
Inviting Salia J Sheriff
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I am afraid some SLPP politicians in the late 70s,including opposition leader at the time and later Vice-president under the APC, Salia Jusu Sheriff, were easily acquiescent and complicit in the promulgation of a one party state.

Recent history saw how the APC were made resurgent and eased into the presidency by the son of an icon of the SLPP, a former SLPP minister and losing candidate in an SLPP flagbearer election because he was looking for instant gratification.

The above statement is not intended, by any stretch of the imagination, to absolve any blame whatsoever of the architect of that outrageous act, Bandaylay Stevens. It is rather meant to underline chequered history of the SLPP as an opposition party.
Musa K. Laimpay
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I could not agree with you more.  The Salone tragedy lies in the fact the two major parties are so distinctly different that they almost have nothing in common.  The political arena is never going to be even in a competitive sense in Salone as long as the SLPP continues to believe in  democracy and the rule of law while the APC maintains its composition of idiots and reprobates that do not give a damn about constitutional law. 
As we debate here, the APC is busy finding ways to rig the next general elections.  This is what they specialize in.  But when it comes to governance, the throw the country into a cesspool of chaos, anarchy and bankruptcy.
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Knice, I kind of agree with you but what is the SLPP going to do? Throw the towel and complain as much as possible?  For two terms before EBK, the SLPP had the opportunity to rule and make monumental changes for the future of Salone. But the infighting between the Kabba camp and those who clams ownership to the party became very disruptive.  Up to this day that infighting continues. Can Sierra Leone afford a ruling party that cannot support one leader? This is a problem and if you think my head is buried in the sand, pass through the trees and see a forest of political dishonesty among our leaders regardless of their affiliation.  Both APC and SLPP are enemies of the people.  
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Well KL, it is not only the SLPP. It is everyone of us, what are we going to do? Indeed this is our existential question as individuals and as a society. I believe we must  restore the supremacy of rules and the constitution. How? I frankly do not know as of now. But we must continue to talk as we do on this forum. Also feedback from our exposures such as you have provided for your Tanzanian experience can be powerful. At independence Sierra Leone was ahead of many other African countries on many scores, especially in education. Today, Sierra Leone is doing worse than any former British colony anywhere and among the poorest of the poor! Why?

But I am optimistic, otherwise I will not be visiting these pages as often as I do. I believe that our problems are structural and require structural solutions. For this reason I believe our obsession with who shall win the next election and who shall be the next president is way off track. No one can succeed in Sierra Leone as currently structured; not even The Christ or The Prophet. That is how bad our situation is. We need a structure that can harness all talent for the cause, not by force or coercion of any kind, but in a natural and organic way befitting of a free people. Therefore instead of who shall win the next election let us engage on how we can reorganize to reboot Sierra Leone.
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No one can succeed in Sierra Leone as currently structured; not even The Christ or The Prophet. That is how bad our situation is. We need a structure that can harness all talent for the cause, not by force or coercion of any kind, but in a natural and organic way befitting of a free people. Therefore instead of who shall win the next election let us engage on how we can reorganize to reboot Sierra Leone.

Knice I can't agree with you more. If you are a greengo, then you belong to the positive bandwagon unlike those two kakarass blind loyalists from Kailahun and Jimmi Bagbo. From the problems perspective, Sierra Leoneans have been naive enough coupled with the namby pamby zeal that Tejan Kabba or EBK will lead them to the promised land which should have been utopia Salone. The mess started accumulating after that 1980 OAU conference and metamorphosed into huge pile five years later when Shaki smelt the rat and passed the mantle to an incompetent, inexperienced and unsuspecting JS Momoh. Whosoever is elected now should just be pressured to do something significant, something a successor can use as his own foundation for a future positive contribution which can in turn be used by another successor. But if our people allow themselves to be fooled by these unscrupulous politicians they will always be disappointed and will lack direction. Among the current lot no one has the magic wand that can instantaneously or even spasmodically transform Salone to even Ghana levels.
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Knice, unlike you, my hope for a better Sierra Leone is on life support and every tick of the clock reminds me that only a miracle might change things.

"I believe we must  restore the supremacy of
rules and the constitution. How? I frankly do
not know as of now. But we must continue to
talk as we do on this forum."

But talk is cheap when it is not backed up with positive action. The fact that you, among the few with wisdom, do not know, who else will? The fact of the matter is that the problems of Sierra Leone are more complicated than we think.
How do we go about "restoring the supremacy of rules and the constitution"
when every jack and jill that promised change has been changed by the rotten system? 
The system, Knice, is rotten from top to bottom. Compared to the politicians, the ordinary citizen is probably more corrupt. 

Last night I was on the phone chatting with a regular forumite and one of the issues raised was the where about of that big diamond.
As we speak, Tanzania is moving all government operations to a newly constructed city in Dodoma just like Nigeria did in Abuja and Egypt is proposing. In Sierra Leone, we continue to build million-dollar mansions near unpaved roads and adjacent to sprawling  alleyways of pan body houses. And sooner or later Mount Aureol will come crashing because of the lack of vegetation to stop erosion. 

Bo me taya sef wit Salone. I probably will return when you, Sengbe, Bimbola, Bra E, Fen Plaba, Specky and others will join force to make positive changes. Are you ready for the challenge?
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And by the way, this is my last daughter. Sierra Leone did not give her the opportunity to help as much as she wanted to. So she decided to go to Rwanda.
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How interesting is it that two core tribalists that have always advocated for a Themne ethno nationalism in Salone would all of a sudden make a u-turn and give up all hopes on their futuristic ethno sovereign nation.   What are these two Themne thugs smoking?
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KL, our daughter is very beautiful. In light of the choice she has made, she is also quite a smart cookie. Her experience reminds me of my own. When I graduated from college way back then, and with a graduate degree no less, my ambition was to work for an African Central Bank. I applied to the Gambia and Sierra Leone. The Gambia invited me and paid my way to travel to Gambia for an interview. I am still waiting for Sierra Leone's response.

CONGRATULATIONS, my brother. You must be one very proud daddy.
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Thank you, Knice! This was my hope and expectation, just like many Sierra Leoneans abroad I know, that our children may one day help change Sierra Leone. Unfortunately, this is not so. This little girl wanted to go to Salone. But massive corruption, crime, Ebola and what have you, left her very empty and disappointed. She cried because she cannot go to Salone. She speaks creole with an American accent. An with her background, what better place than Sierra Leone she could have been?
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Congratulations @KL and your daughter. Rwanda's gain is indeed Salone's loss. I'm sure she will do a great job and come back enriched by the experience. Hopefully she can take that experience to Sierra Leone one day.
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Thank you, DMK, I am almost certain she will do something for Salone. She knows a lot about Salone and she will do what it takes to play her part.  She is blessed with a good heart and her willingness to help the underprivileged is something I always admire.
Spectator 007
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Congratulations KL
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Thanks,  Specky!
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