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Justice Woodland
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Wae dem, wae dem?  Fen dem, fen dem......

Cornelius Hamelberg
Allie Formeh-Kamara
Yusif #08
Musa Kenema
King Loggy
Ishmael Yillah

Are they so depressed that they have given up on Sierra Leone?  Well, Sierra Leone without Tolongbo in power is really a better place to live.  Great things are happening.
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I think they have all gone to parliament to support the new deputy ministers being sworn in today.
Ishmael Yillah
Reply with quote  #3 
Ishmael Yillah is neither Tolongbo nor a  Pa-o-pa sympathizer. He is a supporter of the only competent presidential candidate in Salone-KKY.
Dama Yanni
Reply with quote  #4 
Kande Yumkella competent? Not so fast. Sierra Leonean voters who matter and folks who personally know this fella (from CKC to NUC to USA) will beg to differ. keep dreaming  
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Ismael Yillah,

How is president Yumkella doing? 

On a serious note, how come your "only competent presidential candidate in Salone-KKY"  received only 6.9% of the presidential votes, the worst by a third party candidate in Salone?

You guys will never shed your tribalism.  You support Yumkella because he is your tribesman.  The closest that Yumkella will ever come to the presidency is being an MP.
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Forum Tolongbos are in their rat holes either licking wounds or, like snakes, thinking of a ruse to change skins, so they could crawl about the palmtree dinner table for crumbs like they did under the Rat Regime.

Unfortunately, by the en masse sacking of the idlers posing as diplorats, Bra Bio clearly demonstrated he had no place for sycophants in his administration. 

Some of them had been promised fat rewards, and the reason they spent hours on end picking fights for Tolongbo. Tolongbo himself was killed by Ebola the very moment he dissed the constitution by firing Sam Sumana, not to mention his silly inuendoes about social media et al. 

The fact that he and his henchmen are now warming the sub-bench is manifestion of monumental proprtion that social media is indeed a "constituency".

Non-sense Ka-Bai, mgramm used to say.  

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The greengos are no longer in opposition and that resulted to the lack of participation. The forum is no longer the fun place it was. Tolongbos, unlike greengos in opposition,  don't get angry, complain tribalism or call names when they are teased. That is what is missing.
Ishmael yillah
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Bio was imposed on us by ECOWAS, and I can assure you that he is going to be a one-term president.
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Ishmael Yillah,

How many times do you have to change your colors? You said Bio was not going to win. He won. Now you are saying that Bio was imposed by ECOWAS.? You are a disgrace to yourself and your party. And you are not even ashamed of showing up at this forum and talking about a useless candidate that only received 6.9% of the presidential votes. Why is it that some of you guys have no shame?
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #10 
Wutehteh and Tolongboe forumites are necessary for the forum to rock.
Reply with quote  #11 
The forum will probably rock, God forbid, if the "alamori" trend continues due to factors not limited to the lack of productive citizens and general corruption. This is when Wutehteh honeymooners and Tolongbo revenge seekers are going to make Bintumani great again. 

Cornelius Hamelberg
Reply with quote  #12 

Justice Woodland,

Here was I valiantly defending Sierra Leone's First Lady on Facebook :

Cornelius Hamelberg You are being far too hard on the First Lady. What she wrote was by no means "bad" and could have been written in any other native tongue without so much groaning from yesterday Anglophiles

Jimmy Kandeh What she wrote is terrible and many Common Entrance (now NPSE) kids can write better English. This is not about Anglophilism; it is about basic education and the ability to write simple English

Cornelius Hamelberg Where in the constitution does it say that the First Lady must not write or must have the ability to write in any language

Jimmy Kandeh ... and where did I say it is a constitutional requirement to write in English or any other language? You can defend semi-illiteracy for all you want but I know of no Sierra Leonean whose education was/is due to some constitutional provisio

