After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Sea Never Dry
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John Benjamin
Ex PC Somano Kapen
Alli Bangura
Madam IJ Kabba
Sule Bajan Tejan-Sie
Dr Tamba M Baryoh
Momodu Koroma
Alusine Fofanah
Robin Falley
PC Kebbie

Brima Kalawa
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John Benjamin, Ali Bangura and Madam IJ Kabbah are all living in Freetown.  News is that they were strongly lobbying for positions in the Maada Bio government.  But it appears that Bio wants to distance himself from them as far as possible.  All three never had a good relationship with the president.  In fact all three had argued that Bio will never become president.

Ex PC Somano Kapen, the APC mole planted in the SLPP executive, spends his days traveling between Mambolo and Freetown.  After the SLPP convention in Kenema in October 2017, Kapen showed his true colors by showing up at an APC event in full red APC regalia.  He even spiced that up by dancing publicly to the APC fight song, Orsaii Orwaii.  The less said about this lowlife ingrate the better.   

Robin Falley lives in Freetown a jobless man.  He is afraid of traveling to Kailahun, his home town, where folks that he had intimidated during his APC days are waiting to teach him a lesson.  Falley no longer wears his familiar red APC suits.  He is hoping that Bio will forgive him and welcome him back to the SLPP.

Sullay Banja Tejan-Sie, Momodu Koroma, and Alusine Fofana, all live in Freetown, still recovering from the shocking and despicable 6.9% presidential polling that their party, the NGC, received.  Lesson?  The grass is not always greener on the other side.  In fact there is no grass as green as the SLPP grass.

David Tam MBaryoh of Radio Monologue is nowadays living a low profile life in Freetown and sometimes traveling to his home, Kono.  He is very bitter with mob chief Ernest Bai Koroma.

I have not heard anything about PC Kebbie.
Sea Never Dry
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@ Brima Kalawa thanks for the update. Your piece on the lobbying efforts of the sellouts is interesting. Word is that the hardliners in state house would not allow these sellouts to get near the president.

On another note, I was wondering if President Koroma's sojourn in Guinea had any relationship with the  GTT Report? Is the President of the Republic of Guinea, Monsieur Alfa Conde, mediating on behalf of EBK? The guy left for Europe and ended up in Guinea. Any updates?    
Brima Kalawa
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Well, the European trip had been planned well ahead of the GTT report.  But Ernest Koroma had to fly to Guinea where allegedly he had hidden some his loot.  While he was there he discussed his problems with president Alpha Conde who advised him to return to Sierra Leone and fight for his name.  Conde also argued that seeking political asylum in Guinea or elsewhere may give the impression that his friend EBK was guilty.

I believe that at some point EBK will be open to a plea deal, which will allow him to cough up some of the stolen loot for a lighter punishment.
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