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We all know that cassava and its by-products are widely used as a source of our dietary needs in Africa and elsewhere. They represent the basic dietary needs of about 500 million folks in this world. We consume copious amounts of both the root and the leaves for our carbohydrate dietary needs, and the pounded leaves as a vegetable sauce cooked in palm-oil and dry fish and meats, respectively. These two have both nutritional and anti-nutritional composition in their chemical make-ups, genetically-speaking of-course.

The anti-nutritional factors consist of cyanide, phytate, and tannin. These compounds are toxic at certain concentration levels. But this toxicity problem that affect the nutritive value of cassava and cassava leaves can be greatly reduced through the traditional way our folks prepare the food, such as drying, pounding, and through long periods of boiling when the sauce is being prepared.

The nutritional composition of cassava leaves outweigh the anti-nutritional factors. Cassava leaves contain crude fat, carbohydrate, and beta-carotene. The mineral content is vast; consisting of calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), manganese (Mn), iron (Fe), copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn). Thus, one does not need to take a multi-vitamin pill such as One-a-day (tm) while on a diet consisting of cassava leaves; and when okra is added to the mix it makes for a very relevant super diet.

In my estimation, this is one of the main reasons our folks do not look as frail as other folks on the global stage for their comparable ages as they live long. In other words, the natural chemicals embodied in our organic diets arrest the frailty involved in the aging process - we look young for our chronological ages. We must therefore NOT forego our natural foods we consume no matter where we are in residence at home or in the diaspora.
STEM Scholar
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Sengbe! We need facts. Are you sure you have stated the facts about cassava? Please do not be selfish, provide your sources.
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You need facts?? Why do you NOT think, or believe, that the information I presented above is factual? This doubting-thomas must be one of my detractors; most likely the silly negro fitter residing in Sweden. In that case please conduct your own research. A nor go woke for borbor lek you!!

In another case: how about sweet peteh ehn sweet peteh-peteh leaf?

It is well known that the sweet potato, and sweet potato leaves are functional food products that contain human dietary ingredients that aid specific body functions in addition to being very nutritious. 

A summary of the nutritional contents in the case of these foods, especially the leaves, is as follows: vitamin C; chlorogenic acid; caffeic acid; quercetin; and rutin, are the major ones.

So unu nor forget for eat unu peteh-peteh leaf oh!
One of the Kamara boys
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Professor Sengbe at his best!!! We may not always agree politically but true say talk me, I always look forward to topics like this from him. He is second to no one. 
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Na Jariatu mek ar day respond to you so. How ee yone bodi? Ee well? Ee keep me malice, but way for do? Anyway tell ahm adoo for me.

Enti yousef know say provoke kin meet ee master? No provoke me again oh na public, ehn call me names especially since u nor really sabi me, becus ee easy for pata you kine. Me nar KAMAJOR, ehn you know dat.

Tenki for the compliments, ehn seasons greetings to you ehn yours.
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How for do, prof., na for forgive am.

Again, enti u sef know, Bintu na for de big boys dem.  Who dat nor able bear de provocation nor for mix pan de fet.

Seasons greetings to you and the rest of you family, big guy!
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