After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Ma'a Jaguar
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Sources close to KKY and some key AU insiders have intimated that EBK is being treated like a leper in the power halls of the African Union.

One top Ghanaian described him as a dull and primitive savage after he learnt about the sacking of his elected Vice President using some very childish claims as cover... and perhaps easily the most outrageous arm-twisting of any Supreme Court bench in modern times. His timid After-U-nar-U attempt was ultimately rebuffed by citizens.

According to reports, a number of African Presidents do not see eye to eye with EBK as there emissaries in Sierra Leone have not had anything complementary to say about te savage President. He is known to harass opposition leaders and clampdown with lethal force on protests - even from young children. He hid the Shears Moses Commission Report and showed his finger to the investigators when he appointed a known perpetrator as Minister of Internal Affairs so that he can institutionalize political violence and thuggery...

to be continued

Mr Konta
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This was written by some SLPP moron who serves Piri Piri for Ketchup
After U nar U Ra$$
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Konta, don't tell us that you never knew our thieving President, EBK  unsuccessfully toyed with his political wet dream of doing dae Presido-for-life nonsense. He has just succeeded in doing that in the outrageously corrupt APC as Chairman for life.

Do not also tell us that the failed More-Time bid was not EBK's wet dream. Of course we all saw how he tried to kill his very own Running-Mate/VP of two terms - finally using the most ridiculous and daft Limba-ish excuse to corruptly sack him and replace him with another notorious thief.

Everyone also knows that Afsatu Haja-henkicha Kabba, his girlfriend, was convicted for theft. She is our Ambassador in Nigeria today. Kemoh Sesay, the one-han bandit was sacked for his role in the state sponsored cocaine trafficking. Today, he is a Minister, sharing looted funds with his wan-han. The list is endless. 

KKY merely pointed out that decent folks in international corridors know this rat we call a President and they have no respect for him. 
N'Dapi Behssi
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If EBK wills he can go for a third term and nobody can stop him. The man is still popular and respected both locally and globally. After having partially transformed the country, Sierra Leoneans will be more than happy to have him for another two terms. He will go down in history as the only leader who took development to the doorsteps of  his political rivals. His development unlike the previous SLPP tribalistic and regionalistic govt. transcended the tribal and regional divide. EBK has left his mark on Salone's politics and he is the first of his kind. All EBK needs to do now is announce his successor and you will see the whole Salone flocking around that person. EBK is the political equivalent of the catholic pope.
Sierra Leonean
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N'Dapi Behssi are you on drugs?
  1. EBK met a stable Leone at Le2500: $1, now it is Le7500 heading for Le10,000 by Xmas. This can only be progress in Limbanized eyes
  2. Our staple rice was Le60,000/50kg, now it is Le300,000
  3. EBK appointed his naive girlfriend as Minister of Health. Alongside his Free Healthcare scam, they killed over 5000 innocent Sierra Leoneans out of sheer incompetence and tribal protectionism during the Ebola epidemic. The Ebola Audit report is a shameful indictment "dae Pa dae wok" for broke we kontri
  4. FBC (once the Athens of W. Africa) has not had accommodation for the last 7 years. EBK's brother Thomas, who he awarded the refurbishment contract, a known cable thief has squandered the BADEA funds
  5. Lecturers @ NUC were not been paid for over 6 months, causing student's to lose a whole semester. When they protested, he killed a couple and injured dozens more
  6. ADP's Kamarainbai has been arrested and locked up more than 5 times in the last 2 months alone; KKY's bodyguards were arrested and locked up for having pepper spray; Bio's house and office were ransacked for weapons which were never found; he tried to kill Sumana because he is Kono and was in line to be leader of the Ekutay Cutting-Grass APC
  7. Supreme Court Judges were bribed stupid to rubber stamp crudity and graft
  8. Maternal mortality is now the highest in the world and every rat in his gobment sends even their concubines to the US to give birth
  9. Salone was debt free when he took over. We are now $2.3 billion in debt.
  10. Have you heard the APC women in Germany?
  11. After EBK nar ihm Baksie...
Get off those drugs maaaaan!
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