After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Kayndayka Torway
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Julius Maada Bio was born on 12 May 1964, in Tihun, a village in the Sogbini Chiefdom, Bonthe District, just outside the main commercial town of Mattru Jong, in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone. Bio is the 33 of 35 children born to Sherbro Paramount Chief Charlie Bio II of Sogbini Chiefdom. Bio's father had nine wives. Bio is named after his paternal grandfather, who was also a paramount chief of Sogbini Chiefdom. Bio is an ethnic Sherbro and a practicing Roman Catholic.[5]

Bio began his primary education at the Roman Catholic Primary School in Tihun, Bonthe District. After finishing his early years in primary school, Bio was sent to the town of Pujehun to live with his older sister Agnes, who was a primary school teacher in Pujehun. Bio completed his primary education at the Holy Family Primary School in Pujehun. At the completion of his primary education, Bio's older sister, Agnes, enrolled him at the Bo Government Secondary School in Bo (commonly known as Bo School), a prominent boarding school. Bio spent seven years at Bo School, rising to become school Prefect. Bio graduated from Bo School in 1984 with A-level at age 20.[5].
From this info it is clear that the Mendes always do the dirty job while the Sherbros only wait for an opportunity to kick their butts gesticulating to the back seat. Why are our Mende brothers so dull? With a Fula as the new VP, the message is clear: Sierra Leone should,forget about a Mende president. I pity our southern brothers.
FINIC Ferry Junction
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I am confused by this declaration my bother, Ish. Tihun, Sogbini and Maada are all Mende words, not Sherbro. Can you enlighten me about the Sherbro meaning of these words? 
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Brobor why u sick so ba?

Why are you so obsessed with Mendes as a tribal grouping? Your Temene low self-esteem is so glaringly exhibited when you try to be on par with the superiority in Mendedom. Isn't that why your regular moniker is Musa Kenema? instead of Musa Makeni/Port Loko, per se?

Mofo u have a psychological problem, and we Mendes are not the source of it.

U milleh we sotay u go tote we kaka na bokit, Basta pikin!
Kayndayka Torway
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You guys are trying to dodge the real issue in my post.As a concerned northeasterner, based on what has been troubling me for decades, I posed three pertinent questions. Seeking answers to these questions might remove the Mende power imbroglio. I was expecting the concerned forumites to be intellectually-inclined and provide answers whether qualitatively or quantitatively. But alas! what could have been an opportunity to educate has been converted into the usual banter or diatribe.What I would like to read is a rebuttal on some of the statements in the Wikipedia article. And Mr.Finic you don't need to be a Temne to be referred to as Orbai or Kaibah in the north just as you don't need to be a Mende to be referred to as Maada in the southeast..What more, though Sengbeh Pieh was Sherbro, there is a town in the north called Sengbeh with no Sherbron population. There is also a town called Masiaka named after the late Siaka Stevens who was not a Temne. So the "hun " prefix has nothing to do with any Mende connection. Let us deal with the fact that Bio is a Sherbro who rode on the wings of the Mendes to enter State House.

FINIC Ferry Junction
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Ish, you continue to add to my confusion. How can the 'hun' in Tihun be a prefix? Greetings from T-on-koh  
Pa Manneh Yonibana
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Musa Kenema,

If you already know the answer to a question, why bother people?  Besides, folks here are too busy to have time to answer to stupid questions.  It is this same stupidity that led to to the APC loss.  How can you be in power and be accusing the opposition of rigging the election?  

Musa, the Mendes that you so hate are now in power and your red APC backsye will never taste power in Salone again.  O Laimpay O Kas Kamu.
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Sorry FINIC it should have been suffix rather than prefix. Thanks.
Kayndayka Torway
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Pa Manneh kakarass the truth hurts.You were one of who have been peddling the craps like Limbas are more stronger in the APC than the Temnes and Temnes will never lead the APC or rule Sierra Leone. Tell me how does it feel to be on the receive end?
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Musa Kenema,

Pa Manneh is correct.  Besides, you cannot compare apples to oranges.   Limbas have been kicking Temne backsyes since the days of Siaka Stevens.  For example, the unprovoked slaughtering of Tonkolili Temnes, Mohamed Forna, Ibrahim Taqi and others.  And Ernest Koroma added to the Temne misery by giving jobs only to Limbas and Lokos.  The snubbing of Temnes was due to the Temne gbose gbose mentality.  On the contrary, Mendes have always occupied positions of privilege in the SLPP.

Look, I don't have time to debate with folks of a party that is going to languish in the opposition for two hundred years.  My bags are packed.  I am heading to Salone to help in the development of my country.  The last time I was there was in 2007.  I had vowed that I will never step my foot there as long as the APC was in power.  APC is fronted by animals. It belongs in a bush.
Bra Enviable
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Let me state the following fact and get out of here. Being a south-easterner in Sierra Leone is equal to being blue-blooded. The reason? Many lower castes are obsessed with us. Simply take a look at the enviousness in the idiot who started this thread. Obsessed with us, they will insult and needlessly attack, just to get our attention. I am very liberal in outlook.  At the same time, I have been forced by some lower castes to recognize the fact that some people wish south-eastern blood flowed in their veins. Unfortunately, mother nature wasn't thinking about them. Hehehehe

Bra Enviable.
I am outta here. 
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