Cornelius Hamelberg57 years later, it is after all President Julius Maada Bio who at long last is going ahead with free primary and secondary school education for all. And may the Almighty bless him for that.
The problem is that unfortunately, some of us ( sometimes, especially some of those of the English-speaking professorial class) in being as extremely judgmental as you are here , seem unable or are unwilling to extricate themselves from the clutches of their colonial past. What if the First lady were Arab or Chinese or French? True, Sir Milton Margai's wife was English, but why should extraordinary proficiency in the English language be so important for any First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone? And should that mean that even unofficially, she should not speak or write at all? Or should have a translator or interpreter when communicating with the general public? 
What she wrote is not “ terrible” nor can you accuse her of “ semi-illiteracy”. In my opinion First Lady Fatima Jabbi Maada Bio expresses herself reasonably well in both spoken and written English – as well if not better than Nigeria's former First Lady Patience Jonathan. First Lady Fatima Jabbi Maada Bio's English is probably better than Kofi Annan's French

Cornelius Hamelberg PS. However, like every other First Lady, she could have a good personal secretary to edit her public pronouncements and correct the kinds of mistakes and typographical errors even the most arrogant Professors make!

Jimmy Kandeh:arrogant professors? Feel free to celebrate semi-illiteracy. I say no more Sir

Cornelius Hamelberg I wasn't referring to you - I don't think that you are arrogant even if you want to set the bar too high for First Ladies who do not have Her Majesty's English as their mother tongue. But there are arrogant professors. In real life, I know a few. You want the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone to be functionally literate. I daresay, she is. As to utility consider this :
He and His Man
“But to return to my new companion. I was greatly delighted with him, and made it my business to teach him everything that was proper to make him useful, handy, and helpful; but especially to make him speak, and understand me when I spoke; and he was the aptest scholar there ever was. “-- Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe 
Coeetze : Nobel Literature lecture :

Jimmy Kandeh : don’t think we are setting the bar too high for First Ladies by expecting them to read, write and speak our official language. We require same of our kids and we cannot have a lower standard for First Ladies than for our kids.

Your Honor,

Justice Woodland,

Re- That your head posting and some of the subsequent comments in this thread such as “Forum Tolongbos are in their rat holes either licking wounds or, like snakes, thinking of a ruse to change skins, so they could crawl about the palmtree dinner table for crumbs like they did under the Rat Regime...Some of them had been promised fat rewards, and the reason they spent hours on end picking fights for Tolongbo

It's as if you (pl) or I am from another planet.

I saw Akpata Margai a couple of times , have seen Siaka Stevens exactly twice in my life. As I may have told you before, I was last in Sierra Leone in April 1970 and for only ten days, had a drink with Muctarr Mustapha at Kit-Kat just before I returned to Ghana. I am not a persona non grata in any country and hopefully, I still have a few coconut trees and some beach sand there in the Western Area , Freetown

Who reported to you that I am “depressed “? 57 years ago, Singapore and Sierra Leone were at the same level of development ( whatever that means). Now, 57 years after Sierra Leone Independence, and as you say, “Great things are happening.” I'm happy about that. I wish you , Bio, his government, the country, even greater things.

I'm from the other side of town
Out of bounds
To anybody who don't live around
I never learned to share
Or how to care
I never had no teachings about being fair

Depression is part of my mind
The sun never shine
On the other side of town
The need here is always for more
There's nothing good in store
On the other side of town “ ( Curtis Mayfield : I'm from the other side of town)

Now one of Toplongbo brother AFK's favourite questions is, “ Where is the money going to come from?

