After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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A Thonkara
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EBK's poor and dictatorial choice for the APC flag was laid bare for all t see at the recent concert which held at the national stadium. Ekutay Samura is such a poor public speaker that he was booed off stage after repeatedly and unconscionably asking the youthful audience whether they wanted to "[y]eat". This really brought the fake PhD accusations to the fore again. It was a pathetic showing.

Loud boos and heckling with chants of 'nor to dat we cam for" was so embarrassing, folks close to the APC team said chericoco was heard uttering that they have lost this election.

Poor LAJ was left with no choice but to put his mic on and drowned the miserable voice of Samura with an anti-government sound track. It was a mercy killing.

The writing is on the wall!
SLPP Realist
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Bildresultat för LAJ concert at the siaka stevens stadium
Spectator 007
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I had never heard of this guy until this incident. Apparently he is popular with the young crowd in the diaspora and back home. I read somewhere that he was/is based in California.

Does anyone know his real name and have his website?

SLPP Realist
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His name is Alhaji Amadou Bah. He has no website but you can get more info on him from the following: He is to Kao Denero what Innocent is to Emmerson-bitter rivalry. He is from the RFM or Red Flag Movement while Kao is from the Black Leo Movement; Innocent is owning the record label MMM or Money Making Machine while Emmerson owns Sugar Entertainment.

LAJ and Kao Denero
Spectator 007
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Thank you SLPP Realist
Concert Goer
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LAJ has just been released from prison. He served some time in a US prison for drug offences, they say. APC is trying to ride on his back but without success. SLPP realist, nor to EBK the run. Nar Ekutay Samura.

You should listen to the audio from the concert, and you will conclude that Samura was not only a wrong choice, he is disastrous. The man cannot even speak creole. he has to campaign in Limba! LOL
Front row attendee
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Fandeh Turner
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this guy was deported for criminal activities and here in Sierra Leone we have cheap politicians patronizing him.  What a deplorable society we have. No wonder that Dotard Trump is calling us shxt
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