After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Spectator 007
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Fellow forumites,

Any word yet on when this will happen?

To the best of my knowledge, The Brigadier and KKY don’t yet have a running mate. What of Kamarainba?

Is it a prudent move to delay such a decision?

Tradionally isn’t the running mate announced soon after the standard bearer has been elected at the convention?

Bra Sengbe the Enviable
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Oh Spectator 007 James Bond, where have you been in the last 24? Buck up, man! Here goes:
SLPP FB: Julius Maada Bio. Running mate- Umaro Bond Wurie.
APC FB: Samura Kamara. Running mate- Chericoco Bah
NGC FB: Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella. Running mate- Andrew Keilie

(Karaimba's party and Sam Sumana's party: It doesn't really matter. Combined, these fringe parties won't even get 1% of the vote.)

Rig-free elections- polling for October)
Kamaraimba -0.8
C4C Sam Sumana-0.2

Rig-free elections-polling for November

SLPP- 50
NGC- 30
APC- 19.2

Rig-free elections. December Polling, after BBC interview of J.M Bio in London

Rigatoni Election (Elections that are rigged to the hilt)
APC- 60
NGC- 10

(Methodology will be posted later)

Ishmael Yillah
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Bra Sengbe the Enviable,
Where did you get those figures?
Bra Sengbe the Enviable
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Watch this space. My two professors- Sengbe the Mighty Ax and Bra Enviable, the Kangaroo Bomba, are crunching the final numbers. Will post as soon as they forward the final figures to me. Unless something changes drastically, it looks like the West's candidate, Kandeh Yumkella and his Okada Party are on target to pocketing State House. Unless, of course....Bio begins running real hard from all the hero worship he gets in SLPP, and the self-preening and mirror-smiling he indulges in everyday. 
Ernest Koroma has already told Samura: I only have one strategy to deploy. It's rig like a mo'hucker or bust!! 
Spectator 007
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BSTE, Ishmael Yilla and some others may take what you write very seriously. It seems you have lived in the West too long...and assume most folks you interact with online have a western influenced sense of humor.
Bra Sengbe the Enviable
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Bra Spectator 007,
You assume that what I proffer here is jokey-clowny, but my stats are dead ass! This is the sweat and blood of igneous-intellectual exertion and concrete, and rock-solid adherence to scientific norms and conventions. It has nothing to do with the West (Western Europe, America and Canada) or Hell (Africa and Haiti). This is not comedy hour, Bossman. If you just tarry a bit and cast a forensic eye on what's been going on in the caveman, hunter-gatherer, shambolic disaster we crassly call Salone politics, you will realize that my numbers will not wilt under the intense cross-examination of critics, be they in court or public. 
...And besides, my great heroes, Sengbe and Bra Enviable, after whom I have named my sixth newborn son, will rabidly endorse my statistical cogency.
Kind regards sir, and stop being a poor man's Sherlock Holmes. Hehe. 
Nor vex o. U know say me nar u borbor. Kind regards.
Yamama Koni Koni
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Specky if there are people who have overlived in the west for too long then with doubt they are Sengbe and Bra Enviable. This Kailahun-Jimmi Bagbo combo could not remember when last they visited Sierra Leone. Sengbe left the shores of our beloved country more than forty years ago while Bra Enviable left more than twenty five years ago. If these two go to Sierra Leone now even their relatives will not recognize them.  Sengbe most of his family members who knew him are dead.
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