Well, he's obviously underestimating the New President's creativity. Looka here and smell the coffee:

Qatari Gov't Snubs President Julius Maada Bio – Sierra Express Media


Cornelius Hamelberg
Reply with quote  #13 

A little further down in that thread :

Cornelius Hamelberg : Much of this makes for painful reading :

Farooq kperogi on Patience Jonathan's English

Justice Woodland
Reply with quote  #14 

It is great that you defended the first lady against an arrogant and 'bad hart' professor.  This professor has never liked Maada Bio.  So, it is personal with him as far as issues with this government is concerned.  He had bolted from the SLPP for the PMDC.  Things did not work out there and he jumped to NGC.  So, you can guess the guy's mindset.  It's all about 'bad hart'.
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #15 
Justice Woodland, do you know why Prof JK bolted from SLPP?
Hint: Stop Press Restaurant
Justice Woodland
Reply with quote  #16 

I heard that the professor had an issue with Maada Bio a long time ago.  He once claimed that he was attacked by thugs at Lungi airport and tied that to Bio.  I may be wrong though. But this guy has been rooting against SLPP for a long time now.  I know that he also never forgave Tejan Kabbah for not appointing him Foreign Minister.  The guy is a loser.   What do you think?
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #17 
Justice Woodland, JK has never struck me as one who is interested in a cabinet position. He lives academia and the free time he has to shoot da breeze on FB.

He had a disagreement with JJ Blood at Stop Press. Some of JJ’s guys felt Prof JK disrespected JJ Blood. Dem wan deal wit JK. Wae dem rarest boy jack am up, E baig pardin, omojuba to JJ. That was the final straw for JK. He left the party shortly after.
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #18 
“rarest boy” should be “rarray boy”
Justice Woodland
Reply with quote  #19 
"Justice Woodland, JK has never struck me as one who is interested in a cabinet position. He lives academia and the free time he has to shoot da breeze on FB."  Spectator


Many African academics are interested in politics.  Some may not want to make politics a career but would love the freedom of holding a political position and later returning to academia.  Whereas politics is "sexy", academia can be very static and boring.

Well, as far as the professor being roughed up by JJ's guys, a lesson to learn is that you don't mess with those guys in Salone.  With the SLPP now in power, the professor must be very careful.  The party may well be in power for the next twenty years.  
Ishmael yillha
Reply with quote  #20 
"Well, as far as the professor being roughed up by JJ's guys, a lesson to learn is that you don't mess with those guys in Salone.  With the SLPP now in power, the professor must be very careful.  The party may well be in power for the next twenty years"...J.Woodland

I thought APC said they were going to be in power for 30 years? Where is APC today?

Cornelius Hamelberg
Reply with quote  #21 

Justice Woodland & Spectator 007,

You are not being fair to Professor Jimmy Kandeh. It's far too much speculation, kongosa and gossip on your part , what President Trump would probably term “fake” news, and moreover the good professor is not here to defend his good name or explain himself or to redeem y'all from yer malicious speculations by telling us tell us exactly what happened and what's on his mind about y'all.

Consider this : Both he and Brer President are Shebro men. Isn't that enough to dull the edge of any kinda tribalism from the more learned one?

The impression I get so far from following him on Facebook where he is one of my trusted sources of sincere opinion , a fearless fang speaking truth to power and without apology is that he would like to hold people up to the same high standards that he has for himself; surely, there is no sycophancy in that ? On the contrary, what I behold is a man of principles and that could have accounted for his deserting the SLPP for the PMDC, at the time he made such a decisive switch, and from there, along with many other Slppians to Oga Yumkella's NGC.

If there is indeed no bad blood lost between him and Brer Bio, then I suspect that it probably goes back to the Professor's book which I unfortunately have not yet read , his Coups from Below: Armed Subalterns and State Power in West Africa and other books that touch on the military, about which he and the Brigadier. General probably do not see eye to eye and perhaps, never will.

Twenty years must be like a century in politics, so we shouldn't be surprised if - God willing -  in the near future the good Professor decides to contribute some new blood to the New APC, even if right now he could be thinking, “ over my dead body”



Reply with quote  #22 
"Consider this : Both he and Brer President are Shebro men. Isn't that enough to dull the edge of any kinda tribalism from the more learned one?"  Cornelius


What makes Maada Bio and the professor Sherbro men.  Do you know Tihun and do you know what it means in Mende?  If Bio and the professor are Sherbro then Cornelius Hamelberg is Limba.
Head Boy
Reply with quote  #23 
Mrs Bio nor sabi write english but dem beat proffessor Jimmy Kandeh im candidate pan election.

