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Teacher Lambert
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As far as qualification for leadership of the APC is concerned, Victor Foh is head and shoulders above the rest on this list.  He has been with the APC through thick and thin, never wavered a bit but instead has always been a loyal soldier.

If there is any APC candidate that the SLPP fears the most, it is Victor Foh.  He is Mende, from the Southeast, attended Bo School and is well respected and loved by Southeasterners. 

Since he became vice president, Foh has been a visible face in Bo Town where he spends his weekends.  He presents a benevolent face of the APC in the Southeast. 

If Mendes are ever going to cross party lines en masse to vote for the APC, it will be for the candidacy of Victor Foh.  Foh will batter Kandeh Yumkella beyond repairs in the Southeast and will give Maada Bio a run for his money in that region.  So it appears that Victor Foh stands the best chance in the APC of winning the presidency.  The question is, will the Temne-Limba tribalists in the APC give him a chance?
Spectator 007
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@Teacher Lambert: I concur with your take.

Victor Foh can easily win if the north does not split and create other northern parties. He won't win the south-east but will do better there than almost any other APC candidate I can think of. He is not the type of Mende APC member who brutalizes his own people to impress the APC.

Tapping Foh will be similar to northerners in Nigeria backing Obasanjo a Yoruba man for the presidency.

What are the odds of APC settling on APC Foh...and if they do, will the APC remain unified or fragment?
Teacher Lambert
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"What are the odds of APC settling on APC Foh...and if they do, will the APC remain unified or fragment?"  Spectator 007


Good question.  My sources say that the Pa loves and respects Victor Foh.  Would that translate into giving him the nod for the top post?  Difficult to tell given that the Pa has relatives that are also running.

Would the APC fragment if Foh becomes the party's flag bearer?  Likely.  But the core of the party will stick with Foh.  I believe that Foh is the one man in Salone that is capable of weakening the political divide between the North and the Southeast.  
Neutral Observer
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Given Foh's past record as a civil servant, he is only a running mate material. The APC will only need him to extract some SLPP loyalist votes from the southeast to serve as the icing on the victory cake. As for the northwest where the large chunk of votes is likely to come from, a trueblue northerner is needed and that is all. Kamaraimba and other APC rebels are not APC's worry at the moment as they will be more handy in the case of a run-off. Trust me no northerner(with the exception of KKY) will form a coalition with a party as tribalistic as the SLPP going by past records. Remember what they did to Thaimu Bangura who died in regret? Had Thaimu known he could have joint forces with Kerefa Smart.
Gerald Coulson
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There he goes again.  The forum's core tribalist and gbose gbose man from Sweden.  This is exactly what Teacher Lambert had in mind when he talked about Temne-Limba tribalists attempting to prevent Victor Foh from clinching the top prize.  Why would Foh humiliate himself by being a running mate to political neophytes and tribalists?

For Foh, it is either the top prize or nothing at all.  He is the only APC candidate that can win the presidency.  Any other candidate that the tribalists will put up will be blown away by the Brigadier.  Mark my words.
Ishmael Yillah
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It's amazing that none of you talks about past records, qualifications and competency. All I hear is south-east and north-west but nothing about candidate that has the best experience and unblemish record to steer salone to the path of prosperity.
Spectator 007
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@Ishmael Yilla: Good point. Why don't you start a thread on that. I for one no very little about the qualifications of many of these candidates.
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