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Detective Jalloh
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It is almost a month now since Mr. Cornelius Deveaux went into hiding.   Mr. Deveaux, a spokesman for the opposition All People's Congress and a former deputy minister of information and broadcasting, is wanted by the Sierra Leone Police for making inciting statements against the government of Sierra Leone.  Police have even posted a 5 million leones reward for information leading to the arrest of the fugitive.

Why is Mr. Deveaux, a prominent member of his party on the run?  Are these the type of guys that APC has in its leadership, bums who are ready to push young men into the path of lawlessness but are so ever ready to run away from justice?   Deveaux from time immemorial has been a bum.  It is even reported that he lied to parliament that he had a high school diploma during his confirmation hearings for deputy minister a couple of years ago.

Deveaux is a coward.  Why should he be hiding if he believes that he is an innocent man?
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