We know that Jimmy Kandeh once contested and lost FBC student president elections.. a sore looser?  not sure! 

He was one of the ringleaders who led school children to join college students in the no college no school demonstrations  in 1977.

He was rusticated from FBC for pro democracy activities in the 1980's .

Jimmy Kandeh is also accused by critics of abdicating the leadership of PANAFU and creating opportunity for Foday Sankoh to hijack the movement from the inexperienced Allie Kabba and others.

Yes Jimmy is senior for Allie Kabba, Maada Bio and others in the revolution ..but whilst Kabba went on to organize a resistance movement and Maada Bio risked his life in a coup to overthrow the APC one party, what did Kandeh do? he retreated into campus to become king of the arm chair warlords.

His dislike for Maada Bio may also derive from the fact that he was married to John leighs neice..but who cares about irrelevant political spectators.

Jimmy Kandeh has written many books ..kudos to him! but the reality is ee nor wan day write meke rice waka commot nar farm cam inside pot! AND voters approve of Fatima, Maada en Allie Kabba pass Jimmy Kandeh dem..

pan democracy nar vote count.. nor to book count!


Reply with quote  #24 
KL, have you really been married to a Mende lady for all these years? Granted, I am Mende but certainly no expert on Mendes. But I have read your postings spanning more than two decades, and I have never, ever encountered in print or in person, anyone who knows Mendes less than you do. Trust me, I am not angry and it is not personal. I am just simply flabbergasted.
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #25 
@Corn, I wasn’t being disrespectful to JK. I hold him in high regard although I do not always agree with his opinions. I simply narrated what allegedly happened to him at Stop Press which caused him to bolt the party.
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #26 
@Proff Head Boy, I have a few questions for you regarding PANAFU.

1. When was the movement started?

2. Who were the key players?

3. Apart from Rashid Mansaray and Abu Kanu, were there any other PANAFU members who joined RUF
4. What was PANAFU’s official position regarding RUF
5. When did they close shop?
6. Did they have a relationship with MOJA -Liberia and MOJA- Gambia?

Any references from authoritative sources will be appreciated so I can enlighten myself about this group.

Cornelius Hamelberg
Reply with quote  #27 

Hercules ,

According to Wikipedia : “ Bio is an ethnic Sherbro...”

Somewhere or other ( I don't remember exactly where ) I got the impression that Jimmy Kandeh is also a Sherbro man.

Instead of making a big mystery out of “Tihun” why don't you just explain the whole matter to Cornelius Ignoramus and the rest of the ignoramuses?

Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #28 
@Corn, I believe JK’s mother was half Sherbro 1/2 Caucasian from Bonthe. That’s where the Sherbro connection comes from
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #29 
Wiki piece on Sherbro has some information which can be challenged

Some of these people who are listed as notable Sherbro may only have a maternal grandparent as Sherbro but yet are listed as Sherbro. In Salone paternal trumps maternal lineage.

Take JKS for example. The Sherbro link comes from his mother’s side. JKS’s maternal grandmother was a Fula woman who married Chief Caulker in Rotifunk. JKS’s father was also multi ethnic, having Loko, Themne, Madingo, and Themne ethnicity. Politically JKS was Themne. As a child he learned to speak, Mende (learned in Gbap) and some Sherbro...but zeroed in on Themne when he got into politics due to the urging of his mentor M. A. S. Margai and it paid off.
Dama Yanni
Reply with quote  #30 
The other day I heard the guy has some Cameroonian blood. But again others say he is from Kenema. And now this Bonthe connection. Which is which? 
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