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Spectator 007
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@Dana Yanni, Cameroonian blood is on father’s side. Don’t know whether the father’s mum or dad was Cameroonian. JK does not keep that a secret.
Chiefdom Historian
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I don't know why some folks in Salone like to make things complicated when it comes to ethnicity.  Why go back centuries?  Simply state your father's ethnicity and that's it.  I have heard professor JK state that one of his parents in from Pujehun.  To me the guy is Mende and he speaks it very well.

Wikipedia is not an authoritative source.  Listing Maada Bio as Sherbro as nonsense.  The guy is  from Tihun, Sogbini chiefdom, Bonthe district.  Bonthe district is comprised of Mendes and Sherbros, with Mendes being the dominant ethnic group. 

Similarly, Bombali in the North is not comprised only of Themnes.  Some chiefdoms in Bombali are Limba and Loko.
Spectator 007
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“ I have heard professor JK state that one of his parents in from Pujehun. To me the guy is Mende and he speaks it very well.” - Chiefdom Historian

I was at a church service for a Sherbro relative who had passed away. The Sherbro folks were invited to sing a hymn in Sherbro. I see me man JK cam up enh join d group. Me Sherbra fambul dem luk me we da yeye, so me sef go. So so cham mot sing na ihn me enh JK pin dae pan. The first time I ever attempted to sing in Sherbro.

I know JK pretty well. Known him since he was a student at FBC. Saw him last month
Spectator 007
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@Chiefdom Historian, I stand to be corrected, but in my experience Mende are not very rigid when it comes to someone claiming their ethnicity. Many men from different ethnic groups have settled in Mende land, usually inter-marry with a Mende woman and the next generation is easily assimilated.
Chiefdom Historian
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I am not sure you grasped my point.  What I was saying was that some folks like to make issues of ethnicity too complicated. 

My father's mother is Susu-Mandingo.  His father is Susu-Themne.  But my father was culturally Themne.  So, I classify myself as Themne.  I am not going to make things complicated by saying that I am Themne-Susu-Mandingo.
Spectator 007
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@Chiefdom Historian, points well taken.
Head Boy
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Specky,FYI, Final addendum!

I can no more than volunteer some familiar details about “PANAFU light” but  I assume that Ishmael Rashid,  Jimmy Kandeh and Allie Kabba  can provide better details about “PANAFU extra”

Methinks that the original talk about Pan African Union came home from the diaspora with people like Muctarr Keblai Mustapha aka “Solida”

Per contra,the very first meeting that began what eventually became PANAFU was chaired by Saidu Sowa at the ground Floor of Ambassador Fitzjohn’s residence at  Hannah Benka-Coker Street in Freetown in December of 1981.

 Saidu Sowa a former FBC student leader renown for ending “Fixity” at FBC, was at that time an executive member of the All African People Revolutionary Party Chapter at the University of Massachusettes.His wife Mowena Sowa, (who accompanied him) was senior in rank in the organization and very close to Kwame Toure.

Here is some background

 In a short time after the 1977 Students demonstrations, the Tablet Newspaper operating from SLPP headquarters at 40 Rawdon Street, was set about as the center of youth activism until it was attacked and destroyed by APC police and thugs in September of 1981.

The bevy of Lecturers, Teachers, Students, High School Students and Youth activists were accused by APC of propagandizing and instigating the national general workers strike called by the Sierra Leone Labor Congress.

The Editor and the Publisher of the Tablet Newspaper have been forced into exile when Saidu Sowa arrived  from the US to set in motion discussions for taking the struggle to another level.

The start-off activists who began meeting for what came to be PANAFU included the host of the venue, Kwame Cumale Fitzjohn, his brother Walter Fitzjohn, Cleo Hanciles, Saaba Tumoe, Larry Blake,  Francis Deen, Abdul Gbla, Thomas Cole, Peter Turay,  Jeff Bowlay Williams,  Mannan Deen, James Kajue, Donald Taqui,  Abu Kanu, Josie Mbayo,Boss Nigga Richard During, Festus Harding, Alhaji Rogers, Sam Taga, Olutumi Marke, , Quee ..etc..

All together,it was just three of the activists from this original dispersion ( Cleo Hancilles, Festus Harding and Abu Kanu ) who would pass into what I call “PANAFU extra” and make it all the way to Libya.

 Also, while in Libya, Abu Kanu was the only one of the three to undergo military training. Festus Harding allegedly deserted and escaped to America and Cleo Hancilles got a job as Lecturer at Mataba.

At that time Olu Gordon and Jimmy Kandeh were studying abroad and Allie Kabba was just a prenticed  college freshman.

Head Boy (c)

Spectator 007
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@Head Boy, thanks a lot for your response.

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